In the terrible chaos of everyday life how to create the perfect maam cave ? how often are you able to listen to your own breathing? Between the crowded train carriages filled with people still burdened by the work they left behind and the apartment walls ringing with the noises of all the little chores, when do we allow ourselves the silence? 

When do we stop in front of the mirror, face our own exhaustion and say, “No, tell me, how are you, really?” 

As much as you might enjoy keeping yourself busy with tasks or socializing with other people, you might have found yourself craving a place where you can finally rest. Perhaps a cozy nook turned into a miniature library, where you can unapologetically consume your favourite words along with a warm cup of coffee. 

Or, maybe a place outdoors, where you can engage in hobbies, while still being able to watch the sky and its multitudes of shades. Or, even a room stocked with video games and snacks, where you can just lie down and feel as free as a child, once again. 

If you have ever imagined such a place, then you have actually been thinking of a Ma’am Cave! A ma’am cave is a comfortable spot in your home that is just yours to access. A place where you are allowed to exist as you want. A place without any rules, other than yours.  And the best part? Learning how to create the perfect ma’am cave is as easy as reading this article to the end! 

How To Create The Perfect Ma'am Cave?

An alternative for the infamous ‘man caves’, a ma’am cave or a woman cave is a place for women to be themselves, where they can relax and enjoy everything they want. It is a place that you have carefully curated, where each element and piece of furniture has been chosen by you. It doesn’t have to match or look beautiful. As long as it makes you feel at home in your own skin, it has served its purpose.

A woman cave doesn’t have to be a cave in itself. It could be a special room in your apartment. It could be a refurbished attic, basement, or garage, adapted to suit your needs. It could also be a place in your garden, such as a treehouse or a special shed, often called a She Shed. 

Perfect Ma'am Cave
Perfect Ma'am Cave?

It is your healing sanctuary and it can come in whatever form suits you the best! Also, despite its name, a woman cave isn’t limited to just women-identifying individuals. People anywhere on the gender spectrum can build such safe spaces and let themselves experience the self-care they so deserve!

Women and Self-Care 

Before we move onto learning how to create the perfect ma’am cave, let’s talk a bit more about women and self-care. The term ‘woman’ is used for any individual who identifies with it in any capacity. Women’s self-care has been compromised for a long time. Since old ages, women have been expected to cater to the needs of those around them. They have been enclosed in the trappings of tradition, culture, and societal burdens. 

We must understand that it is not selfish for a woman to seek self-care. Women are allowed to take time out for themselves, to connect with their own minds, bodies, and spirits. They are allowed to establish boundaries and unapologetically exist within them. 

Self-care for women can come in many forms. It can be reading or watching all the episodes of a comfort show for hours. It can mean going out and dancing your heart out. It can be women’s self-care tattoos, little reminders on your skin, of your favorite sayings or lyrics, or just things you love. There are even women’s self-care certification classes that are community-building spaces for women to come together and discuss identity, hobbies, fitness, etc. 

Self-care is any bridge built by you so that you can meet yourself on the other end. And a woman cave is one such bridge, that is suspended in time and space, in the shape of this little corner where you can experience the world around you on your terms.

How to Create the Perfect Ma’am Cave?

Now that you have grabbed a dose of self-care with you, it is time to learn how to create the perfect ma’am cave! The first rule is to not pressurize yourself to get it perfect. Remember that you don’t have to prove anything to anyone. This is just for you. The only things that matters are your comfort and happiness. With that said, let’s discuss a few simple tips that you can apply to your woman cave!

1. Decide the purpose

The first is to figure out how you are going to use your woman cave. For example, do you want it to be within your house or a bit farther? Are you going to do indoor activities, such as reading? Or do you plan on going outside, such as gardening or exercising? Do you plan on using it alone or will you invite other people over? How long do you plan to use at one given time? Will you stock food inside a refrigerator, order takeout, or make food yourself?

All these questions will help in planning further, such as picking the correct location, the size of the space, and utilities needed. It will also help you assess the accessibility of that space, so you can adjust it as per your needs. After all, it needs to be accommodating to you, your comfort, and the comfort of any other person you are planning to welcome inside. 

2. Pick a location and structure 

Perfect Ma'am Cave
Perfect Ma'am Cave?

After you have figured out your woman cave’s purpose, it is time to pick a suitable location. This task can be especially confusing, because you may feel like there are either too many options or not enough. Don’t worry too much because a woman cave can be made in so many locations. The location depends directly on your purpose. If you are planning to just relax and chill, then a space inside your home would do. You could simply use the guest bedroom, or even use the basement. 

