There is always something new nowadays that we get to hear of in every aspect of our life. There is a new concept of lifestyle trending and it is on fire and everyone is curious about it. The trend is Hygge, a Danish form of lifestyle which is being adopted by many people.

But firstly, lets clear up how it is really pronounced, its Hoo-gah or Hue-guh. I bet you didn’t see this coming, did you? The word Hyyge simply represents being cozy and comforting. 

What is a Hygge lifestyle?

The principal behind the Hygge concept is to maintain a cozy, soothing environment at home with minimal and inexpensive products. It is not always necessary that to make a house look pretty and attractive you need a lot of decorative. There is even a saying, “Less is always more”. 

How to bring the Hygge concept to your home?

  • Candlelight

One of the essential components of the Hygge concept is setting the mood with appropriate lighting. According to Hege Morris of France, an interior design blogger and stylist, candles and cozy blankets are a must in the Hygge lifestyle concept. 

For him, Hygge is so much more than just creating the atmosphere. It involves spending quality time with your loved ones, having some delicious food and enjoying the coziness. 

Place mildly scented candles at various locations of your home- living room, bedroom, bathroom if possible. Enjoy an aromatic and warm stay at your place. 

  • Let the light into your home

The Hygge lifestyle is all about the inclusion of the wonders of nature in your home. During the daytime, let the natural light brighten your home.

But that’s not all, use of floor lamps, table lamps also play an important role here. Dimmer the lamplight, better is the lighting for coziness and comforting to your eyes. Add some pretty warm-white fairy lights for a magical feeling. Keep in mind that the lamps should be small to medium-sized. 

  • Welcome the natural elements into your home

Adoption of the Hygge lifestyle in your home will surely bring you closer to nature. Decorate the insides of your home with tiny indoor plants. Other than that, add home décor made of wood to give the required look. You can also decorate with small sober color orchids or flowers.

  • Use a neutral color combination to decorate the place

The use of bright and vibrant colors to decorate your living space is a big no-no in case you are trying to adopt the Hygge lifestyle. Go for shades of beige, light gray, light cream which gives a soothing and comfy vibe for you and your guests.

  • Cozy up with texture

Another factor which is a must in a Hygge concept is texture. Decorate with soft fluffy pillows, cozy comforters in your bed. The same goes for your couch. The texture is important because it will lift the other elements that you will use to bring in the Hygge lifestyle. Snuggle in your bed or your couch and have a warm fuzzy evening with yourself or with friends and family. 

  • Make a fireplace

Snuggling in front of a fireplace is an integral part of Danish tradition and lifestyle. Having a fireplace and getting cozy in front of it has its charm and comfort. If getting a fireplace is not an option, bring those thick candles and light them up in the evening time to get the feel. 

  • Give some life to your bathroom

Taking a shower itself is a stress buster. Make your bathroom lively and cozy as well by adding mildly scented candles for an aromatherapeutic experience. Using good quality towels or bathrobes are also a big addition to the bathroom experience. Opt for soft cotton towels and robes. 

  • Keeping it simple

The Hyyge lifestyle is all about simplicity. Avoid overdoing the home décor and keep minimal things as much as possible. If you want this danish lifestyle, you have to dive into the world of simple yet elegant thought processes. 

Adopting the Hygge lifestyle requires some preparations as you can see. If you are thinking of redecorating your home, the Hygge lifestyle is the home décor concept you should definitely try. If there are no plans for redecoration as of now, ladies you can start from your bedroom and enjoy the coziness with a hot cup of cocoa. 

Take care♥