How to break a fast? In Indian tradition, fasting has become an integral part of spiritual beliefs. There are many festivals marked as prestige where both men and women keep fast. Karwa Chauth, Teez, Janmashtami, Shravan, Shivratri, and many more. The basic idea behind these fasting is to pay homage to the Lord with an empty stomach. There are certain suggested foods to break a fast.

Not all fasting requires you to starve yourself for an entire day. You can drink water in most of them. You are even allowed to have a glass of milk or fruits. Many people eat Fox Nut (Makhana) and peanuts. Breaking your fast can be challenging.

Fasting even for a day can have a severe impact on your body. If you are already diagnosed with a disease or health condition like hypertension, kidney problems, hyperglycaemia; better to avoid fasting. 

Especially in the case of sugar patients. If you do not eat for an entire day the cells in your body will produce more sugar. This is done to get the required energy. As a result, your sugar level will go up. 

Another thing that is equally important as fasting is how to break it. You need to have the right kind of food the next morning. It should be nutritional and provide you with energy. Since you have kept a fast, your body has to compromise.

Your pH level, blood sugar level, sodium-potassium ion level, everything is at a toss. You need to set it back to normal.

You have to carefully pick your breakfast food the next morning. It is important to understand how to break a fast. Here we have provided a list of food items that should and shouldn’t be eaten after a fast.

What Can You Eat After Fasting?

Well, there are some specific food items that you should eat after a fast. We are providing you with a list of these items.


Break A Fast
Break A Fast

The thing about how to break a water fast is that you need to rehydrate your body. Have enough liquid before breaking your fast. Your body has lost many minerals and vitamins because of fasting. 

Fruit juice is the best supplement to replenish it. You can even have a smoothie. They are more fulfilling. It will give you enough carbs to restore the lost energy.

Fruit And Vegetable Salad

To restore your lost health you can have a bowl of fruit or vegetable salad. Since you are not supposed to take salt during a fast; salad is the best food to break a fast. 

If you are breaking intermittent fasting have a fruit or vegetable salad. The most important thing about how to break a water fast is to have lots of green leafy vegetables.

It is important that the next day you have enough sodium and potassium level in your body. You can make a vegetable salad; sprinkle a little salt and have it in the morning.


Avocado is one of the best foods to break fast. You can make an avocado salad or cook your food in avocado oil.


You can have eggs in your breakfast after fasting. Eggs have cholesterol and protein. You can have boiled eggs for breakfast. The egg will restore the lost nutrients. It is best for breaking intermittent fasting.


Soup is the ultimate answer on how to break a water fast. Soup is easy to digest. Have a bone broth or vegetable soup. It will replenish all the nutrition lost from your body.


You can have kidney beans or pulses/lentils. They are a good source of protein. Make sure to have a little bit of protein in your first meal after breaking the fast.

Chia Seeds And Nuts

Dry fruits have lots of essential oils. Have Chia seeds, almonds, walnuts, etc. You can have a little amount of these seeds and nuts in your breakfast.


Green leafy vegetables are the best thing to have. They can be eaten in salad or you can prepare a broth or a soup. They are easy to digest. Spinach has iron and protein. It has many essential minerals. It is one of the most nutritious foods to break a fast.


Even though dairy products are not advised to have after a fast. But yoghurt is an exception. You can have a sugar free yoghurt. It has minerals and vitamins. It is a fermented food. It will ensure that the beneficial bacteria in your gut are restored. 

Eat Fresh Food

Do not eat stale or leftover foods from the day before. Breaking your fast needs proper planning. Prepare fresh food and have it. Do not buy the ready-made ones from the market. It is best advised to have the food prepared in the morning and eat it fresh.

Food That You Should Avoid

There are certain food items that you should avoid eating at any cost. You should not eat these foods to break a fast.

No Oily And Spicy Food

Try avoiding oily and spicy food. Your stomach produces acid to digest the food. Since you have not eaten an entire day, the production of these acidic gases increases. This leads to heartburn or gastric discomfort. Eating spicy or oily (fried) food will worsen your situation.

Avoid Meat And Chicken

Even though they are a rich source of protein. Avoid it. Generally, these items are cooked with lots of spices and oil. It will make you more acidic. It is difficult to digest proteins.

Dairy Products

It is not advised to have dairy products as the first meal or item to consume after a fast. It can lead to gastrointestinal problems. So avoid a glass of milk.

Packed Food

Packed foods are never advised if you are breaking intermittent fasting. Do not eat chips and other unhealthy food that is packed. They contain high levels of sodium and potassium salts. They might have preservatives as well. You need to have fresh food items.


Do not drink alcohol after fasting. Alcohol gets converted into a chemical which can destroy our organs once it is inside our body. Having alcohol on an empty stomach is never advised.

Cruciferous Vegetables

The vegetables from the family of crucifers are not at all advised to have after fasting. These are maize, broccoli, sprouts, mustard, etc. They are healthy to eat, but not as a meal after a fast. They might give you heartburn.

Do Not Overeat

Sometimes we tend to eat a lot after a fast. We understand that you are hungry, but do not hog at any food provided to you. Eat a normal portion of food that you generally have. If you still feel a little peckish. Eat after an hour or so. Drink plenty of water.

We gave you a complete list on how to break a fast. It is a good thing that you believe in supreme power and you show your devotion in various forms. You visit temples and keep fast. But remember the devotion has to come from within. 

If your health is at a risk do not keep a fast. It is necessary to think of all the consequences that might take place during or after you have kept a fast. If you can keep a fast, eat carefully the next day.

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