Hey, pretties!! Do you want to get yourself ready the way all those film stars and singers on the stage, like the all aristocratic look? In our language, do you want to make your Instagram photos the everyday look of you?

Ah, not even a nerd would dare say something like ‘No I don’t want to do that. Heck YES!!!

Looking beautiful, sexy, or trendy is every girl’s dream. And so is looking expensive and classy. In fact, in today’s world having an expensive and classy look is the key. But wearing expensive clothes and accessories all the time is not my cup of tea. 

Tips To Look Sessy

So, here are six cheat chips to make your outfit look expensive without spending a whole lot of money to walk with the trend.

1. Choose Solid Colors

Colors and textures do make an impression. Proper shades to your skin tone help to look great without any effort. One of the obvious colors is black. It goes fine on a hot summer day as well as on a freezing evening. Blacks give a bright and fresh outcome on your face. It also makes you look slimmer. You can walk around in black looking like a powerful, confident woman as if everything in your life is all figured out. 

Pair of black shoes with black jeans are always a foolproof choice along with an inevitable moto leather jacket. Regular black tees are a definite yes as they are the basics around which everything else revolves. Apart from black, you can also go for colors like brown, tan-orange, or camel. These colors are one of the most luxurious-looking outfits. Camel outerwear is one of such choices. Camel winter wear or trench coats will always be effortlessly chic. Handbags or ankle suede boots of this color will make you 100 percent better.

2. Crisp Clean

Just getting yourself a good color is not enough. Every cloth that you put on your body or the footwear you wear should be clean. The clean fresh look gives an incredibly elegant, sleek, and sophisticated outcome. Untidiness takes away the whole look and gives a bad impression. In short, a stain takes away the life of the piece you wear.

3. Grab A Steamer

Wrinkles can make everything look out of shape. It just kills the look. But ironing can help you bring back the life of the cloth that you are wearing. A good steamer can blast wrinkles out of everything.

4. Create A Smooth Silhouette Under Your Clothes

To look expensive and classy, bra lines and visible panty lines are a complete ‘no-no’. It makes your clothes look flimsy, ill-fitted, and cheap. Appropriate panties or shapewear give you a classy look and do not become a distraction from the overall outfit. It instantly helps you look luxe. 

5. Accessories

A slight touch of accessories can give your look a vast difference. Some of them are: 

  • Sunglasses; are a must during sunny days. It works both for protecting eyes as well as to have a classy woman look. Wearing sunglasses brings an aura of mystery too to your look.
  • Handbags; a quality handbag is always worth the investment. Irrespective of their size or shape, bags always look expensive and chic. Colors like black, white, and tan will go with anything and can be used on every occasion all year round.

6. Smell Amazing

When you smell amazing, your outfit automatically shoots up to a different level. This is not just for the people around you to see it does not directly give a physical appearance but for sure it gives you a lot more than that. You get your inner confidence to show the result. Having a look again fragrance will let you stand apart from all others. You can get the limelight shooting just at you. You don’t have to be flamboyant or pretentious. Just wear the smell and you are all done. 

You can get something like fruity on the summer day, while a signature perfume for some occasions. Mild fragrance is an all-time goer of this category. There are some key areas over which you should apply your perfume to get a better result, you can watch them here. 

Now all you need to do is get a list prepared and bring the needed things home. Do that fast!!! Don’t you want to get yourself the look from tomorrow itself?