There is a possibility that you may have never come across this term but it does not mean that it is not important to know about it. 

Labial hypertrophy is a condition when the lips of the vagina are enlarged or of different sizes where one is bigger than the other. Vaginal lips essentially help to protect the vulva and the clitoris from any sudden pressure or discomfort. 

If you think this could be a big problem and would need immediate treatment then no, this condition is very common and if you need then you can get surgery to correct it. 

About Labial Hypertrophy 

As we discussed, labial hypertrophy refers to a condition where a person has enlarged labia. 

It is already known that the size of the genital organs is different for every person and having enlarged labia or vaginal lips does not mean that you are suffering from something very serious, apart from some minor difficulties you may never realize that you are suffering from labial hypertrophy. 

labial hypertrophy
labial hypertrophy

In this condition, you may either have the labia in asymmetrical sizes or you can have them folded in layers. Either way, this condition is harmless. Most of the time people have no clue that they have it. 

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How to Diagnose you have Labial Hypertrophy? 

You can not claim you have enlarged labia or you suffer from this condition of labial hypertrophy on your own. To confirm this you need to get it checked by your gynecologist. If you think that you have large vaginal lips or you face discomfort and irritation while doing certain tasks or just by wearing dark clothes, then you should consult your doctor before you reach any conclusions. 

Are There any Side Effects?

Having labial hypertrophy does not mean that you would face a lot of side effects, the few of them are as comes next

1. Difficult to Keep it Clean Down There

This one is a common problem faced by people when they have labial hypertrophy. Since you have more skin around the vaginal area, you have to be particular about keeping it clean. Since there are more space so more chances of developing an infection caused by any bacteria. To keep it away from all of that, remember to touch that area with clean hands and then wash it carefully.

2. Minor Irritation

If you slag in taking care of the hygiene of your genitals then it is likely you will develop or complain about itching in the area. This would then lead to a rash or irritation. The area is very sensitive and an enlarged labia needs more care. 

3. May Cause Discomfort

Having more skin or enlarged vaginal lips means that you may face some discomfort when you do certain tasks like cycling as the area is constantly under some pleasure. Due to the size, you may find that there is more friction between the vaginal lips and your underwear which results in discomfort and irritability.

Labial Hypertrophy Causes

Looking for a reason behind why something happens is a common habit of us all. Similarly, if you ask about the infuses behind this condition then the answers are vague. There are no direct causes behind labial hypertrophy and the doctors mostly cite it as genetic predisposition.

labial hypertrophy
labial hypertrophy

In some other cases, the labia gets enlarged later when they reach puberty or teenage. Sometimes this may even develop or become enlarged during pregnancy. All of these causes point out the hormonal imbalance which could be the reason behind this. 

Labial Hypertrophy: Treatments

Though this condition is not harmful or anything huge, most people never notice this. Still, if you want to know about and try the treatments then here are a few things that will help you to some extent,

1. Labiaplasty

The first option that the doctors offer you if you want to get rid of it is to have surgery. The surgery to remove the extra skin from the labia and make them symmetrical is known as Labiaplasty. 

This is the most obvious choice if you want to treat it but this comes with its fair share of side effects. You may find that the vulva swells or is easily irritated as the area heals after the surgery. You have to be more careful to keep it clean and dry to not get any infections. If you have sensitive skin then you may even develop a reaction or effect from the anesthesia or could develop scar tissue. 

A doctor lets you know about all these risks and side effects beforehand. It is your choice to move ahead with it or not. 

2. Natural Ways

If you are not a big believer in surgery to treat this problem then there are a few natural ways or changes in your lifestyle that you can follow which will help to keep the few symptoms like irritation and discomfort away. 

These changes include wearing loose or baggy clothes that do not hug your body and let your skin breathe. You can choose loose-fitted underwear and pants to avoid friction. If you face itching or irritation in the area, then you can use a few ointments that are available in the market which will be helpful for that. 

Another important thing is to take good care and follow the hygiene rules to keep your genitals clean and dry. If you get lazy then you may face problems, so make it a point to clean it properly. Apart from this remember to use the right tampons, pads, and menstrual cups during your periods, that is it should be natural and unscented, change them frequently too. 

You should wear pads or similar things when you plan to go cycling or horse riding to keep the area protected from any sudden hit.

These were the few treatments for labial hypertrophy and you can choose whichever way out of these two that you think will work for you.

 You should remember that this is nothing to worry about and it is very natural, if you aren’t comfortable with it then you have certain options too to get rid of it. If you don’t want then there’s nothing wrong with that too. 

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