Arranged marriage is a typical kind of marriage where the parents of the couple or a matchmaker takes initiative. In this type of marital union, the couple is introduced by the family members, and sometimes only a single meeting is all they get. It is sort of impossible for a person to know about the other in just a few meetings! There are a huge number of people all across the world, with different views, perspectives, psychology, and mindset. Here are some narrowed down points to work your Rishta meeting, considering the psychology of a male in general. 

Tips For Successful Rishta Meeting

Here are some of the effective tips that you can follow to make Rishta meeting perfect:

1. Make sure that this is the perfect Rishta for you 

Before impressing a guy, make sure and be confident about the Rishta. Gather the details about the guy you are marrying and his family. Do some underground research, since he is the one you are going to spend your entire life with. Here are a few tips on how to impress a boy in the first meeting for marriage and make him yours in the first meeting. 

2. Be A Friend 

Wanna nail the meeting on the first day itself? Then be a friend. No matter what type of person your guy is, he definitely will appreciate a friendly partner. Talk to him in a friendly manner. Ask questions about him and share your stories. Although you should not be over-friendly. He might end up feeling uncomfortable.

3. Modern And Traditional

This is 21st century. Time has changed and so has people. Guys nowadays, don’t prefer shy and “easy to go with the flow”  type of girls. They like smart and intelligent girls who stay fully up to date. But that doesn’t mean that you will disrespect him or his family in any way. Keep the perfect balance of a modern girl and also a pinch of that cultural girl. The perfect mixture of modern and traditional culture will make you the most attractive person in that meeting. Guys can hardly resist that package. 

4. Be Supportive 

In the first meeting itself, the boy might open up about his problems or issues. Be a helping hand and stay supportive. This will let him know that whatever the situation he faces, he can forever share it with you. Do not judge him right away. Support him, console him, and also assure him that you will be there for him in any situation. Doing so will give the boy a sense of relief that even he can sometimes depend on you. You will be there with him to handle situations. 

Be Supportive
Be Supportive 

It will also give you the right to take a stand in your in-law’s house in the future. But do not overdo it. Don’t be dominating. It will chase the guy away. 

5. Be a Good Listener 

Instead of saying too much about yourself, ask about him, listen to what he says, and be a good listener. This will also help you to figure out what kind of person he really is. Pay attention to his choice and appreciate him in a friendly manner. 

6. Parents

Your Rishta meeting will definitely go well if you can impress the parents of the along with the boy. Parents are the key to make him happy. Boys love girls who take care of their parents. Talk to your future in-laws softly and with massive respect. 

7. Talk About Yourself Too

In a marital union, both the groom and the bride should know about each other. So don’t just ask about him. Feel free to share and tell something about yourself too. Let him know the real you. Let him know about your choices and see if both of your likes and matches. Laugh, smile while sharing something funny.  Tell him and his family about the things you are expert at. 

8. Be Compatible

Compatibility is one of the main factors to have a happy marriage. Both the bride and the groom should be compatible with each other to live happily ever after. Be compatible with yourself and see if he is compatible enough. Only you being compatible will hurt you in the long run. 

What to Wear for the First Meeting for An Arranged Marriage?

A typical Indian man loves to see his woman in a traditional dress. Plus Indian traditional dresses are really beautiful. In our opinion, one should always prefer a traditional dress. It brings out the true beauty in you. But do keep in mind, “never overdo” 

1. Salwar suits

when we say salwar suits, we don’t mean a very heavy bright party wear suit. We mean simple suits which you wear casually. Choose a color that makes you bright when you put it on. Choose your jewelry which goes with your suit. Since your suit is not too heavy, you can go for a pair of heavy earrings

2. Kurta

You can even stay in fashion and wear a decent kurta along with a pair of jeans. Palazzos are also favorable for it. There is the next best option for long skirts too. This is completely in the trend. If you are skinny then you can go for long skirts, but if you are chubby, I suggest you to either choose jeans or Palazzo. Long skirts will make you look fat.

3. Saree

Saree is the most in-trend option to wear. Whatever the situation is, sarees will always look good on you. It will truly bring out your beauty. Every girl looks beautiful in sarees irrespective of their height, figure, or the color of the skin. With sarees, you can go for some simple jewelry set to match and keep a good balance. Always keep it simple since simplicity is the best policy.

4. Casual Dress

Apart from India, guys from other parts of the world, like girls in casual dresses. Even though you wear a short and sleeveless dress, don’t wear a revealing one. Too much revealing dresses takes away the focus from you and respects less than as much as you deserve.

In short, wear something which is comfortable for you to carry around. You don’t have to wear an uncomfortable dress and pretend to be someone you are not. Since you are planning to spend your entire life with him, show him the real you. Whatever you wear, hang it properly and elegantly. Moving to the bottom line, you might hanker whether you should discuss your future plans, desires, or expectations with the person you are meeting. To this, we will be like, girls please know your strength. The guy wants you too. You have to be fair to yourself. Why on earth will you not share the mojo of your dreams with the partner you are going to be with. Share all your future plans, desires, and expectations. Sharing such thoughts will make you two know more about each other, and if you guys are really going to gel well together.

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