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6 Effective Ways To Cope With Long Distance Relationship Fights!

Having a long distance relationship sucks and what’s worse is long distance relationship fights. Fighting is a characteristic trait for humans, we fight when...
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7 Calcium Rich Foods For Babies

Calcium is closely related to bone health. Over 99 per cent of our body’s calcium is found in bones. Together with other minerals, it...
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A Week-By-Week Guide To Track Fetal Movement

When a baby kicks it is like the first kind of contact between a mother and the child. During pregnancy you go through a...
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6 Definitive Signs A Guy Likes You

Gone are the days when you were told that if a guy is mean to you and makes fun of you or mocks you,...
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5 House Party Games (Adults Only!)

With the beginning of the new year, you must be considering changing a lot of aspects relating to your life for the better.  Talking...
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Has Your Favorite Product Expired? Amazing Hacks To Use Bathroom & Beauty Products Post Shelf Life

Are you wondering how to use bathroom products post expiration date? Then you are at the right place! It’s not called being a cheapskate,...
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6 Effective Ways To Make Him Realise He’s Losing You!

Are you the one who is always taken for granted in the relationship and fed up making him understand how you feel? Well, you...
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The Do’s and Don’ts of Turning Down A Second Date

In today’s day and age, when everything has become to digitized, to the fact that even dating and friendship, there ought to be many...
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Being Open To Love: Is It Rocket Science?

Here’s the deal: Life is all about love. It’s almost always a choice between love and something else. When people choose love, they choose...
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Floating Around In The Friendzone? We Got Your Back!

Believe it or not, our beloved TV show Friends popularised the term friend zone in the early ’90s. In 2020, we hated staying at...
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5 Sex Taboos That Are Not That Weird After All

Sexual experimentation is often shunned by society and learning more about one’s body is termed as a shameful and sinful act. While the intentions...
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Understanding Stockholm Syndrome: The Affinity Of A Captive For Her Captor

Beauty and the Beast is regarded as one of Disney’s most romantic love stories. It is a classic ‘never judge a book by its...
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