Does Age Gap Affect Your Relationship?

This can have real diplomatic answers because I have seen many such cases where things work for some while for others they don’t, hence a single answer is never suitable in these sorts of questions. Albeit, the most logical answer I personally find is if you have ‘compatibility’ and understanding nothing else matters. Compatibility is when you feel you can adjust with the other person and in doing so, you are HAPPY. Well, this part will be discussed later but now let us look deeper into the role of age.

How Much Age Difference Work In A relationship?

Here you will learn how much age gap should be considered normal in a relationship:

1. Same Age

It has been highly recommended not to go for same-aged birds because of the ego clashes that are imminent to arouse. Also because of the same age, you guys may desire opposites and would end up thinking he/she should have had the same choice as mine.  

Age Gap In Relationship
Age Gap In Relationship

But here again, if your love for the person surpasses your ego and you try to understand then there are chances of eternity.

2. The Relationship with Some Age Gap

It is always the most suitable as well as the desired form of relationship. Usually, the female is younger than the male. You being a girl may prefer an elder person mostly because of the perception that the person can better protect you and he’ll have more maturity as well as understanding. But does an age gap of 12-year really work?

Relationship with Some Age Gap
Relationship with Some Age Gap

Most research and paperwork show that a certain age limit is considered healthy in a relationship. More precisely, it suggests that for any relationship, the maximum age difference that works fine is 7 years (man elder than the woman). Having a gap of 10 years would come with their own sets of advantages and disadvantages. Above 10 years would be a bit of stretch. This may also be equal to a generation gap. 

You may find your relationship a jigsaw. Some of the issues you may face include

  • The wide difference in the maturity level
  • Individual perception of life
  • Needs and wants
  • Sense of humor
  • Would have trust issues, etc.

Altogether, you both may miss living the life you would have had with someone with a less age difference.  

3. An Age Gap of 7 Years or Less (elder man)

This is where you’ll feel everything is good; trivial issues are common to take place but other than that this can be next to perfect. Some care would make everything sail.

  • both of you would belong to the contemporary zone,
  • would most likely understand each other,
  • would have fewer or negligible ego clashes and
  • the most pivotal of all, you two would not skip the life you were supposed to live.
Relationship with Some Age Gap
Relationship with Some Age Gap

4. Male Younger and Female Older

In these kind of relationships, you must ask yourself as to what you are really looking for and on which basis you feel like you two would be suitable.

Male Younger and Female Older
Male Younger and Female Older

Some of the issues that you most likely would come across with are

  • Domination by the female
  • Male may feel a lack of morale

The things to keep in mind while being with a younger partner:

  • Never make him feel he is a kid.
  • Give him time.
  • Don’t be his mom, be more a wife.
  • Finally, love him the most.


  1. Love yourself- loving the inner you would mean you are happy with the choices you have made and so the person that you have selected is the one you want to be with.
  2. Respect the person you love.
  3. Communicate with each other- share your feelings with the other person. Even if you are in a distant relation, make him/her experience your day by communicating whatever you want.
  4. Have and give each other some space– don’t make the other person feel you are addicted to him/her in such a way that he/she feels irritated. Trust me, no one wants this. You don’t have to be always available, because you have your work too.
  5. Have a good understanding– in any relationship you need to understand in order to make it to the end.
  6. Be honest– never lie to the person to whom you admitted you love. You two have made certain investments in each other so do not ruin that with a single lie. It may take you decades to build the trust you broke.
  7. Have the power to forgive as well as the strength to accept your mistake and ask for forgiveness.
  8. Support your loved one.
  9. Give time to your relationship, enjoy every moment, stay happy make memories and never stop loving. 

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