Here Is Your Quick Mehendi Favor Ideas

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mehendi favours
Anindita Bhuyan
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I suppose since you are on this page, I don’t need to give you an intro to what the article is all about. So let’s hope to know the available options for Mehendi favours. 

List of Mehendi Gift ideas:

ideas for mehendi favours

Coasters with fun quotes

Not only directed to women but to all, male, female, young’ uns, aged. These fun quotes never go out of any person’s need. They will always be helpful. You can cheer your guests with these fun quotes, so why not invest?

ideas for mehendi favours

Hand-crafted jute pouches as mehendi gifts

One of the most creative Mehendi favor ideas that you can think upon is handcrafted jute pouches. These are not only eco friendly but they are also evergreen. 

ideas for mehendi favours

Jhoomar pearls 

If you want your wedding to look like a blue spoon, then Jhoomar pearls are going to be the best you can think of. These are ways of showing your standards if you want to maintain them high enough. Even if these will cost you more comparatively than the other ones, but the standard this offers is worth spending. 

Brocade sunglass covers

This is quite choosy and unique. Not everyone will have this mehendi gift idea. 

Gota Patti Maang Tikka

Another upper-class option is maang tikka. You can address your Mehendi theme with these ‘gota patti maang tikka’

Have you ever seen flowered maang tikka? Just an idea, you can arrange your Mehendi with the theme flowers and nature. It will look extremely pretty. I can assure you.  

Stonework Tealight Candle Holders

Stonework tealight candle holders, one of the eye-catchy Mehendi favor ideas.  

Edible Chocolate Soil

Who would not pick chocolate? You can make chocolate quite unique by introducing edible chocolate soil as a Mehendi gift. 

Pocket squares for the guys and tassel earrings to the girls

Most of the Mehendi favor ideas are for women, but why should you take a chance to disappoint your male guest portion? Pocket squares for the guys and tassel earring to the girls are a perfect match. You can bring the feeling of couples with these ideas.  


Nowadays you don’t have to have a bird in order to own a birdcage. Everyone is busy decorating bird cages with sparkly fairy lights. 

ideas for mehendi favours

Potted planters

With this Mehendi favor idea, you will be promoting nature’s well being and obviously a beautiful decorative item.

Flower and plant seeds

Very sweet approach to make your wedding, bliss to the world.

ideas for mehendi favours

Mirror jewelry boxes

Jewelry box is mandatory for any lady. 

ideas for mehendi favours

Pocket mirrors

This is truly a help to the girls who are mirror narcotics. Even males can carry these pocket mirrors.

ideas for mehendi favours

Mini elephant toys

Who can say no to these cute bubbly elephants? Everyone will stick to these toys.

Nail Paint set

Every girl is a fan of nail paint. Even if not an everyday applier, but on occasions like Mehendi, they will surely get at least one. 

Dupattas, Scarfs, and shawls

Even gents would prefer to get one shawl. Everything is so trendy these days that people are busy with maintaining fusions that you can support by keeping scarves and shawls to your guests. Also, Mehendi is where everyone would be burning the dance floor and for that shawls and scarfs will be an outstanding Mehendi favor idea.

ideas for mehendi favours


What else!!!

Precisely girly, bangles are one of the best that you can add on to your list. You can get homogeneous or a variety of bangles to lure your guests’ attention. They would love to take them home. Any girl would take the bangles because Mehendi is all about traditional attire so you can expect ladies with salwar and saree. 

Lipstick holder case

Another handy useful Mehendi favor idea that you can get to is this. A lipstick holder is worth giving your guests. You can get your guests some really beautiful pieces with just a little expenditure. I’m sure this is not going to burn your pocket.  

ideas for mehendi favours

Mehendi Magnet As a Mehendi Favor Idea, Waoh!!

What best can you think of when it is Mehendi? There may be people who are not a Mehendi girl, but just for one occasion, they might want to. To encourage them, you can get some Mehendi magnets.

Waterproof Mobile Cover

If your Mehendi has a pool party then waterproof mobile covers will be the best option. Your guests will be in safe hands if you provide them that will save their handsets. 

I hope this article worked for you and have given ideas for Mehendi favours to your wedding insights.