Society has told people for a long time what type of clothes they should wear based on their gender. This has made people feel like their bodies are not as free as they could be. We can see that in the year 2022, there is a new trend called "conscious fashion," which combines beauty, body positivity, and gender fluidity and is useful to the environment. 

"Gender-neutral fashion" refers to clothes that can be worn by either men or women. We still have a long way to go when it comes to clothes that do not fit either gender, but at least we are making progress. There are always new businesses and designers opening up, and many of them have a modern view of gender and gender neutrality. In this article, we will take you through some homegrown gender-neutral clothing brands that you definitely need to try hands-on.

Best Homegrown Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

1. Huemn

Since its beginning in 2012, Pranav Kirti Misra and Shyma Shetty's streetwear business has been considered the gold standard for gender-neutral clothing brands; nevertheless, the company has never felt the need to make a fuss about this distinction. Their oversize tees, hoodies, co-ords, sweatshirts, jeans, and accessories have always had a distinctively one-style-fits-all aesthetic, and they often release unique limited editions of their products. 

2. Anaam

Anaam is known for its flexible, gender-neutral designs as well as its work with draping and sustainable materials. Anaam is a queer-focused business built on the pillars of revival, re-use, and responsible crafting. Original, futuristic silhouettes in a variety of subtle tones abound. They do not have to shout to make their point. If you are a fan of unique and experimental clothing, this gender-neutral brand is a must-try.

3. Rishta

Through genderless clothing, Arjun Saluja's work talks about his life and who he really is. The brand tries to make Indian clothes with different designs that look good on both men and women. The pieces have been to Barneys Japan, Henri Bendel, and Anthropologie. Arjun Saluja's clothing line is beautiful, artistic, one-of-a-kind, and fits everyone.

4. Two Point Two

Dash and Dot is a brand that was started by Ashray Gujral during the pandemic. It also made its debut at Paris Fashion Week 2022, which helped it get more attention around the world. Dashing and Dot make clothes that last for a long time and are easily accessible. The clothes are divided into three sections: women's wear, men's wear, and gender-neutral. The history of Indian craftsmanship is reflected in the clothes' versatility.

5. Naalgo

This gender-neutral clothing brand made by Naalgo gives Indian weaves a modern shape. They use ikat, tie-dye, block prints, and patchwork to make bright, extraordinary pieces. A brand that puts an Indian twist on streetwear.

6. Bobo Calcutta

Bobo Calcutta is a clothing brand that was founded by Ayushman Mitra and Jeet Shahi. The brand views clothing as works of art and features a psychedelic colour palette. They have an explosion of colours in their designs. The eccentric label encourages self-acceptance and the unrestricted expression of love through the offbeat collections that it creates. You may put your faith in Bobo Calcutta to assist you in finding the ideal fit, even if your preference is with bold, colourful silhouettes.

Best Homegrown Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands
Best Homegrown Gender-Neutral Clothing Brands

7. Generation Mixx

This clothing brand is breaking gender stereotypes one T-shirt at a time. Also, their collection has a shirt with a message for everyone. Generation Mixx is working toward a world where gender norms are less strict. They are doing this by making androgynous goods that are unisex and can be worn by either gender. Whether you like muscle shirts or boxy styles, you might be able to find some amazing graphic T-shirts that fit your tastes.

8. Almost Gods

Almost Gods is a streetwear brand based in New Delhi that was established in 2018. The brand places emphasis on the inextricable link that exists between streetwear and the art world. This is one of the best homegrown gender-neutral clothing brands that strive to establish itself as a leader in the industry of global streetwear by fusing its Indian heritage with an urban style in each and every item of clothing it produces. What should we expect? The ideal combination of contemporary style, classic details, and practicality brings together the best of both the past and the present.


Everything doesn't have to be associated with gender. We live in a world where everything from the way we speak, walk, and dress to the way we eat and sit is all determined by the gender we belong to. However, the world is definitely changing, but there is still a long way to go. There are people, brands, and organizations who are striving and working hard tirelessly to bring the change. Gender-neutral fashion is one of those ways that has the ability to bring change. A single piece of clothing should not be defined merely on the basis of gender. In this world of democracy, everyone can go ahead and enjoy their right to make their own choices. You need to do this as well. Stop thinking about whether you should wear your father's or boyfriend's shirt on your crop top outside or not. Do it right away. Also, do not forget to check out the above-mentioned homegrown gender-neutral clothing brands. Try them out and embrace yourself irrespective of the gender you belong to.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q1. Is Streetwear Gender Neutral?

Yes, most of the streetwear clothing pieces are gender-neutral in nature.

Q2. Are Gender-Based Dress Codes Legal?

According to the decisions of federal courts, women and men are obliged to dress differently from one another and in a manner that adheres to the various gender norms.

Q3. Why is Gender-Neutral Fashion Important?

It is essential to spread the message that people of any gender are free to wear whatever they like and that this right should be respected.

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