How To Preserve Your Food To Make It Last Longer

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preserve food
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We are all in a state of emergency, with the global pandemic now hitting various countries with the number of people infected surpassing 4 lakhs, it is a serious threat. With lockdown issues, it is a tough time for people to plan and utilize the essentials they need accordingly. Here we are with the ways you can preserve food items last longer.

How to preserve food for last longer?

Here are the list of foods that can be preserved for much longer.

Isolate Bananas (too)

It’s important to keep bananas away from other pieces of fruit as they produce a lot of ethylene gas. Doing this will help stop them from spoiling too soon. Another great idea is to wrap the crown of a bunch of bananas in cling film, which will preserve food for a long time.

Store Dry Items In Air-tight Containers

Dry foods, as well as rice and pasta, should be kept in air-tight containers. Jars and plastic boxes are perfect as they help keep tiny mites and insects out.

Vinegar Solution For Berries

preserve food
food preservation for berries

To make your berries last longer, mix 1-part distilled vinegar with 10 parts water and wash your berries in this solution. Don’t worry about the taste because you won’t be able to taste the vinegar on the fruit but it can make strawberries last up to two weeks longer.

Store Ginger In Freezer

The best place to store fresh ginger is actually in the freezer. Not only will the ginger last considerably longer but it makes it easier to grate and peel as well.

Store Onions In A Pair Of Tights

One of the more unfamiliar techniques on this list is keeping onions in a pair of thin tights. Between each onion secure a knot, and hang in a cool and dry place. They will then last up to at least eight months longer.

Store Asparagus Like Flowers

Trim the ends of your asparagus like you do before putting flowers in a vase. Place them in a jar with some water and loosely wrap a plastic bag over the top before putting in the fridge.

Freeze Your Herbs

To make your fresh herbs last much longer, you can try freezing them in an ice cube tray along with some olive oil. When it’s time to add them to your cooking, simply melt the cube and there you go! Fresh herbs at your service.

Clean Fridge Equals Fresher Food

Eliminate any bacteria build-up by disinfecting and clearing out your fridge and cupboards. This will help preserve food stored there last much longer even in quarantine.

Porous Paper For Wrapping Cheese

To increase the durability of your cheese, you need to allow it to breathe. Instead of using plastic wrap or tin foil, go for cheese paper or baking parchment for wrapping up your tasty cheese.

Paper Towel For Lettuce

The key to enhancing the shelf life of lettuce is to keep it free from moisture. Water makes the lettuce in your fridge wilt, so place a paper towel in the container with your lettuce after washing it, to soak up any extra wetness.

Wrap Foil Around Vegetables

Celery and broccoli will last up to a month longer if they are wrapped in foil and kept in the fridge.

Store Syrup In Freezer

If you have a jar of maple syrup or any other syrup that you don’t plan to use that frequently, then put it in the freezer. This will prevent it from spoiling and the high sugar content means it won’t freeze.

Recover Stale Bread

Did you know you can bring stale bread back to life very easily? Just rub the loaf with an ice cube and then put in the oven for about 12 minutes. It will be soft and tasty once again.

Apples And Potatoes Belong Together

Always store your apples next to your potatoes, this can help them last up to 8 weeks longer. The ethylene gas produced by the apples prevents the potatoes from going stale.

Lemon Juice For Avocados 

To slow down your avocados turning brown, cover them with a light layer of lemon juice. Thus preserve food storage much longer than usual.

These were the tips to preserve food last longer in the times of lockdown. Even when not in lockdown, these tips will work wonders for you.

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