Leave Excuses: 19 Best Ways To Tell Boss For Not Attending Office

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Anindita Bhuyan
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You may be happy enough with your job. This might also be the job you always wanted, yay, lucky you!!! But Excuses for work, aah!!! Very much time-consuming…

Even after having the job of your dream, are you not feeling like getting up in the morning and going to the office tomorrow? This happens. A lot of times, we fail to achieve the target of not being absent in a row for a month. 

Things that may have triggered you towards such a step can be:

  • Your upset mind
  • Sad stomach
  • Laziness

These are the natural things that make you low, but the other things such as pending works that need to be submitted that day, or your extreme want to watch and complete the Netflix episodes.

These are okay at times but you should try not to make this your habit. Once in a blue moon is acceptable, you can have a day informally off. 

Below are some excuses to call off work and tell your boss so that you get an off.

List of Best Work Excuses

I Broke My Tailbone (One of the Best excuses for work)

You can say you slipped in the washroom and got your tailbones (a.k.a coccyx) fractured. If your boss is concerned about their employees’ health and wellness, they will allow you a leave of 3 days.

But be aware, they can also ask you to show the medical certificate for confirmation. This risk is up to you. You can get a fake certificate but totally at your own risk.

I Just Got A Root Canal

You can say you got an emergency root canal yesterday and is recommended not to speak for two days. Again here, you may be asked to show the prescription. Stay alert.

I Have To Help My Sister Move Dorms

This will be valid if you really have a sister. Do not fake this if you do not have a sister and still you give this. You will make this a lame one. 

I Fell (One of the Common excuses for work But Effective)

This is another good excuse that you can give. Say you fell from anything, bed, steps, etc. You can also say you fell on the way to the office and got your clothes dirty. This is the safest, you will not be asked anything about a medical certificate.

I Skipped My Allergy Pill & Rubbed My Face All Over My Pet

Just give your boss a ring and inform him/her about this thing. 

I Have Frequent Bathroom Issues

Another excuse that works well is the diarrhea problem. You can tell them you have a loose stomach.

I’m Stuck In A Ditch

This is so damn common. No one would ever question you with this.

I Have A Pink Eye

You don’t have to sound sick. One of the simple excuses for work is to say them you have got a pink eye and people will get to react in ways like ew!!!

I Have To Take Care Of My Sick Child

Do you even have a kid? If you have, go with this.

I Have Been Up The Whole Night With A Stomach Bug

If your boss is good enough, you will be granted the day off. 

My Bathtub Fell Through My Ceiling

Tell your boss about this if you don’t stay near your boss’s home.

My Fiance Called Off Our Engagement

A heartbreaking excuse will work if your boss and you have a good connection.

My Cat Got Stuck On The Side Of The Bathtub

You can give this a try. Many have done this and surprisingly worked. Make sure your boss is a zoophilist.

My Little Brother Shat Himself

Again this is going to work if you have a quiet little aged sibling. You can say he or she shat himself in the school.

It’s My Half-Sister’s Grandma’s Birthday

You can say you will be going out because of this.

My Cat Is Having Kittens

Another for a zoophilist

My Sister Is In Emergency Labor

This is really serious and you should make sure your boss does not know your sister.

excuses for work

I Stubbed My Toe Really Hard

This is very likely to happen. Hence you can tell them. You will get leave for at least a day.

My Car Got A Flat Tire

Every day is a common excuse. Although your boss may doubt you are willing to skip the day off. It’s okay. Just a day.

What are you waiting for? Try one of the above excuses for work. To have a good work and life balance you can check this link here.

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