Is Sitting Too Much Can Affect Your Health?

Imagine a situation where you are given complete leeway to plan your days. How will you proceed? Will you make your days more productive or will you spend your days relaxing, and watching the tube? The majority of we people tend to incline towards the later. 

Late mornings and late nights! Everything prefixed with late is what most of us like to do, we all just love doing things opposite to those which are actually recommended by our parents or that to a disciplined, professional lifestyle. 

For a short period, relaxing and Sitting Too Much Can Affect Your Health might seem your ultimate plan to follow but for a longer duration, even if tempting, you should never continue sitting idle all the time. You might not be aware of the health risks of sitting at a desk all day, or even if you are well aware, you might overlook it. This is because humans are full of lethargy. Only for the short term enjoyment, humans keep their life at stake.

Believe us, being lazy today, tomorrow, and so on will make you regret your later days. If you are not motivated enough to not keep on sitting then here are some of the reasons why too much sitting is dangerous for your health. Pay heed to them and save yourself.

Sitting Too Much
Sitting Too Much

Reasons Why Sitting is Bad for Your Health

Everyone knows and accepts this. What do you think is the key to staying healthy? Being active. This is only why people gym or workout to burn fats. Below are some of the outcomes of being couch potatoes which is also why sitting too much is harmful.

1. It hurts your heart

One of the habits that are harmful to your heart is to stay listless, lazy, or inactive. Scientists have noticed this in a study conducted between the conductors and the drivers. The driver continues to sit for the whole day whereas the conductor is always in motion.

Both of them almost stay in the same environmental zone and live kin lifestyles. Even after all such similarities, it has been seen that the odds of the driver having a heart disease is twice that of the conductor. What do you think is the reason for this? Yes, it is because the drive is inactive most of the time. He simply sits and drives, whereas the conductor is always active.

2. You can shorten your lifespan

If you continuously keep on sitting whether for work purpose or to watch television or for any idle reasons, you are more likely to die. Your heart and body will get so unused and lazy that you may even lose your life because of trivial matters or causes. Even if you gym for an hour or so and then keep on sitting, things will not turn to some other direction. You will still have increased chances of retiring from your life.

3. Either move it or else you will lose it

Being a couch lover all your life will take away the strength of your bones sooner or later. When you get older, these habits of yours will harm you. Your strength to move here and there will go away. You will not even be able to perform basic tasks, such as bathing, changing clothes, etc. it is very necessary that you keep on moving today to ensure your movement tomorrow. 

4. Back pain? Do you feel that?

You will slide, you will stoop, you will straight your back but you will keep on sitting. Sitting position puts higher pressure on your back muscle, neck, and spine. The more you sit, the more chances are there that you will wreck your back. Sitting for extreme hours will never make your body feel comforted. Let your body move so that they can function properly. Even if you are at work where you are required to sit at a place, try to walk in between your work for at least 2 to 3 hours. Doing so will keep your spine in good shape.

Sitting Too Much
Sitting Too Much

5. You will gain weight

This is definitely something that you are completely aware of. Sitting for the whole day will help your body accumulate fats which will make you overweight or obese. Doing exercise will not facilitate in getting rid of your extra, unburned fats. So if you are an all-time screen watcher or an addict of sitting, then you need to stop thinking of your couch and get on moving.

6. Be ready to welcome diabetes

The majority of diabetic patients have a sedentary lifestyle. Although doctors are not able to conclude the main reason for this link, they believe that sitting changes the way our body reacts to insulin, the hormone that helps it burn sugar and carbs for energy. If you have been sitting for much of your life then it is recommended that you should quickly get a diabetes checkup so that you know if your body is doing good.

7. Your anxiety might skyrocket

All-day or just for some hours, sitting is bad for health. This habit will not only harm your body but will harm your lifestyle, your relation, family, and friends. You are more likely to be a loner if you prefer to sit. You will miss your chances to live your life to the fullest. You will continue to stay under stress, pressure, and out of the world’s track. Don’t skyrocket your anxiety, instead, start moving and have a good life.

All the above shows that sitting too much is harmful for your health. Our body is the same as any other automated machine. Take for example you buy a car today and preserve it unused in the garage for about 4 years. Do you think the car will be as efficient as it is in the present stage? From our experience, we say no. If you don’t believe it, you can see yourself. 

You will sabotage yourself if you continue to sit and work. 

The only way you can stay immune system functioning is to keep on walking!

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