Are you the one who is always taken for granted in the relationship and fed up making him understand how you feel? Well, you are not alone! Communication in a relationship plays a major role and a lack of it can surely destroy it. Sometimes, you need to make him worry to fix the relationship and need to make him realize he’s losing you. Maybe that can help? 

If your relationship is at a point where he no longer feels the same for you as he did before, maybe you should give up on it, or maybe you should try if you feel that he can be better. So, how to make him realize he’s losing you? How to make him realize he needs you? Well, there are many ways to do so! Read on to know about it!

Ways You Can Make Him Realize He’s Losing You

Before we get into some ways to make him realize he’s losing you, you need to understand a few things before. Understand the situation! If he’s ripping your heart, your career and obviously your mental health apart, it’s obviously better to let that man go. You need to put yourself first and love yourself, only then you can love someone else. However, if you still feel he can be better if you make him realize he needs you, then we have a list of ways you can do that. Here it is! 

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1. Stop Caring 

When you are thinking about how to make him realize he’s losing you, stop caring. A person realizes their partner’s worth when they do not care because of the things they did and in turn, makes him realize how important and caring you are. This not only proves your worth but also helps him realize how lucky he is to have you in their life. 

Make Him Realise He's Losing You!
Make Him Realise He's Losing You!

It’s not like you should distance him or eliminate him from your life but add some distance for a short time. Don’t ask much about his plans or his work. This may help make him realize your worth.

2. Stop Doing the ‘Sweet Things’ for him 

One of the most common reasons men take us for granted is because they get too comfortable with the love and sweet things you do for him. If you do a lot for him and receive absolutely nothing from him, even a bit of care then you must stop doing those as well. If he expects you to do everything for him and give off nothing in return, surprise him with nothing but ignorance. As soon as he discovers, the sweet things you did for him are no longer done, make him realize he’s losing you, he will realize how ignorant and stupid he was to make you feel bad. 

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3. Do not Reply to his Messages Instantly- Make him Wait

The most common thing women do in a relationship is being clingy. Being clingy is sometimes bad, not just for him but you as well as can even make you lose concentration on other important stuff. So, if you are taken granted, it’s good to leave him be. Do not reply instantly to his messages. Make him wait and worry. This may work out! But if it doesn’t, maybe it’s the time you should leave that man because a man realizes when he’s ignored and it hits hard if he actually likes you or needs you. 

4. Be a Little Selfish 

Being selfish is sometimes good for your mental as well as physical health. Sharing and caring is great until you won’t receive that back. If you show yourself as a ‘good’ or someone who has a personality of a ‘selfless’ person, please leave doing that for a while. Your selfless image can harm your own prosperity and safety. 

Make Him Realise He's Losing You!
Make Him Realise He's Losing You!

The selfless and caring portrayal of yours has been stuck to his head which makes him ignore you and leave you helpless. So, it’s an important and amazing step to take (even if it’s for a short time). Be selfish! 

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5. Give up on Sex for a While 

We all love sex, especially men. This is an old fashioned yet effective way to make him realize he’s losing you. Men can be easily pleased with sex and it’s a basic need for most of us. By saying a simple ‘no’, you can make him think and worry about why you said that. It may even help you discover if they are up to cheating on you, have infatuation or are in a relationship just for sex. 

Make Him Realise He's Losing You!
Make Him Realise He's Losing You!

So, make him yearn for it! Do not let him think you are easy to get. You are much more than he thinks you are and cannot take you for granted. It may make him realize he needs you. 

6. Make your Own Plans (in Which He is not Involved) 

Men get curious when their partner makes plans without him and doesn’t invite him. It’s the time you make outing plans without having to invite him. Just plan to go out with your girlies and even better invite your male friends too but not him (even if you badly want to), you need to be selfish! Remember? It’s time for you to change and forget telling him you are going out with your friends or family even if you always tell him, it’s the time not to. This may make him realize he’s losing you as it will appear you are less ignorant of him even if you aren’t. He’ll definitely realize it! 

These are 6 effective ways you can make him feel petty and realize that he’s losing you and needs you. Do not make yourself someone to be taken as granted. Take care and make choices for yourself even if they are tough to make. If these ways do not work and he still is the same, understand that he is not the one for you and you need to kick him out of your life. Your mental and physical health comes first! Do not forget that! 

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