The art of make-up needs a lot of practice and creativity. It is not just about looking good, but about expressing all the shades of your identity. Make-up is about creating yourself the way you want, putting all those pieces together into a work of heart that reflects your soul. It is about putting yourself out there, bold and brave, soft and gentle, with a beauty that comes from the inside. 

One of the most magnificent ways of bringing out that inner charm is through the eyes. As they say, eyes are the windows to the soul and hence, make-up around the eyes truly brings out the hues in the depths of your soul.

It gives you control over the way you gaze at the world, letting you paint the sights in all the pretty colors of your choice. From eyeliners to eyeshadows to eyelash extensions, there are dozens of ways to create that gorgeous eye look that you desire.

Today, we are going to talk about one such eye make-up product that combines modernity with tradition: the kajal pencil. Today, we are going to tell you how to apply kajal around your eyes using a kajal pencil. 

Kajal: A Touch of Beauty Passed Down Generations 

Kajal, once traditionally made by mixing galena (lead sulfide) with other ingredients, is a cosmetic that has been used throughout history. From ancient Egypt to Africa to being used in various South Asian countries such as India, Kajal brings together several cultures. Its delicate strokes mixed with the beautiful dark color accentuates the eyes and bring out the magic hidden within them. 

You might recollect childhood memories of small debris of kajal tucked in next to the mirror. These days, with the progress of technology, kajal is easily available to us in the form of ready-to-apply kajal pencils, which are also lead-free. These kajal pencils are easier to handle and smoother to apply, ensuring less smudging. Through them, you can try out all the styles that you want, such as smoky eyes. 

Once you know how to apply kajal in the eyes properly, it could become your go-to look, be it before a big event or for a day at work. The art of kajal is diverse and has a root of room to express and explore.

How to apply Kajal Pencil Successfully?

Now that yAu have taken a trip down memory lane and revised your basics, it is time to dive into the actual steps of how to apply kajal in the eyes for the best looks. 

Here are 7 steps that you can follow to get that gorgeous kajal effect that you desire:

1. Choose the Correct Products

Before trying to learn how to apply kajal pencil, make sure that you have products that suit your eyes. There are many different types of kajal pencils, from different brands to different colors. Always research the products carefully to make sure that there are no possibly harmful ingredients, such as parabens, involved. If you have eyes on the sensitive side, try to go for natural-based kajal. 

After you make your choice, don’t go all out with the application right away. Instead, do a test run at home by using it and seeing how your eyes react to it. Once you have deemed it to be safe, you’re good to go and can add the kajal pencil to your make-up kit.

2. Get your Eyes Ready 

The first step to any make-up routine is basic hygiene i.e. cleaning up. Start by clearing any dirt or oil present in your eye region. Make sure that your eyes are clean and fresh because a blank canvas brings out colors the most. 

Get your Eyes Ready
Get your Eyes Ready 

You can also use a concealer or a correct to cover any dark circles under your eye. Using a primer on your eyelid may help to apply kajal in the eyes smoothly, with fewer chances of smudging.

Thus, getting the prep done ensures that you have a solid base on which you can build your beautiful eye make-up.

3. Start from the Outer Corner When Applying Kajal

Start by doing the basic lining along your power waterline. For a darker appearance, begin by applying the kajal from the outer corner of the eye towards the inner. Add multiple layers/coats to deepen the color and to make sure that the kajal lasts for a long time. 

If you have smaller eyes and want to make them look bigger, focus on the outer corners of the eye instead of the inner. This will open your gaze, making your eyes pop out, looking bigger. 

4. Go for the Smokey Effect

Get creative by trying out different styles such as the fashionable slightly-smudged look or smokey eyes. 

Smokey Effect
Smokey Effect

All you need to do is apply a kajal pencil on the lower waterline and then smear it just a little bit for effect. You can do this using a smudging brush to smudge the kajal outwards so that you have more control over the task. 

The result will be dark, alluring eyes that gaze at the world in their special way.  

5. Pay Attention to the Upper Eyelid

So far we have talked about how to apply kajal pencil along the lower eyelid, but you can focus on the upper eyelid as well. You can accentuate the upper eyelid by short strokes of the kajal, from outwards to inwards, darkened as per your liking. This will capture the beautiful shape of your eyes and make for a brave, expressive look.

Pay Attention to the Upper Eyelid
Pay Attention to the Upper Eyelid

6. Give yourself Wings 

Why not take your eyes for a little flight by giving bold wings to your upper eyelid? Sure, it might be intimidating to try something new, but it would make for an amazing experience, even if you do not like the final look.

All you need to do is grab your pencil and use it to apply kajal to draw gorgeous wings along your upper eyelid, smudging lightly to give a smoother finish. You can practice this a couple of times till you have settled on a look that most speaks to you.

7. Go Beyond the Monochrome 

Remember how we said that there are different colors of kajal pencils available? Well, don’t be afraid to use them! If you feel comfortable adding a pop of color to your eye make-up, there are many shades available for you to try, which you can pair with the rest of your routine as well as outfit. 

Safety Measures to Follow 

As excited as you may be to apply kajal pencil, remember to always consider your safety first. There have been certain debates over the safety of kajal pencils, particularly those which contain harmful ingredients like lead. Always read through the ingredients involved in making the kajal pencil and ensure that they are FDA-approved and safe for the eyes. 

Also, always make sure to remove the kajal properly before going to bed, because not removing make-up thoroughly is a mistake a lot of people make. Make sure that your face is clean before you sleep so that your skin has room to breathe and renew itself throughout the night.

Express Yourself Freely 

In the end, make-up is primarily about self-expression, so choose your language of beauty freely. Try out all the styles you want and experiment as much as you like, because that is how you find out the things which best suit you. Exploring your tastes is necessary for finding your comfort, so don’t be afraid to go all out.

Express Yourself Freely
Express Yourself Freely

It’s okay to be scared and nervous or to mess up as you try to get the hang of your make-up routine. Trying to learn more about yourself always takes a lot of courage and these little stumbles are merely precious lessons through which you will grow more. So, grab that kajal pencil and draw your self-portrait over yourself the way you desire!

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