Our hair is affected by a lot of external factors like lifestyle changes, humidity, the weather of a place, etc. Therefore, women desire for a permanent solution to this problem. Keratin is a type of protein which is naturally present in our hair. It is vitally important to keep your hair healthy and prevent it from getting frizzy and wild

A keratin hair treatment is a way of straightening your hair by artificially adding smoothness and silkiness to your hair. It may also be referred to as  a Brazilian blowout or Brazilian keratin treatment. 

It  is a chemical procedure usually done in a salon that can make hair look smooth and sleek for as long as 6 months or even more. A keratin treatment is fairly well known to treat your damaged, dull and frizzy locks and bless you with smooth and  manageable hair.

The process involves getting your hair washed, then having a stylist brush the treatment onto wet hair where it will sit for about 30 minutes. Some hair stylists will preferably blow dry your hair first and then apply the treatment to dry hair. They’ll then flat iron the hair in small sections to seal in the treatment. This whole process can take upto several hours.  Not sure about getting it done? Weigh the pros and cons of keratin treatment below

Keratin Hair Treatment Benefits

A keratin hair treatment may be one thing that your hair may thank you for. Wanna know why? Read on to find out.

1. Quick styling 

This is a great treatment for those who regularly style their hair straight. Treated hair becomes super easy to style. It can supposedly shorten the blow drying time to 40 – 60 percent. It would save you a lot of your precious time that you tend to spend on styling your hair everyday. 

2. Smooth and shiny hair

You’ll finally be able to get rid of your frizzy and unmanageable hair which you’ve been struggling with for a long time now. The treatment would result in super glossy and straight hair which you would love to flaunt. 

3. Safe to do

Unlike other traditional hair smoothening and straightening procedures like the brazilian blowout; keratin treatment causes relatively less damage to your hair. Your hair may also come back to its original state, depending on your after care regimen. 

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4. Low maintenance 

There’s minimal maintenance involved as there is no need to use other heat styling products anymore. You get to enjoy your gorgeous hair for upto 6 or more months depending on your hair type and the treatment that you opted for. It is suitable for all hair types – whether you have curly, wavy or colour treated hair. 

Keratin Hair Treatment
Keratin Hair Treatment

Keratin Hair Treatment Side Effects

Keratin isn’t really the star of the show.  This popular treatment might not really prove beneficial for you after all. It too has its own share of disadvantages. Read on to know more. 

1. Formaldehyde 

This is an active ingredient found in most of the keratin treatments. Formaldehyde is what actually makes the hair look straighter.

Formaldehyde exposure poses the risk of allergic reactions and respiratory problems. The most common side effects include  common side effects to formaldehyde exposure include sore throat, nose bleeds, and scratchy eyes. It poses potential risks not only to you, but also the salon professionals who perform the treatments on your hair. 

2. Keratin hair treatment price

Each treatment can cost you a hefty amount. And as it requires touch ups after at least every 4-6 months; it may burn a hole in your pocket. Also, as a part of the after care regime, you need to invest in sulfate and sodium free hair products which tend to be more expensive than regular hair products.

3. Increased damage

Increased exposure to formaldehyde and over-straightening hair can lead to the drying out of your hair faster than normal and may lead to hair fall. Some people also complain of dandruff after the treatment. The high temperature of the flatiron to seal the chemical into the hair is bad if you already have too much damaged and thin hair.

An extra dose of keratin will overwhelm delicate strands. So, if you have really thin hair, then opt for a less intensive treatment. Additionally, when heat is applied to the hair, it releases formaldehyde into the air and those around end up inhaling it. This may lead to serious respiratory problems. 

4. Short time 

You ought to go through the treatment again as keratin treatment rarely lasts more than 6-8 months. Your naturally frizzy or curly hair may start growing again. The regrowth of the hair may bring in even more curly hair which you eventually have to straighten.

5. Artificial 

After getting the treatment done, your hair may lose it’s natural volume. It would become super sleek and smooth. It’s like a gamble. Your hair may either take it too well or you’ll end up damaging your hair more than ever.

6. After care 

You have to be really invested in your hair after getting the keratin treatment done. You can’t wash your hair till 72 hours of the treatment. Also, you cannot enjoy swimming as the chlorine may damage the hair. Additionally, you need to purchase sulfate free shampoos, conditioners and hair serums specifically designed for treated hair.

Now that you have all the facts about keratin treatment, you can make smarter decisions when opting for one. There are also many other effective ways to smooth down your hair while keeping it protected at the same time. You can either opt for keratin based hair products or you can also use some hair remedies for short term benefits.  Therefore, a keratin treatment may or may not be the right option for you. 

Always consider the type and texture of your hair and also it’s daily maintenance after the treatment ends. Make sure to communicate everything regarding your hair; clearly with your stylist. 

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