Wearing a bra sounded so exciting and grown-up when we were kids on the verge of becoming teens. As we girls grow up to be adults, we gradually start to realize the pros and cons of wearing innerwear. The struggle is real for us ladies when it comes to wearing a bra.

The thought of wearing a bra at a certain point in life feels suffocating, but at the same time, it also helps us look good and curvaceous. So, today you will get to know about a few bra life hacks that will surely come in handy for you. So, let’s get started!!

Top Bra Hacks That Girls Should Know

Here are some amazing bran hacks that every girl must know about

1. Bra hacks for a poking underwired bra

Underwired bras are a girl’s best friend, especially when we want to have fuller breasts. But the downside of wearing underwired bras is that sometimes the wires may poke you on the skin, which can become painful at some point. If you ever face this problem with underwired bras, you can take a Band-Aid and wrap it around the area of the bra where you feel the poking.

In most cases, the wires come out in the midsection of the bra. Underwired bras are a bit costly to buy, and it is hard to throw them away when the material is still good, but the underwire bothers you. This is one of those bra life hacks that will help you in times of emergency.

2. Life hack for undies that irritates your skin

We all have seen the day when we are out on some occasion and we get bruised or get cut in the inner thighs by our underwear, a situation that makes it hard to walk sometimes. So, a simple life hack to tackle this common inner wear issue is to keep the surrounding and affected areas moist free with some powder.

3. Bra hacks for issues with your bra straps

Another day to day problem that some ladies face is with the bra straps digging into their shoulders. Bra straps may sometimes leave red strap marks on your shoulders. To avoid getting these marks, you can purchase silicone shoulder pads from online sites easily and attach to the straps over the shoulders.

Other than this, you can also try one of the most pocket-friendly bra hacks, using a panty liner and attach to your bra strap. However, you have to be clever about what to use as a cushion for your shoulder. You don’t want any bulging out on your shoulders, so attach the cushioning carefully.

4. Bra hacks for backless dress

Wearing a backless dress gives a very alluring look. The best bras to wear with backless dresses are either strapless bras or bras that come with transparent straps. The best and efficient way to wear backless dresses is by sewing bra cups to your dress according to your requirements.

5. Lingerie hack to avoid the embarrassing panty lines

Visible panty lines are pretty embarrassing. No matter what outfit you choose to wear, visible panty lines are a big minus point. So, get seamless panties to wear clothes that are of Georgette, lycra, or cotton and lycra mix which are most likely to make the panty lines easily visible.

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Top Bra Hacks
Top Bra Hacks

Another heads up to check before you go out is always check on a mirror for any possible panty lines on your butts. In case seamless panties are not available, you can also get lacy panties to minimize the visibility of panty lines.

6. Bra hacks for off shoulder tops

Fashion has no expiration date. Although some fashion trends may go out of style, it eventually becomes popular again after a few decades. Such is the case with off shoulder tops. The tricky part of wearing off shoulder tops is wearing it with a bra. Wearing an off shoulder top with visible bra straps takes away the beauty of the top. So, my advice is to purchase a strapless bra or bra with detachable bra straps.

7. Bra hacks to hide the bra straps when you wear a tank top

Tank tops are like basic fashion wear. It is versatile clothing that you can wear as an innerwear or as a top as well. So, to wear a tank top without showing any bra straps is either by wearing a racerback bra or converting your regular bra into a racerback style.

To convert your regular bra into a racerback bra, all you need is a paperclip. Once you put on your regular bra, you will have to bring the bra straps together in the middle on your back and attach the straps with the paperclip. Your DIY Racerback bra is ready to go on a ride!

8. Life hacks to minimize skin irritation 

Another issue that we ladies sometimes experience is itchy skin around the bra straps, which can be annoying. To avoid such conditions from occurring, make sure your skin is dry.  Putting on a bra when your skin is moist or wet can lead to itchy skin. To further stay on the safe side, I will suggest the application of a little bit of face powder on your body before wearing a bra.

9. Keeping your inner wear in top quality

Always keep in mind that our innerwear is the most delicate piece of clothing, and washing them with extra care is essential.  One of the most important life hacks for your lingerie is to avoid washing them in a washing machine, and wash them with your hands. 

This is more necessary if you have padded bra and lacy underwear. Understandably, some of us may feel a bit lazy to skip the machine wash. If you want to keep wearing your favorite lingerie for a longer period, keep them with love as they are delicate. Other than this, after washing and drying your bras, avoid stuffing them in your wardrobe. Always hang your padded bras on a hanger inside your wardrobe. 

Wearing lingerie can be considered as a necessity, especially a bra as it provides support to the breasts, and at the same time, some bras make our upper part look tempting.  So these are a few lingerie hacks that we all must know as you never know when you might need one in times of emergency. Do try these lingerie hacks if you ever face any of the above.

One last thing that is worth mentioning is that always keep one bra that comes with detachable straps. Thank me later!

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