As social animals, we love to spend maximum time with other people like us. Staying aloof is not an option for almost anyone. Most importantly, we love it and desire that everyone who knows us likes us and reach us out whenever necessary. We do our best to impress the people we meet in our lives and make a memorable impression that will last for a lifetime. 

Amidst all these choices that we make to keep everyone happy and satisfied, we sometimes find ourselves in a dilemma. The most common dilemma that we face is how to say no to someone. However, some seldom hesitate to say no to someone, and some of us struggle to say no. So, if you are tired of your struggle to say no and you end up saying yes which is a regretful decision, then all you have to do is read this article.

How To Start Saying No?

Saying no to someone or something is important and necessary sometimes in today’s time. It is also pretty normal if you feel bad or find it difficult to deny something. However, when you are reluctant to say no, you may sometimes find yourself in awkward situations.

1. Never answer in a reluctant manner

Saying No
Saying No

Whenever someone comes to you with any agenda, in most cases, on hearing, you know what you want to do. If your answer is no, then you have to act smartly with your reply to that someone.

In such cases, keep in mind, to reply with a firm answer. If you answer reluctantly to indicate your denial then, it is most likely to fail. Because at the end of the day, people are not mind readers and rarely read between the lines. Also, from my experience as well, avoid answering reluctantly. It is normal to fear that if you say no then the person will dislike you.

This is a very common issue that is related to social expectations. We make decisions and act as much as possible as per the social expectations so that we fit in society, and everyone likes us. But it is not necessary, in fact, we should always think about ourselves and our comfort level and act accordingly. 

2. Answer politely that you will get back to them with an answer

As discussed earlier, you have to show no reluctance in your reply, and along with it, you have to add some politeness and reply. For instance, if the agenda is of immediate requirement, then you can say you are not free at the moment. If the person is asking for a favor in the future then, you can just reply that you will inform him or her if you are free or not. This way, you will buy yourself some time to think of something solid to deny.

3. Always value yourself the most

Always keep in mind, you are the leading lady of your life, so never undermine yourself. Learn to love yourself and care for self-respect. Honestly speaking, it is impossible to keep every person you know happy and make them like you. In doing so, you will eventually find yourself in a very unhappy situation, so stop saying yes to things you don’t want to do.

4. It is totally okay to say no sometimes

Another point to keep in mind, it is never wrong on your part to deny something. No matter what others say, it is your personal choice and you want to say no, that’s it.

It is true that when someone asks you for some help or with favor, you may feel good and happy that they came to you for help. But, it is always better to think deeply if you want to say yes to them or not. The tendency to help people when they come to you is truly a good personality. However, I suggest, always provide your help and say yes to those things that you want to do.

Honestly speaking, saying no firmly to someone is hard, mainly when you fear that the person will get disappointed. But you have to make yourself understand and start saying no instead of yes if necessary. Saying no doesn’t make someone bad or unhelpful. You have to analyze the situation and act accordingly, that’s all, my friend.

Take care.

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