We have often come across tragic news articles wherein talented musicians and artists have succumbed to Kratom Microdosing – for instance, Whitney Houston, Amy Winehouse, Prince, Michael Jackson, Kurt Kobain, etc. But why do such talented individuals need substances? Most artists take psychedelics to feel inspired but overdosing is a common problem in such cases. So, what is the solution- microdosing! Microdosing is taking one-twentieth of the actual quality of recreational drugs. It helps an individual escape the mundane activity of life and feels liberated. The news from the street is that more millennials and the Gen Z crowd in veering towards microdosing. The popular choice of the substance being mushroom and LSD.

According to James Fadiman, microdosing helps an individual concentrate more, and it also helps keep stress, anxiety, and work-related fatigue at bay. If you are a kratom user, you will know that you don’t need to use it a lot. However, there’s a relatively new trend of using very little to achieve the desired impact. As far as psychoactive substances are concerned, microdosing is not a new concept; it has only recently been highlighted, primarily due to engineers in Silicon Valley experimenting with the technique to increase productivity.

Concept Of Microdosing 

As the term suggests, microdosing refers to the practice of using minimal quantities of a psychotropic substance, often as low as one-tenth to one-twentieth of the standard dose. While such small amounts may seem counter-indicative to getting the desired results, it can be a good technique for new users to understand kratom’s effect and how it interacts with their biochemistry. More experienced users report that frequent microdosing throughout the day works better than large doses since it allows users to maintain the effect over a more extended period without experiencing highs and lows associated with an average amount. Also, kratom microdosing helps to achieve different results than a standard dose.

Can Kratom be Micro-dosed

But if you are uninitiated to the world of Kratom microdosing- then let’s shed some light on it. Kratom is a plant-based recreation drug- the leaves can also be used as medicine. It is taken to get over from addiction of other drugs like heroin, morphine, and other opoid drugs. While many users have reported positive experiences with kratom microdosing, it is also vital for users to have realistic expectations. Even though it is held that microdosing can have its benefit, users should not anticipate that the effect will be as evident as a total dose or even microdosing other substances. 

Typically, microdosing is more strongly associated with powerful psychedelic substances like LSD. Since users know that kratom is far less potent, microdosing kratom will produce a more dilute effect. However, the less impact does not mean that you should not micro-dose kratom. Many users report that it is practical for a day-long routine. The effect of consuming kratom not only depends on the size of the dose but also on the Kratom strain.

Effects of Kratom Microdosing 

While large doses of Kratom have has a sedative or relaxing effect on users, small doses tend to stimulate and energize, according to Practical Pain Management. It will be natural to assume that microdosing would have the same effect, perhaps to a lesser extent. According to kratom users, microdosing gives a subtle boost that can help maintain energy throughout the day. It improves focus very much like cups of tea or coffee that most people are accustomed to consuming daily. Many users have experimented with kratom consumption to increase their workplace productivity, energy, and mental sharpness. To avoid disappointment, you should know that the effect of kratom microdosing is, at best, subtle, but the advantage is that you will not undergo disturbing mental impacts.

Side Effects of Kratom Microdosing

  1. Nausea and vomiting
  2. Constant urge to urinate
  3. Hallucinations and depression
  4. Liver damage
  5. Spasms and muscle pain
  6. Hot flashes
  7. Regular usage can cause dependence

Effects of Kratom Microdosing in Women

Overdependency is never good, and it can especially be fatal for women who are pregnant or are planning for a child. If a woman takes Kratom during pregnancy, the child born might show withdrawal symptoms and require special attention. Breastfeeding women should also avoid Kratom usage. Though there is limited research in this regard, it is common knowledge that what a mother partakes is passed on to her child through breastfeeding. So, always remember that every good thing has its side effects as well. Moderation is the key to leading a healthy and fulfilling life.

Microdosing in Women
Microdosing in Women


If you are considering Microdosing with kratom, the results you get will largely depend on the quality of the powder you use. It is important to buy from a reputable supplier who will provide a fresh and potent product with the natural alkaloid content it is supposed to have.