Listening to “I love you” is one of the sweetest little experiences of our life. From the sudden rush of dopamine, serotonin, and oxytocin in our brain, to the sweet nervousness and excitement felt at the moment, the mind and body have their special ways of replying to I love you. But, what does the other person receive in this?

The responsibility lies on you! Saying back “I love you” can be an overwhelming experience for a lot of people (Hi, introverts! Here is looking at you.). But here we have come to your rescue. Read ahead to find out How To Respond to I Love You.

How To Respond to I Love You

Below are the points to unique responses  to I Love You:

For a friend

Saying “Yasss, gurl” is not enough when your friend is emotionally charged. Sometimes, sweet little notes of validation and admiration leave a long-lasting impact on your friendship. Here are a few ways to respond to I love you of your friends:

“I love you too much too!”

Sometimes, a simple “I love you too” does the trick. It is a very validating and affirmative response that will put a big smile on your friend’s face.

“You are the sweetest!”

You have to agree with me when I say that there are levels in a friendship. And, not both of you would reach those levels together, and that is completely okay. All of us do not have the same emotional bandwidth to deal with situations. In those times, without disrespecting and devaluing the “I love you” of your friend, it is best to give them a generic reply that does not dismiss their affectionate feelings for you.

“Thank you, I don’t know what I would have done without you.”

How To Respond to I Love You
Respond to I Love You For A  Friend

More words than just three help you in putting your heart out to a person in a much more appreciated way when three words don’t seem enough to respect and acknowledge the continuous support and positive contribution that your friend has bestowed on you selflessly. This is one of the best, sweetest and most appreciated replies to I love you for a friend.

“Wubba lubba dub dub!”

If your friend is crazy about Rick and Morty, maybe this will matter to them much more than a simple I love you. This is one of the best replies for I love you for a person who stans Rick Sanchez!

For a sibling

Siblings rivalry is one of the most annoying and one of the most precious relationships that we share with our siblings. And, yes, I hear you asking me “Do siblings even say I love you?” Well, trust me, most of the time they don’t, but I can assure that there will be at least one moment, one rare day, at the most uncertain time when your sibling will come and say, “I love you!” Even David Rose said “I love you” to Alexis on Schitt’s Creek! How are you going to respond to that? 

Find out below:

“What do you want?”

This fun response is going to dissolve the emotional tension between you two. Don’t forget to hug them right after saying this.

“Is everything okay with you?”

Another fun response that will help you in getting rid of the awkwardness! Make sure to follow it by one of the sweet responses mentioned in this article.

“But parents love me more!”

You get another chance to show your superiority to your sibling when they say “I love you.” You obviously wouldn’t want to miss it, right? This is your chance to shine! (Just kidding! Just say “I love you too” back. Short, simple, sweet).

“I was dying to listen to this. I love you so much, *insert annoying nickname of sibling*”

If your sibling is acting sweet, it is time for you to act sweeter! All of us love admiration and a little sugar rush in the head. Give it to them! Your siblings deserve to be appreciated back!

For a romantic partner

In the current times of fast dating and hookup culture, hopeless romantics, like me, like to believe that love is not dead. Sometimes, you will listen to “I love you” from your romantic partner and sit to wonder if it was out of impulse, or if it was casual, or if they meant it. A simple conversation later on when the heat has faded off is always better to know the intentions of your partner, but how do you respond immediately when your partner says the three magical words? 

Read ahead!

“Aww! I love you too.”

Too generic, too common, too cliché, too boring but it works every time! It is the oldest magic trick in the book. Just say it!

“Are you a mind reader? Because that’s what I have been thinking too!”

Whether your partner will like this depends on how much your partner likes magic, telepathy, witchcraft or poor jokes. (Kid you not! It works. Thank us later).

“Ah, that was unexpected. Thank you, I am flattered.”

How To Respond to I Love You
Respond to I Love You to a romantic partner

Just like how there are levels in friendship, there are multiple stages in the progression of a relationship too. Again, it is completely okay to not reach those stages together. You are allowed to take your own time and space to figure things out and to respond appropriately when the time is right. No pressure!

“It feels like I am living my dream.”

Flatter your partner, appreciate them, let them know that you dream about them, and you think about them. Your romantic partner deserves as much appreciation, admiration, flattery, pampering and love as they shower upon you. Don’t miss any opportunity to let them know how much they matter in your life.

The list of responses to I love you can be never-ending. Apart from these responses, one of the best replies to I love you are those that are personal. The words that weave together your little secrets, the words when intertwined tell the story of your journey as partners, friends, and siblings. The internet does not know those stories where you create magic, kindness and love.

Those stories that lie deep down your memories, that your dreams keep playing back and again like sweet sonnets of love, the stories that make you flustered, those that put you calmly to sleep. Those are the words that you need to communicate to your person that tells them the truth that’s shared by nobody but just you two. That’s where the “special” lies!

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