Motherhood, one of the most aesthetic and ecstatic period of a woman’s life! It’s a journey towards the realization of having born as female gender and how it is a boon. You conceive and create that little life within you. Isn’t that beautiful? Why not embrace the same then! 

Pregnancy Tips For First Time Moms

Following are the 5 best pregnancy tips for the first time mothers:


The very first step towards entering motherhood is to love yourself. We, women, have a motherly affection within us right from childhood. At times, we tend to welcome it under suppressive circumstances. Rather, we should embrace it to the fullest and carry every bit of our womanliness with full elegance. In spite of being under a patriarchal cloak, go rejoice every single age group before you enter motherhood. Having loved your body and having lived every phase of your life to the fullest before entering the pregnancy stages, makes up for a happy mother.


We always tend to be busy doing something, arranging something in the house, cleaning shelves, busy on calls and anything and everything that our restless mind tells us to do. But, once you conceive a child, you should be responsible enough to use your time in an effective and qualitative manner. Being busy in daily hustle-bustle is something, the entire life is free for; but embracing motherhood, that’s something rare!

So, try reading some good books on more pregnancy tips for first time moms, decorating the house to welcome the newborn, massaging and grooming yourself, spending some quality time with the baby’s father, it helps you cherish your pregnancy in the most effective manner and helps in the process of becoming a mother.


When you welcome a baby, you welcome a father, a mother, and hence a family. It’s no more about you merely having a baby, but about welcoming the new family that you will comprise in the months to come. So, try to avoid people who encroach that personal space. Say no to all bachelorette plans and yes to your family time. Developing a connection and understanding your role in the smooth functioning of that family is a must

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It’s a famous notion, that your baby gains half of the knowledge in your womb! So, what you say, what you do, matters!!! Yes, it does. Keep a check over the words you use and do change them if they sound negative, inappropriate, abusive or even rough. Because not just your baby, but you as a new mother are gaining the same, and that can make you irritable. And such things have an adverse effect on the child’s mental health. So, always stay positive and jolly to embrace these special months with the utmost positivity.


Developing a connection with your baby is the first and most important pregnancy tips for first time moms. It is something that should be at the top of your priority list. A connection development with the baby is necessary. Right from those kicks in the womb to breastfeeding the baby when he comes out, you should live those moments well.

The second important connection to build is the one with other ladies in the motherhood phase. Go out, talk to them, listen to their advice, their experiences and elicit the best out of it. Talking to them not just helps you but also prepares you to be a bold mother and build a group that boasts of the spirit of motherhood. Instead of suffering through motherhood with traditional patriarchal advice from the old ones, reaching out to the people of your own age can do wonders in letting you embrace motherhood.


Keep these pregnancy tips for first time moms in mind, love yourself, and let the mother in you embrace the change!!! 💙

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