Here’s what you need to Know about Multivitamins

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Multivitamins are one of the most commonly used dietary supplements for the body. They are a mixture of vitamins, minerals and several other nutritional components as required by the human body. There are also some multivitamins that contain herbs, fatty acids or amino acids in varying proportions. However, the composition of multivitamins differs from brand to brand. There are many different forms of multivitamins available in the market nowadays. Some of the interesting things about these medicines that you should know are:

· These are available in different forms, be it as a capsule, tablet, powder or liquid form.

·  It is always necessary to take a multivitamin as per the body requirement. Too much of vitamins may lead to an overdose or side effects.

·  It is essential that these are taken with a glass of water. Water intake balances the multivitamin absorption by the body.

·  These medicines should be taken regularly to get the best benefits from it.

·  These medicines are generally recommended to cover a deficiency of minerals or vitamins by the body.

·  These are not a cure for heart disease, cancer or other chronic diseases. They are only a kind of nutritional supplement required by the body.

·  It should be taken on prescription and advice from a doctor or physician.

Benefits of Multivitamins:

These have a number of benefits as a dietary increment to the body. In addition to increasing the level of nutrients in the body, it helps in boosting the following characteristics to the body:

· Energy levels: Multivitamins boost energy levels of the body. The human body regularly takes stress and pressure from day to day activities. Multivitamins help to raise energy levels and give the additional vigor required for daily tasks. 

·  Mood: Multivitamin has positive effects on the mood and temperament of a person. a regular dose of multivitamins improves the brain functioning thus elevating the mood and emotional state of the person.

·  Stress: Vitamin B is an essential nutrient of the body. It reduces stress hormones and helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system. Multivitamins fulfill the requirement of vitamin D and reduce stress and anxiety in a person.

·  Short-term memory: Recent studies have portrayed that Multivitamins B and B12 have positive results in improving short term memory of a person.

·  Muscle strength: Multivitamins help to regulate the free radicals present in the body and aid the aging process of a person.

Though multivitamins have been in existence for years, their usage has increased only in recent times with men and women taking them for supplementing a regular life. It is the next best step taken to fulfill the nutrient requirements of the body that your diet may not cover. However, the necessity of these in daily life has been argued over the years by practitioners and scientists who attest that they are just an ordinary pill with not many health benefits. It is also said that these medications should not be taken just for the sake of adding something extra to the diet.


Until and unless medical tests show some deficiency in the body, multivitamins should be avoided. Consuming too much of these may cause side effects and other serious illnesses. Nutrients sourced from food is better than any multivitamin! A healthy diet with an adequate amount of fruits and vegetables is sufficient enough to balance the nutrient requirement of the body. It will also increase body metabolism and ensure the proper functioning of the bodily systems.

An overdose of these may result in conditions like upset stomach, hives, swelling of facial muscles, and headache. It is necessary to consult a medical practitioner or your doctor when these symptoms occur. Certain components like minerals present in the multivitamin may also cause life-threatening conditions if the person is allergic to them. It is also necessary to adhere to the prescribed multivitamin dose and not go overboard to avoid any serious situation. 

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