Greetings to all the parents!! I hope your baby is doing superb with the initial days and is successfully stepping on every developmental stage be it walking, eating, talking, etc. Going through such an upbringing stage, we are here to help you out with the efficient development of your kid, by being pedantic about your baby starting to consume solids. Well, you may be eagerly waiting for your kid to start consuming solids so that they can get oriented to different tastes and extract all the necessary proteins and nutrients that are crucial for their growth and well-being. 

Some findings suggest that there is a significant moment when you should start feeding your young’un with solid foods. Forcing solids before that period will trigger choking, obesity, and bellyaches. Whereas, getting too late to introduce solids might slow down your baby’s growth and encourage an aversion to solid foods, among other conditions. To get all the information about when to start solids and how you will get to know if your baby is ready to consume so, dive into the below.

Baby Is Ready To Take Solids
Baby Is Ready To Take Solids

When To Start Baby Food

Getting to identify when to start baby food is both imperial as well as tricky. Luckily, doctors have zeroed in on a sweet spot for starting baby food, which is sometime between 4 and 6 months of age—though, ideally, as per the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP), a baby should be breastfed until a period of 6 months. 

To start solids, your baby will imitate certain signs via which you will get to know that the time is finally here and that you should start working at your kitchenette. The clues which you should notice are Your Baby Will Be All Ready To Sit On The High Chair Comfortably On Their Own

This is the fundamental sign that you can look for. When you hear this, you may be perplexed wondering about why the heck should you let your kid sit alone when you can hold them on your lap!!! Okay, the point that is enforced here is to avoid choking. When your baby can hold their head and body firmly in an upright position, then there are fewer chances of them choking while consuming food.  

Baby Is Ready To Take Solids
Baby Is Ready To Take Solids

Your Teddy Looks Interested At Mealtime

It is kind of hard to get babies to do the things that they don’t want to or are not interested in. This is because you can hardly understand what your kid is trying to convey with their initial unacknowledgeable talks and hands whereas, even you don’t stay in a position to be understood by that kid of yours. Everything is all so new to the newborns.

There are moments when you might go argh!!! But darling, tranquil. Pay assiduity to your baby if he/she is willing and happy at the dinner table with foods in front of them. If they want to eat those foods, then you can give that a try. Let them learn to eat, you do not have to help or force them. If you are desperate to help your little one, then eat in front of them because babies like to mimic others. 

Baby Can Send Food To The Back Of Their Throat To Swallow

If you see your kid suffering to get food inside their throat then you need to hold there. If your baby tends to push the food out of their mouth, not because they don’t like that, but because they cannot direct the food to their throat and so on, then this is not the time to start solids.

Do not worry if your kid is not showing any of the above signs until 4-6 months. It is perfectly going well because babies’ basic nutrition at such a level gets covered up with breast milk and other formulas. So there is nothing to go gloomy about. The introduction of solids to a kid is a gradual process. And each baby is unique and hence will learn in their own comfort time. Once they start to have solids, you need to take precautions that your kid does not suffer while consuming.

Give time to your baby and with god’s grace, you will see everything developing one after the other.

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