8 Things To Keep In Mind To Prove Yourself A Responsible Citizen Of Your Country

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We should never forget that as individuals, we are part of a society that has certain rules and regulations. Most women can probably never forget this, although you are probably expected to have more familial obligations and can sometimes forget there’s a whole world outside! Part of living in a society is learning how to be a good citizen. As citizens, we have rights, which are very important. But we also have civic duties.

So what are these civic duties, and do you know how to be a good citizen? It’s important to keep the peace and maintain the harmony of a nation and a society, and ultimately if you treat others well you will hopefully also be treated well. So here’s a guide on how to be a good citizen.

Be kind to others

This sounds really simplistic, but it’s vital, and it’s a good rule of life as well as citizenship. We should never forget the importance of kindness. A good citizen will always remember to be kind to others, because you never know how that can make someone’s day. Unnecessary harsh words can be really crushing to hear. The importance of kindness is not to be forgotten.

Follow the rules and regulations

There may be certain rules and regulations you don’t agree with wherever you live, but as a part of your civic duties, you have to follow them. Most rules that apply to the general public are instituted for the common good – such as not littering, driving under a certain speed limit, and so on. You need to respect the society you live in and follow these rules to be the ideal citizen.

Exercise your voting power

If you are a citizen in a democratic nation, it’s likely you have the power to vote for your leaders. It’s imperative that you do so. This is an important right that is given to every individual and it should be exerted. Only by voting can you elect capable people who will make sure your rights are preserved. 

how to be a good citizen

Pay your taxes

This is a fundamental part of fulfilling your civic duties. You have to pay your taxes, so that the country can run properly. By paying taxes you’re contributing to societal growth.

Play a community role

You don’t live in isolation, and it’s important to extend your hand to your neighbours. That’s how we build strong units of a civic society, where people can get along with each other and help each other when it’s needed. Attend community meetings and festivities, support local activities and markets, and local artists and creatives. Organize in and participate in fundraisers and cleanup drives which will improve your surroundings. Try to play an active role in the community.

Do volunteer work

This is an important facet of the ideal citizen: helping others in need. Visit a soup kitchen or a shelter, donate old clothes and toys, and so on. Especially when there is some kind of crisis, try to keep an ear out for places accepting donations for the vulnerable. Essential supplies are often needed more than ever in difficult times. You’ll be surprised how much you can learn and improve yourself from volunteering regularly. You’ll be grateful for what you have.

Be mindful of environmental issues

There are lots of things that are happening to the planet because of the way we’ve been treating it. Try to pollute as little as possible, be mindful of your water usage, and don’t waste unnecessarily. Try to cut down on plastic use, maybe consider eating less meat. Incorporate small changes in your life that will help the planet in the long run, and help future generations.

Stay awake

A good citizen isn’t a sheep. You have to be open to the changing climate everywhere, and know what problems and issues the world is facing. Stay up to date with the news, double-check your facts, and ask questions. Don’t accept things unthinkingly. If you care about a certain issue, voice your concern. Remember to be open to realities and have empathy for other people.

So now you know how to be a good citizen. Yes, it isn’t always easy. It can be tough and it can cause a lot of internal conflicts. You have to rely on your human values and civic sense. We build civilizations for the common welfare. For the purpose of better lives, not to destroy each other or tear each other down. Do whatever you can to contribute to that cause

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