Edging technique is all about backing off the moment you are about to reach climax while masturbating or during sex. You stay on edge during a sexual experience if you try the edging technique.  Edging takes the sexual experiences up to a different level with enhanced pleasure and satisfaction. Edging lets you and your partner enjoy a longer session of sex. 

You can try doing the edging technique with your partner if you want to spice up your sex life. Of course, you don’t have to do it every time you have sex or masturbate. Save it for special occasions or do it randomly to enjoy it better. 

Why Should You Try Edging Technique?

Engaging in sexual activities leading to orgasms is itself so satisfying and a stress buster sometimes. When you keep doing something in the same way for quite some time, it is natural to want a change to it. For instance, if you cook the same item every day and eat it, you will get bored with it and change in the menu feels so good.  

Similarly, edging is nothing but improvisation in your sex life. Improvising in most cases always makes things better and more enjoyable. Edging makes you feel things in places you never felt like that before. Sex can never be boring even if you do it regularly but you can make it more interesting and enjoyable by bringing in new elements like edging. Experimenting with your sex routine increases your sexual chemistry with your partner. 

How to do Edging?

Edging, in general, is pretty simple. Next time you get to spend some naked with your partner, you can try edging during oral sex or penetrative sex. 

Edging Technique
Edging Technique

1. Oral Sex 

When you perform oral sex on your partner, once you get to know that the climax is almost around the corner, stop immediately for five to ten seconds. Get back again and continue performing oral sex until the point just before climax and back off again. Your partner will beg you to finish them up. Now this time, go all the way making him or her reach orgasm. 

2. Penetrative sex

You can try doing penetrative sex at a different pace. You can go slow for some time which is always intimate and romantic and then start thrusting faster and harder enough to make your partner moan out loud. The moment you realize either of you is on the brink of climax, you have to slow down your pace and continue penetrating that way for a few seconds. 

And once again increase your pace to finally achieve orgasm. If you are lucky, you and your partner will climax together at the same time. Edging during penetrative sex will be more tiring than ever but the results will be undeniably satisfactory and mind-blowing for both of you. 

3. Get your hands dirty 

One more way to try edging is with your hands. Fingering and rubbing for the woman; stroking and rubbing for the man is another way to turn on the heat in the bedroom.  Include the concept of edging while you touch one another in places where you are most sensitive and enjoy a great night of extreme pleasure and orgasm.

4. Include the sex toys as well

Bring out the sex toys and use them to intensify your orgasms along with edging. To make it more exciting, you can use blindfolds as well. It is generally known that when you cannot see, your other senses become more sensitive. You can try this saying as an experiment along with the introduction of edging into your sex routine. 

Any drawback of Edging?

You have absolutely nothing to worry about the negative effects of edging on your health because there is none. Keeping the chemistry going on between you and your partner as well as maintaining a healthy self-love relationship is of utmost importance. Before the inclusion of this technique in your sexual routine, I suggest talking to your partner about it and why you want to try it. Communication is one of the most essential factors for a healthy relationship in all cases, sex life too. Also, keep in mind not to take the edging too far to ruin your partner’s mood. 

The whole purpose of edging is to improvise and increase the quality of your sexual experience with your partner or yourself, not the opposite. 

Have Fun♥

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