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Sexify Your Calves With 10 Best Calf Exercises For Women

Undoubtedly, legs are a woman’s sexiest feature. But, if you want your legs to look amazing in high heels, you need to pay attention...
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Ditch The Tampon To Enjoy Benefits Of Menstrual Cup Use

Sustainable Menstruation is the need of the hour. In India, more than 1 billion sanitary pads are used and disposed of every year. There...
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A Certificate Of Good Health: 7 Health Screenings For Women Over 40

It is rightly said that ‘health is wealth’. Quite often, we get engrossed in the hectic routines of our lives, and we tend to...
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Defeat Your Stress: 5 Benefits Of Boxing

When you hear the word boxing, you might imagine someone bulky or someone aggressive. To your surprise, this isn’t what boxing is all about....
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7 Hip Stretches To Restore And Maintain Mobility

By sitting around all day and living the work-from-home lifestyle, tight hips are something we’ve all experienced. Well, every second person you meet seems...
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Little Cells Of Good Health: All About WBC Count

The human body is an intricate structure of efficient cells, tissues, muscles, bones, organs, and their larger systems that come together to make sure...
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A Sip Of Green For Good Health: 6 Benefits Of Aloe Vera Juice

Green is the color of nourishment and prosperity. It is a marker of growth and resilience. It is also the color of the multi-beneficial...
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Yoga For Periods: 5 Yoga Asanas To Ease Menstrual Problems

The art of yoga asanas combines mindfulness with physical exercise. It is a gentle mix of mental, spiritual, and bodily movements, combined in the...
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Why Should the Body Have All the Fun? 5 Face Yoga Poses That You should Try!

The art of face yoga poses has been practised and revered since ancient times. In India, it was a tradition passed down generations as...
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Charge Your Body’s Battery: 8 Ways To Naturally Increase Stamina

As humanity progresses humans naturally increase stamina , navigating the everyday world gets both easier and more difficult. Although we have many resources to...
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Snack Your Way into Fitness: 11 Cholesterol-Lowering Snacks

Food is the foundation of our existence so as cholesterol lowering snacks . It is the source of our energy, mood, strength, growth, and...
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Add Asparagus To Your Diet: 7 Amazing Benefits of Asparagus

Let’s be honest: green, leafy vegetables are hardly anyone’s favourite but believe us there are amazing benefits of asparagus and they are tasty too...
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