We are social beings and we are opinionated. We have a conscience and we are aware of our consciousness and the surrounding environment. Therefore we have opinions and qualms. We can judge ourselves and others too. When it comes to women; handling these comments or remarks could get tricky. 

You could feel violated and insulted from criticism at work. We are emotionally more sensitive. It is important to understand the trickery behind how to handle criticism.

What Is Criticism

Criticism is the feedback that you get on your work or personality or any other trait that can be judged. Any negative remark or feedback which is unpleasing to hear is categorized as Deconstructive Criticism. 


But sometimes it can be Constructive as well; to make you a better version of yourself. It could often be rude and unasked for; criticism from family can impact you severely. People tend to say mean things that could leave scars on your mind. Women often take these criticisms personally and to their hearts.

What Kind Of Criticisms Do We Encounter?

It could be anything from a disrespectful comment to a remark of encouragement. It could be about your performance at work. Whether you are an Actor, Singer, Dancer, Teacher, Doctor or in any other profession; you are bound to get criticized.  

A hurtful comment from a friend about your life, your salary, your fashion sense. Generally, we do not understand how to deal with criticism of such sort. We start bottling up the anger inside after listening to such derogatory remarks.

After reading this article you will get the answers to how to deal with criticism positively, how to handle criticism at work and how to deal with criticism in general.

Here’s How To Handle Criticism

Here are some of the best ways to handle criticism

Accept It And Move On

Sometimes your peer might criticize you to get the best out of you. If you are not motivated enough or your performance is not up to the mark; you might need that extra push. This push can be an acknowledgement of your mistake disguised as criticism.

If your Professor scolds you by saying that you haven’t been performing well. Ask yourself, ” Is it true?”. If yes, then accept it, appreciate the guidance and judgement because they were not insulting rather an acknowledgement. Such type of ‘criticism at work’ is very common. 

All you can do is to be grateful to the person who enlightened you for your mistakes and admit to it. Try to focus on improving those demerits and watch the criticism convert into a compliment.

Happy Thoughts

We understand that even if the criticism from family or at work is for your own good; it could be offensive. Especially when you are scolded or wronged about your work or art.

It could affect you to a level that could damage your confidence and personality. Happy thoughts are a way to manipulate our brains into thinking that everything is good and positive around you.

Whenever you are criticized; think of happy things, the people you love, people who appreciate you no matter what. Let all these good thoughts and experiences garner around you.

It will release more Serotonin in your brain, making you happy. And you will take the criticism with a positive outlook. It is one of the best ways to handle criticism.

Manage Stress

Sometimes criticism could make you angry and hurt. Having unerupted anger is like beholding a burning piece of coal. It will ruin you from inside. You need to start managing your anger and stress.

Once you are criticized; be alone for some time. Start with deep breathing, try to cool down. You can even punch a soft toy if you have one. Try laughing, eat something. Look at the photograph of your baby or a pet or your family and smile. It is okay to have a bad day. Meditation will help you to relax. 

People Are Opinionated

Criticism is very common and natural. We are bound to get criticized. Criticism at work or by our own family members is not new. Not everyone will love you or praise you. People have different perspectives; a different view on life. 

If you are complimented for a certain dress, maybe one of your friends thinks that is hideous and not at all pretty.

We ourselves criticize many who are around us intentionally or unintentionally. You need to understand this. You can choose to hear the negatives or be happy with the positives. Surround yourself with people who do not criticize and make you aware of your mistakes politely.

Laugh It Off

You need to have a strong mind and absolute control over your emotions for this trick. Whenever somebody criticizes or comments on you; laugh it off.

End the conversation there itself. You now know that you need to stay away from this person as he or she is toxic.

Be Savage

Savagery is your best weapon to handle unwarranted comments and criticisms. You need to think of a quick reply to get back at the person who has criticized you.

Sometimes criticism is just an insulting remark; it has nothing to do with your mistakes.

Talk About It

If the criticism feels like disapproval and it has been said to you many times. Talk about it. Ask the person what your mistake is. Do not suffer silently. Disparaging Comments can affect your mental health. 

When your boss is continually criticizing your work; talk to them. Ask them, “What am I doing wrong?” Let them know what you don’t comprehend. Ask them politely, “How could I redeem the work that has to be done?” This will help you to handle criticism in your professional life.

When somebody is commenting on your weight or skin colour. Remember that they are criticizing you; for who you are. You don’t have to listen to them. You can politely ask them to stop as it is hurting your emotions.

Work On Yourself

Try to be your best. We understand that some days can be tough and things might not work in your favour. But you learn every day. You don’t have to take every criticism personally.

Don’t make excuses; it will portray you negatively. Accept your mistake, acknowledge it, and try to do better next time.

How To Criticize

As much as it is important to talk about how to deal with criticism. It is equally important to understand how to criticize. Here’s how you can criticize politely-

  • Always go for constructive criticism. Instead of saying, “You can’t do it” say; “You have improved, but you can do better”.
  • Be compassionate and always criticize politely. Make sure that you are not hurting other people’s feelings.
  • Never let your criticism turn to a snide comment or an insult. Pick your words carefully.
  • Be supportive and encouraging. If you feel that a person has to be criticized; let them know in a suggestive way. Advice is better than Criticism.
  • Help the person in acknowledging their strong and weak points.
  • To compensate for the criticism, never forget to compliment the good things they do.
  • Make sure you don’t criticize somebody in front of a group of people.

We need to have people around us who are constructive enough to encourage a better personality. Deconstructive criticism rising from insecurity, jealousy or personal grudge is not required. 

We need to be humble and be kind to each other. We should handle criticism in a manner that would be productive for us and not of damaging nature.

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