How To Know If Your Kid Is Ready To Go In Pool

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Anindita Bhuyan
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Wondering to make your tod the next Katie Ledecky? Want to know whether your kid is ready to go in pool?

If so, hi there, I want to be your kid’s near and dear, because she/he is going to be one of a kind. And I never got a chance to be ‘that’ someone of the admired Katie Ledecky, so I don’t want to lose this opportunity with your kid. I hope you are getting me!!!

Whops, keeping my things apart and continuing with yours; there is nothing impossible if you try real hard. And if your kid has got a mom like you who is so daring and adventurous, then I bet your kid must be something out of the box kind of a kid. 

I understand what brings you here to our page and so without any further delay, we will be starting with the general suggestion of when to let your baby go into the pool and some safety measures that you should be taking care of.

When Can You Introduce Your Little Ones To The Pool?

Gone are the days when there used to be an age limit of starting to do something new. Now your kids even go to play school. Did that ever exist in the past? 

Likewise gone are the days when you should wait for your baby to stand and then let them swim, baby you have a more advanced world now. Your kid is free to swim from the moment you give birth. But for concerns and safety measures it is recommended to wait until your baby is a 2-month-old. 

Nowadays, there are baby swimming lessons that include kids of 6 months and above. You should pay attention to certain things while letting your baby play in the pool.

Check The Water Temperature

If your kid is younger than 6 months then you should make sure that the water is heated to about 32-degree Celsius. Any large public pool will be too cold for your baby to adjust and feel comfortable. Babies cannot regulate such change of temperatures like an adult, so pay attention to this. 

Your kid may also get infections from water at the pool, so pay heed here too.

Never Leave Your Baby Unattended Near Water

Your baby cannot learn to swim on their own, at least never when they are so small. In a similar way that you teach them to walk, here also, it is you who should be by their side. If they are at the pool, you should also get into the pool with them. Hold them near you and make them enjoy and long for water.

You can use flotation devices such as rubber rings or so, but make sure to check them before using them. Also, make your kid wear those water glasses to prevent the eyes. 


Start At Home

If you are so desperate to see your kid swimming, then you should start at home. Parents are the first teacher that any kid is gifted with. So it is your duty to introduce your kid to water at home. You can let your kid play at the bathtub and let them love to float in water. 

With the response and reactions that your kid shows after being oriented with water, you will get a fair idea if they will be able to join the pool with you after 2 months. If your tod cries and stays away from water, then maybe you have a dream that is opposite to your kid, but if they love and play with water, then you have a good and achievable dream. 

Keep Note Of The Time

You should have your baby under the age of 12 months to stay in the pool for more than 30 minutes. If they are 2 months old then you should let them into the water for more than 10 minutes. Also, keep a check about the water temperature. Pay assiduity that your kid does not consume the water.   

It will be fun and memorable to teach your kid to swim and if taught properly, your kid can do wonders. Because learning in the initial stages of life is the most fruitful. And if that baby of yours shows interest and love towards swimming, then the day is not far when he/she will be known as the best youngest swimmer ever.

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