You may sometimes find yourself being too lazy to shampoo your hair even after days. Or you may be really caught up and may not have the time. While some of us can wake up with clean and fresh hair even after not washing it for days, but not all of us are quite as blessed. 

So, if you also struggle to keep hair clean without washing, we are here to your rescue. 

How To Keep Hair Clean without Washing It Frequently?

Check out these awesome hacks to help you prevent those bad hair days and keep your hair clean and fresh when washing is out of the question. Your hair would really thank you for this!

1. Use a clarifying shampoo

If you wish to shampoo your hair only once a week, then you might as well make it count. To ensure that your hair stays up clean and fresh without washing it frequently; try investing in a clarifying shampoo. 

A good clarifying shampoo would help in stripping off all the dirt, oil and product buildup, by giving you a thorough cleanse. Since you’ll not be washing your hair for the next couple of days, do a double wash and finish it off by conditioning the lengths of your hair. 

2. Rinse it frequently

If you’re not shampooing frequently doesn’t mean that you need to stop rinsing your hair altogether. It’s important to give your hair a quick rinse before you head out to get rid of all the dirt and residue in the hair strands. Rinsing sans shampooing your hair frequently would not give you that ‘just washed feeling’, but would also keep your hair fresh and clean without washing. 

3. Tie it up 

There might be some days when your hair is all greasy and dirty but you are too lazy to wash it. Well, in that case, tying up your hair could be your best bet. Just pull all your hair backward and tie them up in a neat and loose ponytail. 

Or, you can also put up your hair in a messy bun. These could keep hair clean without washing. When you aren’t out socializing or your hair isn’t required to look perfect, tie it up. Just make sure to keep your hair off your face and prevent it from heat. 

4. Use a dry shampoo 

Dry shampoo could be your best friend when it comes to acing those unwashed hair days. Nothing is better than a dry shampoo when it comes to having clean and fresh hair without washing it. Dry shampoo will absorb excess sebum from your scalp hair without leaving product build-up which would render your hair fresh and clean.

But to get the desired results, it is necessary to use it the right way, or else it can damage your hair. While spraying it, hold your arm outright and spritz it by holding it at least 6 inches away from your hair. 

Also, don’t spray it right away after washing your hair as the powder would settle in one place and would not spread evenly throughout the hair. It is also advised to have breaks between your dry shampoo days to avoid damaging your hair. 

5. Upgrade your hairbrush 

A hairbrush can either make or break your hair. Investing in a good hairbrush is necessary for a successful unwashed look. A good bristle brush will effectively distribute the natural oils from your scalp to the ends. 

It would also help in exfoliating the scalp and nourishing your ends. Using a bristle brush for thick and coarse hair and an acrylic one for thinner hair. This would help in extracting grit and residue from your hair every day and give it a healthy look. 

6. Be creative with your hairstyles 

One of the most amazing perks of having unwashed and dirty hair is that they can be styled really easily. By not washing your hair for days, you can actually experiment with hairstyles. You can easily style your hair using a flat iron, curling iron, or just simply blow dry them. 

You can also get creative by making quirky braids. You can make french braids, twisted side braids, or parting braids. These hairdos would not only hide your greasy roots but would also make you look cute.

Hair Clean
Hair Clean

7. Use headbands 

Channel your inner Blair Waldorf by wearing her signature headbands on your non-washing days. You can wear a headband and let your hair loose to have that girl-next-door look. Or, if it’s hot and you are heading outdoors, then you can tie up your hair in a high bun or ponytail and wear a headband to keep the hair off your neck. A headband can offer the perfect disguise for your greasy and unwashed hair days and yet give a chic look. You can also use your sunglasses in place of headbands.

8. Befriend hairsprays 

You can really vouch upon hairsprays to keep hair clean without washing it for days. Both the mousse and alcohol present in hair sprays will absorb the excess sebum and mask your greasy hair. Spray it onto your hair and pass it twice through your hair – once from the roots to the ends, and once from the center to the ends. It tends to smooth your hair cuticles and as a result, make it appear smoother and shinier.

It may be really tough at first to switch from washing your 3-4 times or more in a week to only washing it once. instead of directly jumping to washing your hair once, gradually phase out your washes. You can go from washing it thrice a week to twice and then only once a week. You just have to be patient with yourself. Also, the aforesaid techniques may not work out for everyone. 

Therefore the only way to decide what works best for you is by trial and error. Take note of the products you use, how much you use them, and how long you are able to go without washing your hair. 

That said, good luck with the tips ladies to keep hair clean without washing every day!

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