Improve Insulin Sensitivity? Insulin is a hormone. It is produced by cells that live within the pancreas. It is an essential hormone that is used by the body to absorb glucose and utilize that and stored as fats or lipids.

Importance of Insulin

When food is ingested it travels along the digestive tract where it is broken down into its component nutrients. To be absorbed into the bloodstream is one such nutrient is glucose a simple sugar. Glucose gets absorbed by the stomach and intestines and then enters the bloodstream. 

Once absorbed into the bloodstream glucose circulates causing the blood sugar level to rise. An increased level of blood sugar sends a signal to the pancreatic beta cells which respond by secreting the hormone insulin into the circulation. 

Insulin is necessary for glucose to reach and be used by several potent target tissues throughout the body. These include several important muscles and organs as well. Insulin is necessary to keep blood glucose level stable in the body. Glucose enters the cell through a process called facilitated diffusion.

What is Insulin Insensitivity?

The pancreas secretes insulin to move glucose in the bloodstream to the cells which later will be converted to energy. Without insulin, we will die. However, too much of it causes a lot of health problems. The pancreas secretes insulin as a response to the quantity of glucose as an elevation after a meal with carbohydrates. 

Insulin Insensitivity
Insulin Insensitivity

The more carbohydrate-rich foods you eat, the more insulin you need. Your body gets used to the presence of insulin at high levels and becomes less sensitive to age and that is when insulin resistance occurs.

Insulin resistance is the main culprit of type two diabetes metabolic syndrome, thyroid problems, and even some kinds of cancer. It also makes fat loss impossible. 

Insulin resistance can be reversed with a healthy diet and lifestyle changes. In some cases, insulin resistance is the underlying cause of many chronic diseases. Luckily, insulin resistance is easily reversible.

How can you Improve Insulin Sensitivity?

Here are seven ways that would help you to improve your insulin sensitivity naturally:

Improve Insulin Sensitivity
Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  • The first thing to include is to do exercise regularly. One of the single best ways to improve your insulin sensitivity is to go for a walk. Just a simple walk after meals could instantly reduce your blood sugar levels so try to develop walking as your daily routine.
  • Avoid sitting too much. The research found, just two hours of sitting could raise the glycaemic response by more than 45% it means you should stand up and take an occasional walk break in two minutes after every 40 minutes of sitting that’s how you could substantially reduce the impacts of prolonged sitting.
  • Don’t smoke or quit smoking. Some studies link the nicotine content in tobacco with impaired glucose tolerance and type two diabetes. Smoking also increases the risk of atherosclerosis leading to myocardial infarction in term of claudication and cancer.
  • Lose weight around your belly if you are overweight. Studies show with a 5% reduction in body weight the risk for diabetes cards by more than half.
  • Sleep well. Sleep quality has a direct impact to have the body fonts to insulin.
  • Did you know just one night of parcels sleep is enough to induce insulin resistance in healthy people?
  • Intermittent fasting is one of the most effective ways to improve insulin sensitivity. The most convenient method is fast for 16 hours. All you need to do is to skip your breakfast or dinner. Just simply focus on healthy whole foods and you don’t need to worry about the troublesome calories counting.
  • Diet is the most important among many factors that affect your insulin sensitivity. Eating a healthy diet is your best investment for health insurance. Keep in mind that the quality of what you feed your body is much more important than counting calories.

Here are some of the food items that you can inculcate into your daily diet:

Improve Insulin Sensitivity
Improve Insulin Sensitivity
  1. It’s wise to restrict your sugar consumption especially the refined version such as store-bought doughnuts, cakes and candies.
  2. Always try your best to eat whole and fresh food especially vegetables. But stay away from vegetables that are high in the glycaemic index.
  3. Eat more omega-3 rich foods. Science has proven the positive effects of omega-3 in reducing insulin resistance. Eating foods rich in omega-3 improves blood triglycerides.
  4. Eat colorful plant foods. The colors and plants imply the presence of 5 to nutrients which offer a huge number of health benefits.
  5. Eat foods rich in copper and zinc copper and zinc play important roles in retaining.
  6. Use cinnamon to spice up your dishes.
  7. Eat more garlic and turmeric. They are tasty and they work amazingly against insulin resistance. Turmeric is packed with curcumin a powerful antioxidant compound that helps improve the overall function of beta cells in the pancreas. Using turmeric could significantly enhance your insulin sensitivity and cut the risk of developing full-blown diabetes.
  8. Don’t forget to include some black pepper in dishes that use turmeric as black pepper boost the curcumin of bioavailability makes it easier for absorption. When you go to help insulin sensitivity in people with type two diabetes.
  9. Green tea is rich in an antioxidant group called catechins. Catechins help correct and prevent cell damage and inflammation which often found in people with insulin resistance. Drink more green tea.

And as discussed above insulin is a hormone that is made in your pancreas. It is essential for glucose absorption in your bloodstream. Insulin also helps in balancing your blood glucose level. You are supposed to be at an increased risk of insulin resistance if you have diabetes or there is a history of Type II diabetes in your family or you are overweight. 

Improving your insulin sensitivity helps you combat many diseases including diabetes. If your insulin is low, it puts a lot of pressure on your pancreas so that the insulin production in your body gets increased. Try following the above mentioned natural ways to regulate your insulin insensitivity.

Eat healthily, exercise daily, manage stress and anxiety and your insulin sensitivity would improve with time by using these home remedies.

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