Talking to your crush in the office, trying to work some of your flirting tricks on him when suddenly you start coughing like an infected beast? This is bound to spoil your chances with your crush, spoil that date you had been waiting for all week, or even ruin your plans to look like the life of the party coming Saturday. Cough can be normal to painful, ranging on how long you have left it unattended. There are very many natural at-home remedies for cough you can try to get a hold of your bad cough mentioned for you in this article. Read along and try sharing it with people who have a bad cough, you might save someone’s day!

Home Remedies For Cough

Have a look at the 8 best and effective home remedies to deal with cough:

1. Honey and Lemon 

This is one of the best and effective home remedies for cough. Hot fluids with lemon and honey can soothe and treat it for short-term periods. Use plain hot water or a favorite hot tea, then add honey and lemon to taste. The plus point to this home remedy is, unlike the other disgusting medicines, you can have it as often as you need or want. But it is advised not to give honey to children under age 1, even if it is to help them stop coughing.

2. Onions

Onions are known to emit a strong vapor that stops coughing. Although it is well known that many people start to cry the minute, they begin slicing up an onion. But the strong vapor that onion emits when cut could help stop your coughing, too. So, before you go to bed, cut an onion into quarters and leave it on a plate beside your bed. Although using onions may sound like nothing more than an old wives’ tale, it is still effective and can even be used as a home remedy for coughing for children and babies. This is one of the best and effective home remedies for cough.

3. Humidity

Humidity can help in breaking up cough and congestion in your chest.  If you ever noticed your cough easing as you enjoy a hot shower or steamy bath, then you know that this does work. Humid air reduces irritation and helps to ease up some congestion. You can easily create this home remedy in a steamy bathroom or by using a humidifier. However, always remember to follow the manufacturer’s directions to clean a humidifier to avoid encouraging mold, which itself can lead to another round of coughing.

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4. Zinc Lozenges 

Zinc lozenges are known to ease the constant tickle. Sucking on these lozenges or it’s drops can help ease the constant tickle of it. Hard candy can also have a similar effect. You can go for the flavor you like best. Some research also suggests that zinc lozenges can be helpful in fighting the causes. However, these lozenges only work if they release about 18 milligrams of ionic zinc — and only a few of the zinc lozenges on the market today provide this level of the mineral, so read labels carefully before purchasing them. This is one of the best home remedies for cough.

5. Hot Peppers 

Many people swear by hot peppers and other spicy foods as home remedies for coughing and to clear any congestion. But for others, spicy foods can also lead to an increase in congestion. However, hot peppers can be part of a healthy and rich diet, which may be helpful in building your overall health. So you can try including hot peppers in your meals to clear it if it works well for you. This is one of the best and effective home remedies for cough.

Hot Peppers
Hot Peppers 

6. Fluids

Fluids can help reduce any inflammation and coughing. When you are suffering, you need to make the effort to get sufficient fluids into your system. Coughing is drying, which will only increase the irritation you are feeling. Drinking fluids of all kinds, particularly water, juice, and caffeine-free teas, is a good home remedy for treating it.

7. Medication

If you are contemplating the pile and cold products in your medicine cabinet, read the labels first. Consult a medical professional before going for any over the counter medicine for treating your cough.

8. Garlic Supplements 

This is one of the best and effective home remedies for cough. Garlic supplements are known to be remedial in treating cold and cough. Some evidence also suggests that people who take garlic supplements on a regular basis are less likely to get a cold than those who do not.

These are all the natural remedies for cough you can try easily to get rid of your cough. These can also be taken as home remedies for dry cough. Although, if your cough still prevails for longer than a week you should immediately see a doctor because it may be an indication of something serious. 

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