How Does It Feel To Have A Naked Yoga Class

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naked yoga class
Anindita Bhuyan
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Are you the kind of person who DARES to do the out of the box tasks? If you nod your head to a yes then, ta-da you got to try Naked Yoga Class. 

We all have New Year resolutions, and I bet a lot of you must have made yoga as one of your resolutions. Hands up here, I made that too. While I was surfing the net with my yoga dream I came across something that made me look thrice before I believe. That thing was naked yoga. I was excited to another level to know what this yoga is all about, and digging deeper I got some ‘What it is like to take a naked yoga class’ details that I am going to share with you in the below sections.

Naked Yoga Class

What Is Naked Yoga?

Naked yoga, as the name indicates, is the practice of doing yoga without any clothes. This is definitely not a recent invention but is an age-long fashion. It was considered a spiritual practice and is mentioned in the 7th-10th century Bhagavata Purana

Our ancestors used to do this more than we do this in the contemporary. To be honest not at all in India. In the 21st century, this type of yoga again started to gain popularity, notably in western societies, that are more familiar with social nudity.

What Does It Feel To Take A Naked Yoga Class? 

Initial Thoughts 

Some of the thoughts that will hold you back or that will discourage you to join naked yoga class are:

How your society will picture you,

Are your parents going to be okay,

Shy and uncomforting feelings, etc.

At first, it is genuine to feel uncomfortable and shy to go for such a thing with so many people in the same room but darling it is all about how you feel and how you make your mind understand. 

If you are concerned with the number of people that will be near you when you stay naked, then listen, they too will be naked and will have the same assets as you have considering male and female. So everyone is going to be on the same platform. If you want to join a naked yoga class then just go for it.

Naked yoga; feel safe. Another heart smoothing thing is that, when joining the yoga class, each and every person is mandated to follow certain guidelines, that are directed to make every participant stay in a comfy zone. No person is allowed to make even the slightest comment in a positive or negative way. You will not be permitted to praise the other person even about their beautiful eyes. Not to worry, try a naked yoga class this time!!!

For society, I would say, either care what others say and live a stagnant no-fun life, or else, stop giving a damn to what others say and skyrocket your life. If your parents are okay with you doing things in your way then who else matters!!! And even if your parents don’t like you having a naked yoga class, then that is in your hands to manage. You must have even made your mom skip that parents-teacher meeting of yours.

naked yoga class

How Does The Session Make You Feel?

Since there is no such naked yoga class available in my place, I had a home naked yoga. Yeah, my class is my personal room. I practiced yoga by following the videos on youtube and I was AMAZINGLY SMITTENING!!

Naked yoga will make you feel the air. Your body will be relaxed like never before, and you can feel your shoulders free of weights, no sticky elastics holding your stomach. Everything feels perfect and easy. 

If you hesitate to join any such class, you can also practice by yourself, the way in which I do. Lock your room, undress and get ready to do yoga. You can watch videos online that will guide you with the exercises, and then you can feel exactly how it feels and what is the difference when you have clothes and when you don’t. Just the way it is recommended to leave your face without any makeup or even a face cream at least a night, you should leave your body free of any clothes. You should also give a try to sleeping naked. You will get relieved, refreshed and rejuvenated in just some hours of night sleep.

These are not socially restricted things that they will harm you. Feel free, open your mind and make a move.

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