How Kylie Jenner Made Money From Her Viral ‘Rise and Shine’ Video And Broke The Internet

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Khadija Rahman
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The internet is no stranger to trends. From the famous ‘What are those?’ viral video that landed the boys on the famous Ellen show to the more recent ‘Rise and Shine’ trend that touched 1.2 billion views on Tiktok recently, the trends always spread far and wide.

Kylie Jenner

Although Kylie’s last name is Jenner, she is a part of the Kardashian clan. The Kardashians are popularly known for their reality show among other things. They are really good at what they do and Kylie is no different. She is the youngest self-made billionaire who has a net worth of 1 billion dollars. Some say that the self-made part should not be applied as she was born into a wealthy and famous family. 

Regardless of what the skeptics say, Kylie does well for a 22-year-old. Her Kylie Cosmetics business for three years is worth 900 million dollars. Apart from being a mother, Kylie also dons many hats. Some of the things she is known for are modeling, being a TV personality, an Entrepreneur, and so much more.  

Rise and Shine

Kylie has been winning at life lately. She just showed off her swanky new office set in Los Angeles on Youtube. This is where the trend began. While giving a tour of the office, Kylie went into Stormi’s room, her daughter with Travis Scott. Stormi was in her cradle as Kylie chimed “Rise and Shine” while turning on the lights. The weird part was that Stormi was already awake and looking around. 

It has been less than a week since that clip came out and it has garnered over 1 billion views on TikTok alone.  Over 40, 000 different versions of the trend exist. One thing that added fuel to the fire was other celebrities like Miley Cyrus, Steph Curry, Ariana Grande, and even Kylie’s ex-boyfriend, Travis Scott, posted about the trend on their Instagram profiles. 

Even Kylie Jenner went on to release a small video of her daughter watching one version of her eight-second-long “Rise and Shine” clip. However, what caught people’s eye in the video is how Stormi wanted to listen to her father’s music instead. 

Marketing and Merchandise

One can see the business side of Kylie come out when she used this viral trend to plug her new merchandise and make money off if it. She launched two hoodies priced at 65$ each. Both of the merchandise items sold out almost instantly. However, she is not the first Kardashian to do this. When Kim’s infamous crying face became a meme, she turned it into apparel, iPhone case, sweaters, laptop stickers, and other items that her fans could purchase.

Image result for rise and shine meme

The gang of Kardashian girls has been around changing the game for some time now. They were some of the first people to turn their embarrassing moments into merchandise that people could purchase. Shane Dawson, the popular Youtuber, is another name that comes to the mind. He designed an entire eye shadow pallete around cringy moments that happened to him or his friends. 

Although the memes are ever-changing, not many people are able to capitalize on it. Kylie is a good example of someone who didn’t let the mocking get to her. Instead, she turned the table on them and made money off of it.