Even though Spring is still months away, the fashion trend has already released the spring collection. Most women tune-in to these fashion collections to keep updated on the latest fashion trends, which became a hot topic for them over social media and even amongst their family and friends.

However, not all trends that were presented on the runway will be loved by women. To know what most women think, here is the list of the spring fashion trends adored this year. 

Latest Fashion Trends To Follow:

1. Sheer

As Spring brings a warmer temperature, who wouldn’t want to wear sheer? Aside from being extra comfy, it’ll give you a cool feeling that you’ll need as temperatures rise. You can choose from a sheer dress or sheer top that you can pair with a bra top, which also happens to be a trend this season. 

Anybody type can also wear sheer fabric, and it’ll provide a light vibe while giving you a great fashionable look. You can opt for a slightly sheer fabric if you aren’t comfortable wearing a complete transparent sheer. 

2. Bra Top

Fashion Trend To Follow
Fashion Trend To Follow

Although we already saw this trend last year, we expect it to continue this year, especially between the Spring and summer. Most bra tops are sporty, but some are made from silk, velvet, or leather. 

You can wear bra tops as is, but you can also opt to layer it with sheer or a blazer. It can also be easily mixed and matched with different kinds of bottoms as it goes well with any kind of fabric. 

3. Bubble Gum Pink

Latest Fashion Trend
Latest Fashion Trend

Who doesn’t love pink? The majority of women love this color, which is why it’s a crowd-favorite trend. Although other colors are also present on the runway this year, this shade of pink is what most women look forward to incorporating in their style. 

If you love the color pink, it will not be hard for you to latch on to this trend. You can easily fill your closet with pink clothing in a blink of an eye. You can accentuate your pink outfit by adding a small black detail to it, as it can help the color pop. Something like a black bra top with a pink side and open tanks would look super cute. 

4. Denim Jeans

Many women have thanked the designers of the spring collection as they have finally included the all-time favorite weekend wear in the collection. Denim jeans are also one of the trends this Spring that women find easy to incorporate. There is no need to adopt this trend as we’ve already been wearing this clothing piece for years. 

Denim jeans are also versatile and can be paired with anything. You can also incorporate a different style of denim jeans, from a simple everyday look to casual or even formal attire. You only need to be creative when choosing a piece to go with your denim. 

5. Sporty

Another noticeable trend on the runway during the launch of the spring collection is the sporty look. There are various key players with this trend like sports hoodies, sporty sunnies, bike shorts, and returning tracksuits. Sports outfits made of luxe fabric are also popular in this season’s collection. 

6. Long Necklace

When we’re talking about accessories, the long necklace was the belle of the ball for the spring collection. Long necklaces for ladies can be used over various clothing styles. You can wear a single piece, but of course, you can also be more creative and layer it with necklaces of different lengths. 

You can choose from different materials, from pearls to chains, as long as it gives a draped-jewelry look. Having a big pendant will also add a more fashionable look to your necklace. 

7. G-String 

G-string trends tend to garner mixed opinions from women. These pieces do not have actual thongs underneath, but instead, they are designed to give the illusion of wearing a thong that’s pulled up intentionally to show it off.  When opting for this trend, it is best to choose the pieces that will look good and won’t overwhelm your whole outfit.

8. Knit

Knitted pieces are also expected to be seen everywhere as the transition from winter to spring starts. However, it isn’t time to get rid of your loungewear this season just yet since they are still in trend, but you can definitely add some knitted pieces to your wardrobe. 

Knitted cardigans to knitted dresses and skirts are some of your options. Knitted pieces are known to be comfortable, which is why women love them. It will not be hard to transition from your sweat pants to knitted clothes. 


This list is only meant to guide women planning to add to their closet with the new spring fashion trends in mind. It is still best to know if a specific trend will look good on you or not before investing some money to purchase it.

One trend might look good on other women but will not work as well for you, which is why no matter what other women’s opinion about a particular style, it is still best to choose based on what suits your style and your body.

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