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Snack Your Way into Fitness: 11 Cholesterol-Lowering Snacks

Food is the foundation of our existence so as cholesterol lowering snacks . It is the source of our energy, mood, strength, growth, and...
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Add Asparagus To Your Diet: 7 Amazing Benefits of Asparagus

Let’s be honest: green, leafy vegetables are hardly anyone’s favourite but believe us there are amazing benefits of asparagus and they are tasty too...
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Caffeine Lovers’ Curiosity: Can You Eat Coffee Beans?

In today’s fast-pacing world, there is a dire need for quick bursts of energy but can you eat coffee beans through the day. When...
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Tangerines vs. Oranges: Which is the Citrus of Your Heart?

When it comes to fruits, we all have our favourites but do you know the difference between tangerines vs oranges . For some, it...
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Why Choose Jowar: Grain By Grain Makes Good Health

When it comes to nutrition, grains are often pushed to the back of our minds why choose jowar. We tend to shine the spotlight...
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Sweetilious Snacking With Dates: 7 Proven Benefits Of Dates

Dates, also known as ‘khajur’ in Hindi are well known when it comes to sweet snacks , there are proven benefits of dates as...
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Are You Vegan, Vegetarian Or Meat Eater? 11 Cheap And Healthy Sources Of Proteins To Add To Your Diet

Ever wondered why when you join a gym, the instructors there tells you to increase your healthy sources of proteins intake? This is because...
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Are You Worried About Your Fussy Eater: 8 Healthy Snacks For Kids To Munch On!

Children and young teens often have a big appetite and want healthy snacks for kids. The main meals are not enough for them and...
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If You Are Diabetic And Can’t Your Eat Favorite Bread: 11 Flour Substitutes For Diabetic Patients

Talking about all-purpose flour substitutes for diabetic patients is a new idea because it has always been the most important ingredient for baking. However,...
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Are You Vegan But Still Craving Ice Cream? 11 Dairy-Free Ice Cream

Cutting down on dairy is a tough job and more so, because you have to let go of some of your favorite foods, dairy...
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10 Best Foods To Relieve An Upset Stomach

Best Foods For Upset Stomach are quite common and may happen due to a lot of reasons. It can occur due to food poisoning...
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Bulimia Nervosa: Meaning, Causes, Symptoms, Diagnosis And Treatment

Mind and body work together to make a person happy and healthy this dieases is called Bulimia Nervosa . Many people fear gaining weight,...
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