Is Personal Hygiene Important To Maintain Food Safety?

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Anindita Bhuyan
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Did you keep all your grocery and food items safe in their places? Like, meat and dairy in the refrigerator, raw food separate from the ready to eat food items, etc?


But were your hands clean when you kept the food items in their places?

It is not enough to store food in their requisite places with appropriate temperature. The fundamental of all is to keep them in a hygienic manner.  Yes, your personal hygiene and food safety are intertwined in such a way that failure of one futile the other. So you have to pay equal importance to both things.

Some of the things you should keep in mind while dealing with food.

  • Wash your hand

Before touching food with your bare hands, do not forget to wash and dry your hand. It is very important because you touch a hell lot of things that contain minute particles that may be any sort of virus or bacteria harmful for our body. Touching food with this impure and dirty hand will contaminate the eatables.

After washing, always soak your hands with a clean towel or dry under a hand dryer. After your hands are dried then touch the food. You should prefer wearing gloves while touching food items.

  • Keep your nails short and clean

It is always better to keep your nails short. This will help you maintain hygiene because long nails carry a lot of dirt inside their extra-long portion and those dirt particles mix up with your food. Ultimately you will be consuming dirt mixed food. 


Your hair is most prone to catch dirt. It is very necessary to tie your hair properly so that you do not fall over the food. Imagine you go to a restaurant and you order your favorite meal. While eating if you find a piece of hair, how will you feel? You will doubt to visit that place next time. The same is with the food that you make or eat at home. To not feel so pathetic at home, pay attention and tie your hair properly to the back.

  • Cover your hair if needed

If your hair is frizzy or hard to control, then try covering your hair with a hair cap. This will stop your hair from falling here and there.

  • Wear clean and washed clothes

It is acceptable to wear dirty clothes to the market place or sports ground, but never dare wear dirty clothes while preparing food. Even when you are dealing in any sort of kitchen work, prefer wearing clean and washed clothes. Dirty clothes would make your food contaminated with germs that you cannot even see. It is very unhygienic to wear germed clothes at home.  

  • Do not spit, sneeze or cough over food

This is widely considered as etiquette: not to sneeze, spit or cough over food. Clinically, you should not do the above because your throat and nose contain a lot of bacteria that may spill over your food items. This will contaminate your food and would increase the effect of bacteria or viruses if they are harmful.

  • Do not wear dirty footwear inside the kitchen

It will be best if you don’t wear any footwear inside the kitchen. This will stop spreading dirt in you kitchen which may flow upon the uncovered food items.

  • Never touch your hair, nose, ear, cloth and then food. 
  • If you are sick, try not to go to the kitchen

This is just a precaution that if you are sick, you should not go to the kitchen for the fear that germs may go to food and that will spread the germ to other human beings consuming the food.

These are some of the precautions that you should take care of while dealing with food. Taking them seriously will reduce the chances of food poisoning and a way to enhance food safety. To have a healthy lifestyle, it is very important to pay heed to the fundamental things that shape your life. Having personal hygiene conveys a lot of information about who or what type of you are.

Hence try maintaining good hygiene that will improve your image and would help to keep food safely without being harmful to your health.

Stay healthy!!!

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