However, if you want to experience the outdoors on your self-care days, then you will need to choose a spot outside, such as a treehouse or a greenhouse. You need to consider the size as well. A space just for you could be smaller, such as an attic but if you want to invite others over then something like a lounge would do better.  

You also need to ensure that the space will accommodate you safely. If you decide to build a shed, then it needs to be sturdy if you plan on doing physical activities inside. Think about the necessities as well. If you are planning to stay longer, you will need access to a bathroom with running water. If you are planning to cook, you will need a makeshift kitchen. If it gets too hot or too cold where you are, you will need means to adjust the temperature inside. 

All the above points as well as more must be kept in mind when choosing a location for your woman cave. It should be a safe and secure location, where you can still exist comfortably and keep in touch with the outside world up to a certain extent. It is okay if this particular step takes a lot of time. When it comes to your relaxation, any effort is a good effort. 

3. Arrange and decorate it

Perfect Ma'am Cave
Perfect Ma'am Cave?

If you have finalized a location for your woman cave, then here comes the fun apart: it is time to decorate! A ma’am cave isn’t complete just with the place. The main part is how you furnish that place to fulfill the vibe you are going for. When you stand inside, you must be surrounded by all your favorite or special things.

This step requires you to release the reign on your creativity! Use all those DIY ideas you have been saving. You can:

  1. Choose lavish carpets, fake animal fur, and grandiose lights to suit your royal taste.
  2. Go for the minimalist route, with bare walls and a simple couch to rest on.
  3. Splash paint everywhere, coloring each wall a different shade, filling every corner with your cherished photographs and paintings.
  4. Get that exercise equipment you finally wanted and create your own mini-gym.
  5. Design an indoor bar with sparkling cabinets holding a selection of drinks that will leave you and your guests warm and fuzzy.

These are just some of the options! You can choose whichever route calls upon your heart. Remember that the elements inside your ma’am cave do not have to fit together aesthetically. You are allowed to pair any colors with each other and choose any furniture you want. This can be a very good chance to just go wild and mix all your favorite styles in a giant mishmash that just screams you!

4. Build the right atmosphere 

After you have picked out the furnishings and decorations for your woman cave, it is time for the cherry on the top: the mood and atmosphere! The lighting and the sounds of the place can set the mood for the vibe inside. If you want to cozy up and watch movie marathons, go for low lighting that makes it perfect for you to cuddle with your favorite plushies or people. You can play old vinyl or slow instrumentals to lull you into relaxation.  If you want to set a more vibrant and exciting mood, then use blinking neon lights and set the speakers on for some dance numbers. 

If you want to sit in the quiet and meditate, go for bigger windows that allow natural light and air to trickle in, while also allowing you to just listen to the silence. Of course, your way of creating an atmosphere can be completely different. Some people prefer jumping around to violin music, while others fall asleep to fast rap. The only needs that this ma’am cave needs to fulfil is your own. 

5. Grab the necessities

If you have set the mood for your woman cave and are ready to just get going, pause for a minute! There are still a few technicalities left to take care of.

  1. Make sure that you have access to all the resources you will require.
  2. Make sure you have access to electricity and water if you need them.
  3. Make sure that there is an internet connection or cable to facilitate your movie, film or video game marathons.
  4. Make sure that you have the equipment to cook food if needed.
  5. Make sure you have ways to contact others, in case you are outside your home.
  6. Make sure you have taken any medications and other medical equipment required.
  7. Make sure to bring food for your pets, or fertilizers for your plants, if they are a part of your ma’am cave. ‘
  8. Make sure that you are safe inside your location, with a proper lock on your door.

It might not seem like fun to manage all these safety measures, but they are just as necessary to your wellbeing. Spend enough time on them so that you can enjoy your break later with zero worries.

Relaxing in your own cozy woman cave

Cozy woman cave
Cozy woman cave

Now that you have learned how to create the perfect ma’am cave, all you need to do is pick the best time to enjoy it. It would be draining if you were burdened with outside worries and appointments even inside your ma’am cave. 

It is okay if you still want to do your work when you are there, but make sure that you have no pressing deadlines or other events to attend. After all, the whole point is to relax by yourself and not have a strict schedule to follow. If you have plans for spending your time, make sure that they are flexible enough for change.

Remember that self-care is the right of every human being. Society often judges our worth by our productivity, but that is a false notion. You are not the tasks you complete and the work you do. You are so much more than that. You are just as wonderful even on the days where you just rest.

It is okay if you are proud of the things you achieve daily. At the Voice of Woman, just want to remind you to be proud of yourself even in between.