Summer days are everyone’s favorite, especially a fashionista’s. This is the season to flaunt your cute summer dresses with different style cuts. Showing off skin in halter neck dresses, off-the-shoulder tops, or even basic spaghetti tops is every girl’s summer punctilio. However, girls often struggle to find the right bra that could do their job without ruining the outfit’s look. Most bras come sliding up like a creepy aunty that is desperate for attention. 

Thus, finding a bra that supports you, pushes you, and fits you like a best friend without constantly reminding its presence becomes a very difficult task. But don’t worry because we got you covered! As it turns out that there is a bra that can do all this and make you feel confidently beautiful. A stick-on bra sticks to all these qualities with consummate elegance. 

What is A Stick On Bra?

Before explaining to you how to wear a stick-on bra, let us enlighten you a little about what a stick-on bra is. A stick-on bra is known by many names like adhesive bras, sticking bras, strapless bras, or backless bras. 

These stick-on bras are made up of materials like silicone or polyurethane. These bras do not believe in playing childish games like peek-a-boo and camouflage themselves under your dresses. Stick on bras enhances your bust area by lifting them, giving them good rotund shape, and support just like any regular bra. Albeit, it does all these things silently. 

How to Wear Stick on Bra?

Going out wearing a stick-on bra for the first time can be a little risky. You don’t want to find yourself adjusting your stick-on a bra now and then. It can be both uncomfortable as well as embarrassing. Hence, we have brought a complete guide especially for you about how to wear a sticky bra. 

Stick On Bra
Stick On Bra

Read the steps below to complete with your crash course on bras that stick on. 

Step 1- Check and ensure your chi-chis are dry

The first and foremost important thing while figuring out how to apply adhesive bra stickers is making sure your boobies are free of moisture. Moisture can fail the application of a stick-on bra correctly and may even cause it to slip out. The adhesive can lose its effectiveness by getting in contact with moisture. Thus, dry your chi-chis before applying stick-on bras.

Step 2- stick cups individually 

Take your bra and unclasp both the cups. Put and stick each cup separately on each boob for maximum coverage. Wearing them without unclasping them like you wear your regular bra can result in the cups slipping. Thus, this way you can wear them comfortably without worrying about them slipping. 

Step 3- position your cups correctly

To get desirable results, place and position your cups in a vertical direction. Make sure you stick one cup at a time. To place them vertically, work your way from the bottom of your breasts in an upward direction. Vertically put the stick-on bra will provide you with maximum enhanced and uplifted boobs. Following that, smoothly press the edges of the cups to make them stick properly from all sides. This way your stick on bra will be securely stuck on your boobies. 

Step 4- Clip those tits

And at last, the final step is to clip those cups together. After ensuring all the aforementioned things, you can finally clip them together and proceed to dress in your sexy outfit without any worries.

Different Types of Stick on Bras

There is a variety of stick-on bras available in the market, all of them comes in different shapes, size, and patterns. Anyhow, we have enlisted the best three different types of stick-on bras that can go with almost any type of your dresses. 

1. Sticky Plunge Bra

When wearing a plunge neckline dress, without any second thoughts, wear a sticky plunge bra beneath it. It provides you with the perfect cleavage without any straps that would ruin your dress’s look. A sticky plunge bra is a perfect choice for both plunge neckline dresses and backless or lower back dresses.

2. Sticky push-up bra

For women who just love wearing push-up bras every day for regular use can blindly trust sticky push-up bras as an alternate option. On occasions when wearing an off-the-shoulder, halter neck, or backless dress, you would not have to compromise your favorite uplifted boobies look. On such days, sticky push-up bras are the best choice available. 

3. Nipple covers

When you are not in a mood to wear a bra beneath your dress but also want to hide your nipples exhibition, get nipple covers. For days when you want your boobies to parade free of any confinement, nipple covers are the best choice. Nipple covers are also known as Petals, they are like adhesive stickers that only cover your nipples. This way they provide full coverage to your nipples and make your boobies look natural and seamless. 

How to Clean Stick on Bras?

It is imperative to clean your undergarments to ensure personal hygiene. We know we don’t need to go on about how important it is to maintain personal hygiene, hence enlisted below are the steps to clean your stick on bra and ensure the same.

Stick On Bra
Stick On Bra
  • Rinse- After every use of your stick on bra, rinse the cups with water and hand soap or liquid soap. These stick-on bras are made up of silicone and don’t absorb any sweat, moisture, or oil that your body releases while wearing them. Instead, they accumulate inside the cup. Thus, to make sure that your bra is clean and free of any dirt or sweat to be wearable for next time, rinse it after every use.
  • Scrub- The adhesive in your stick on bra sometimes also collects dirt on it. This dirt can make the stickiness of your bra a little inefficient. Hence, to make sure that your bra can be used for a longer period, scrub off all the dirt from it.
  • Dry- After rinsing and scrubbing comes drying. Put your stick on  bra on a flat surface with the sticky adhesive sides facing upwards. Do not pat dry or wipe off the excess water. Keep the bras like that overnight and let it dry naturally.

Wear your stick-on bra and flaunt your favourite risque attire!

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