Jeggings are the perfect love child of jeans and leggings. The fashion industry welcomed the idea in the early 2000s, with a lot of actresses flaunting it effortlessly. Despite dipping in the middle, jeggings are making a comeback and quite a few jeggings with tops were seen on major runways in the recent past. With the distinct and unique look of jeans along with the comfort of leggings, it can be the ultimate style statement. 

Initially, jeggings were colorfully made from thinner spandex material so they would resemble pants. Styling these was difficult because of their elastic waistline and lack of pockets. The comeback revamped the composition and introduced pockets and zips, just like jeans. The material was stretchier and more comfortable. Regardless, a lot of us want to hop on this trend like Beyonce did but are confused about how. Do not worry, we’re here to help you manifest your fashion dreams. 

Do you Style it like Actual Pants?

Yes and no. Let us explain – If these are jeggings without pockets, i.e., they are more towards the leggings side of the spectrum, then no. This kind should not be paired with anything that ends above your booty. Jeggings and top combination here would mean boxy, loose, and oversized sweaters, shirts, or flannels. Anything baggy would create structure and perfectly complement the silhouette of the jeggings. 

However, if these are jeggings with some structure already built-in, i.e., high waisted, with pockets or anything that don’t make them look like plain old leggings, then a crop top or a baby tee would match appropriately. Styling these jeggings with tops that cut right at your waist will make enhance your curves while leaving some room for imagination. 

Just A Plain Jeggings And Top Combo? 

No and no! The sleekness of the jeggings gives a lot of scope to improve and improvise. A business casual look can be achieved by pairing black jeggings with a white oversized formal shirt buttoned all the way. To contrast, the shirt, sleek black tapered or block heels, along with simple gold hoop earrings or sunglasses and a huge, chunky bag will finish off the look. This attire will be feminine, casual but also business chic. 

For an entirely casual look, jeggings with a light denim wash could be put together with any solid colour cropped tee, paired with sandals or flats, simple goggles and an oversized coat or jacket. This would make a perfect brunch look which can be turned into a night-time attire by switching out the tee for a cami along with a leather jacket and a silver watch. 

Surprisingly, jeggings are also suitable for a ‘Saturday night with the girls’ vibe – ditch the little black dress for an all-black jeggings attire. Wear a black wash of jeggings with a black cropped top and an oversized blazer and black heels. Finish it off by wearing chunky gold jewelery, some hoops, and a Smokey-eye makeup look. We promise that you will be a head-turner in this fit.  

Jeggings With Top

If Beyonce could wear jeggings on a red carpet, you can easily pull it off too. If you want to look cute just while running errands, we still got your back. Wear jeggings and your dad’s, brother’s, or boyfriend’s tee, add a belt to cinch your waist and add dimension followed by some easy slides or loafers. 

Boots, jeggings, and a top go hand in hand, especially in the colder months. Thigh-high boots are the most comfortable in jeggings and adding a matching top and cardigan will complete the autumn-esque look. Sleek thigh-high boots can also be paired with jeggings and a top that is sequined or shimmery. This is a perfect run-around-town outfit, to look classy and fashionable. 

It is not just mainstream fashion that has been adopting jeggings – various Cat woman cosplays have taken over the internet by storm. Jeggings have been coming up in various materials such as leather and velvet, thereby expanding the horizon. A grunge look inspired by the movie Grease swept the world in the eighties. This movie served as a testament to the fact that jeggings or leggings could look subtle and cute or e-girl appropriate.

There are several factors to keep in mind, though. Most importantly, jeggings and shoes should not be seen together in the same room let alone on the same person. Shoes generally tend to take a look extremely bulky. The aim of jeggings and a top is to keep things simple and light. Hence, these make the perfect counterpart for heels or even loafers – anything delicate. In a similar vein, belts are a big no with jeggings, specifically in combination with other accessories. This comes with the territory of not treating jeggings like jeans. You can get away with wearing a scarf and a belt over jeans but not with jeggings. 

Another important factor is to not be swept away with trends. Currently, with the rampant fast fashion industry, new styles come out every other week. Jeggings, as with every other item of clothing, have evolved considerably. Therefore, it becomes important to pick and choose what will sustain. A classic wash of jeggings will go a long way, but printed ones may not. Style wisely! Jeggings with top can easily be replaced by jeggings with a mini fit and flare dress as well. It is extremely fun to play around with jeggings to see what suits you best and what you feel the most confident in. You can work or play in jeggings with very few changes, and that is quite great. 

In this article on how to style jeggings with top, we have given you a quick guide in order to help you understand the versatility of jeggings. They truly can become a cult favorite and might just overtake jeans one day. The comfort is their unique selling point – something that skinny jeans haven’t yet given us. We hope you found this article enjoyable 🙂

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