Giving birth to a smart kid is something that every mother wishes for. Who will not want their kids to have an intelligent mind? Hands up, we all want to have that. If you feel low wondering about your level of intelligence (in case you feel you have low IQ and EQ) then you will be satiated knowing that you can still give birth to a prodigy. Hard to believe?

The fact is genes and heredity do play an important role in influencing the mind power of a kid whereas this is not the only factor that leads to a smart baby. Binge here for two minutes, we will be providing the tips of how to give birth to an astounding smart kid or how to raise a super-smart baby.

Healthy And A Smart Kid
Healthy And A Smart Kid

Factors Influencing The Mind Power Of Babies

Heredity, as we have mentioned earlier, is a crucial factor that helps a child develop a ‘power brain’. Along with that, here are some other factors that influence the mind power of a smart kid:

  • Pregnant mom’s diet, fitness, and emotional state
  • The environment in which the kid develops

How To Raise A Super-Smart Baby?

Go through the following tips that are to be followed during pregnancy to give birth to a smart baby.

Healthy And A Smart Kid
Healthy And A Smart Kid

1. Eat sumptuous and healthy food

Maintaining a healthy diet is very important to have a healthy and smart kid. Your diet should include plenty of fruits and vegetables because they help in the healthy development of the fetus. Omega 3 fatty acid is also one of the requirements for the good development of the fetal brain. Therefore, look for diets that contain omega 3 fatty acids. Some of the food items that you can consider in your meal are mustard oil, fish, ghee, walnut, seaweed, bean, leafy greens.

2. Exercise

Staying healthy and active while pregnancy helps your child develop an intelligent brain. When we say exercise, do not go for the jumps and bumps that you usually do to maintain abs. You should do the exercises that are recommended during pregnancy. Doing exercise will make your body secrete certain hormones (endorphins and cortisol)  that are enhancing gems for your fetal baby. Endorphins are the happy hormones and cortisol in a moderate amount helps the growth of the fetal brain. Exercising will also increase the blood movement to your womb.

3. Eat eggs

Eggs are rich in choline. During pregnancy, you should consume choline-rich food. It is said that choline is an amazing nutrient for the developing baby. It also has a long term impact on the child’s memory.

4. Have iodine-rich food in your diet

Iodine is well known to maintain the functioning of the thyroid glands. While pregnancy, any deficiency of iodine (especially in the trimester) is said to hamper the child’s IQ. The mothers (with low levels of thyroid hormones) that give birth to babies are usually found to have a low level of IQ. Therefore, if you want to leave no space for your baby to have a low IQ, then it is better to add iodine to your meal.

5. Include folic acids in your diet

Folic acid or folate is a super nutrient of vitamin-B Complex. Vitamin B Complex is essential to the better development of the growing baby’s brain. You can get folic acids from dark green leafy vegetables, lentils, nuts, and avocados.

Healthy And A Smart Kid
Healthy And A Smart Kid

6. Get some sunshine

We all know sunshine is a source of natural vitamin D. Vitamin D is vital to a pregnant lady because they strengthen the heart and bone of the baby in the womb. Hence to ensure a healthy and smart kid, make sure you catch enough sunshine in the early morning and your body will synthesize the sun rays to vitamin-D.

7. Massage your belly and remain stress-free

Research has shown that the baby in your womb can feel the sensation of your touch. Gently massaging your womb is a good way to pamper yours in the womb baby. 

Stay stress-free. Remaining stressed reduces the development of the baby’s brain. It can also lead to premature delivery which means a shorter stay of the baby in your womb. The longer your baby stays in the womb, the better is the baby’s brain development.

Healthy And A Smart Kid
Healthy And A Smart Kid

8. Talk and read to your baby

Studies have shown that the fetus can gain the hearing ability from the 20th week onwards. Until the 25th week of pregnancy, the complete auditory system gets developed and functional. So by the 5th month, you can literally talk to your baby but that will be a monologue. Your baby will not be talking with his mouth but might respond in other ways to your talk and movements. You can consider their responses as one of the intelligent baby signs. Hence, start talking, reading and singing to your baby. This will help grow the baby’s brain.

9. Say no to alcohol, drug, and nicotine

There are certain things strictly restricted to consume during pregnancy. You should not take these curbs lightly but should follow them. Make sure you do not even think about alcohol, drugs, nicotine, etc. they are not good for your health. Consuming these restricted items may result in serious developmental disorder in the growing baby. For the sake of your young’un, you should stay away from the restricted food items and beverages.

10. Avoid contact with infections and toxins

Your fetus baby’s growth and development can severely get damaged due to infections and toxins. The mother-to-be should stay in safe and hygienic places. Any exposure to toxins such as lead, cadmium, mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and pesticides can sabotage the progress of developing foetus. They should also take care of the food they consume. Any contaminated food item may cause infection. 

Healthy And A Smart Kid
Healthy And A Smart Kid

Mother’s choice of treating and letting her fetus develop in her womb helps to give birth to a smart kid. Their care towards the fetus will determine the health and brain development of the baby. But always remember, newborn babies, do not come with intelligent tags on them. You can look for some intelligent baby signs, or else have patience and start treating them like ‘intelligent’. Get a baby smart as no one else!!!