More often girls with curly hair face issues of their hair getting tangled severely if they ignore taking care of their hair. Having curly hair is a lot of responsibility, if you fail to take care then it will show on your hair. 

Some girls have complaints about matted hair and they look for different ways to solve it. This issue is very common with girls who have curly hair. If you are someone looking for a solution to a similar problem, we will learn about the causes and how to untangle matted hair. If you have matted hair then you would be aware that it could get tedious and painful if you try to directly comb it out. It needs the right care and process, to find out how then, continue reading. 

What does it Mean to have Matted Hair?

If you have matted hair, then you have clumps of hair that have both shredded hair and some that are attached to your scalp. They get entwined and tangled with each other and are very difficult to get rid of easily. If you try to get them off like you usually do with a comb when removing a regular tangle it will be very painful and you might lose more hair. So you need to be careful with matted hair and do it with patience and some technique. 

You may ask, how does one get matted hair? You get matted hair when the hair that you shed gets tangled around your attached hair, creating a web-like cluster. This happens when you have not combed your hair properly or you have teased your hair to create some volume in your hair. 

Matted Hair
Matted Hair

Usually, people think that to get rid of severely matted hair you would probably have to cut your hair. This is false. You can get them off if you use proper products and techniques. With that you also need a lot of patience and know that pulling them is not a good way, it will only hurt your head and further damage your hair. 

How To Untangle Matted Hair? 

Here are a few ways to know if you are untangling matted hair: 

1. Conditioners

If you are looking for ways to untangle matted hair without going for extreme ways like cutting them off then your first choice should be by using some products that help to untangle your hair easily. Instead of using the simple ones, you can go for the conditioners that are specially made to untangle matted hair. You can use them frequently to stop your hair from matting. 

2. Untangling Hair Sprays

There are so many hair sprays available in the market that are especially for this particular problem. If you have a matting situation all you have to do is spray these on your hair and it will make them super smooth and easy to untangle. 

3. Natural Ways

Among the natural ways to untangle matted hair includes using oils that are easily available at our houses. Some of the popular oils that are great with matted hair are coconut oil, Argan oil, olive oil, etc. If you are comfortable with the smell then you can even try to use mayonnaise on your hair for this problem. 

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The Process To Detangle Matted Hair

You do not need to go to a professional hair salon or need the assistance of a hairstylist to detangle your matted hair, you can do it yourself at your home. Here is the process that you need to follow to detangle matted hair:

1. Wet Your Hair

Start by wetting your hair or dampening it enough to apply the products that you have chosen. If you want you can even shampoo your hair but make sure to use a detangling conditioner. It is the most important step that will help to loosen the tangles. 

2. Apply The Products

Now apply the products that you have chosen for this process, you can use a hair spray or oil according to your requirement. Apply the product separately on each strand and do not rub your hair together as it might further get tangled. Apply the products generously especially on the ends to help make the tangles lose. 

3. Let The Product Sit

After putting the hair treatment on your hair, you must wait for the product to do its job. You must wait for about 30 minutes if you are using oils or something like that you can wait for longer but not more than 2 hours. 

4. Detangle The Strands

Now start with gently detangling your hair. You can either use your fingers or even a wide-toothed comb to detangle matted hair. Remember to do it slowly and not pull your hair as it may break or get damaged. If you do the aforementioned steps carefully and with patience then you would be able to successfully untangle your hair. 


If you develop this problem frequently then there are some things that you should change or add to prevent this from happening again and again. 

  • Comb Properly

You need to use the right brushes or combs for your hair if you have matted hair. It is advised to use a wide-toothed comb. Also, begin from the ends and then gently work your way up to avoid the clusters of hair developing. 

  • Use a leave-in conditioner

You can use a leave-in conditioner to smoothen your hair out. If you do face a problem with the tangles then you can also use this instead of oil to help loosen the hair. 

  • Tie your hair when you sleep

Getting your hair tangled when you are asleep can be very obvious. So to prevent that you can tie your hair may be in loose braids before you go to bed. 

  • Comb your hair when they are a little damp

Don’t comb your hair when it is completely dried or soaking wet, comb it when your hair is damp to get rid of the tangles easily. So remember this was how you can untangle matted hair easily at home and without any professional help. 

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