Lizaa Malik who debuted opposite Sanjay Dutt in the 2018 release “Torbaaz”,  has also featured in some of the most popular music videos like “Tip Tip Barsa Pani Remix”, ”Love Don’t Cost A Thing”, and a lot more.

This multifaceted actress who is also a singer and model-is all set to star in Alt Balaji’s “Who’s Your Daddy?” opposite Rahul Dev and she has undergone a massive transformation for this role. This versatile actress will also be seen in another web series by Alt Balaji’s next “Bhai Hamara Sakht Launda”.

Behind the glamorous avatar is the story of a woman of extreme grit, dedication, and valour. Learn more about her journey, as she got chatting with The Voice Of Woman exclusively.

Interview with Lizaa Malik

Here are the amazing answers by Lizaa Malik given in her interview with VOW

Do you remember how you got your first break- what did you learn from the initial days of struggle

I was Miss Delhi during my college days and used to do a lot of stage shows. I was noticed in one of my stage shows and was picked up for my first music video “Chicks on Fire”, it was in 2006-07.

During my initial days of struggle, I learned that it is extremely important to know the right person in this industry.

For people like us who don’t know anybody from the industry, it is difficult to bag the right role and work as a lot of people here often misguide newcomers. Right now i am working with slash productions and they are taking care of my assignments.

Which career path would you have gone with, other than acting

If I was not an actor then I would definitely become a news reporter or a journalist.

What is Lizaa Malik’s fitness mantra

My fitness mantra is “You should eat according to your goal, never starve yourself.”

What is the secret behind your flawless skin

I am blessed with good genes and being a Bengali- we are blessed with good skin and hair. My mother and grandmother have great skin and hair. I hydrate myself by drinking a lot of water and I take good care of my skin and use chemical-free moisturiser and prefer all-natural products.

Lizaa Malik
Lizaa Malik 

What are the hurdles you have faced as a woman in the entertainment industry

It’s not about being a woman or man in the industry. This industry is filled with people who give false hopes and big hopes. You need to know the right person and know what is right and wrong.

I have always been like the father of the family, so I have started working at an early age and there were a lot of hurdles.

People have tried to misguide me and take advantage of me but somehow I made my way through all this and I have become a strong woman due to all this. It is important to remain focused and you have to know when to say no.

As a woman how difficult is it to manage your home and career

It sometimes becomes difficult to manage your home and career, especially when you are married. The limitations with respect to your work increases like you cannot wear short clothes on screen, or kiss because you don’t want to hurt your spouse.

Apart from that when you are the breadwinner of the family, you have to balance your work and the home front because you have responsibilities and you have to manage both.

So it becomes a little difficult. But independent single women are meant to do these things and that’s the mantra- to balance the most difficult things.

As a gorgeous woman and celebrity you can often be objectified. How do you deal with such attention

There have been innumerable times that I have been objectified. I don’t think that we should feel bad about such remarks made by people.

We should listen and only be affected by those people who are important to us. Different people will say different things.

One thing that I have realized is that as you climb the rungs and become famous, the more people will criticize you. It’s part and parcel of life- so be positive and smile, that’s the mantra I live by.

We often hear celebrities follow a strict diet. Is it true and how do you manage it

I do not follow any diet. I am a foodie and I love eating. I only eat as per my goal. I don’t want to lose my strength by uncontrolled dieting.

I am an athlete and a sportsperson. Having a nutritious diet is very important. Starving is not a healthy lifestyle.

I have fruits, vegetables, meat, and every kind of protein, and vitamins that are required to have a strong mind and body. I am not part of the skinny clan.

Who is your celebrity crush in Bollywood and Hollywood

My crush in Bollywood has always been Akshay Kumar and Ajay Devgan. In Hollywood from my childhood, I used to love Dwayne Johnson.

If you were given a chance to be a superhero, what type of power would you like to have and what would you have done with it

If I were given a chance to be a superhero, the power that I would have liked to possess was the ability to read people’s minds and get into their heads and erase the ill feelings and the hatred that they have towards the world.

I would have replaced them with a lot of positive feelings and love for each other. It will lead to a lot of peace and cessation of riots and wars and border issues.

How are you taking care of your skin amidst lockdown

I keep myself hydrated and drink about 4-5 litres of water in a day. I keep moisturizing my skin and I use sunscreen even when I am home. I incorporate a lot of green leafy vegetables and fruits and multivitamins.

Lizaa Malik
Lizaa Malik 

What message would you like to share with the youngsters aspiring to be an actor through the Voice of Woman

The most important thing that I want to tell all the newcomers is that you should master your craft.

Whether you want to be a singer, musician, actor, or director have complete knowledge of your craft. Whatever you want to pursue you should do courses on it and know the nitty-gritty of it because having half knowledge is extremely dangerous.

Just because you are good looking doesn’t mean that you can be an actor. You should respect your craft and master it before entering the industry.

Any special message for your fans that you want to share through the VOW

Stay home, stay safe, and be positive. It’s an extremely difficult situation being at home during this lockdown period. People are getting restless at home but these are testing times and we have to be extremely patient. It is important to have a positive mindset.

Instead of sitting idle at home, invest your time in doing something productive which will be beneficial once things get back to normal. Whether you are a doctor, a student, actors, singer, or a housewife- do something for an hour that will help you in the future.