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Camphor For Hair: Ayurvedic Remedy To All Hair Woes

Camphor for hair? Really? Read how this secret ingredient is helpful for your hair. Hair fall is one of the most widespread problems these...
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Apple Cider Vinegar for weight loss in 1 week. Is it possible?

You might have known that apple cider vinegar for weight loss is very helpful.   And you may also have heard many people saying...
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PMS And PMDD: Everything You Need To Know More About It

Lets talk about PMS and PMDD and make it a more common topic of discussion. Menstruation is a rite of passage and it’s pivotal...
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5 Yoga Sex Position: Bringing Pleasure And Fitness Together

The numerous benefits of yoga is an undeniable fact which most of the world acknowledges today. Yoga helps in relieving stress, losing weight, digestion,...
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ADHD Vs ADD: A Complete Guide

Do you find it difficult to concentrate in your online classes? Do you lose interest in conversations or forget things easily? Do you fiddle...
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Leg Cramps: 5 Ways To Relieve The Pain

Have ever felt sudden pangs of pain in your leg muscles? This happens due to unexpected and involuntary leg cramps. These are most common...
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The Classic Hot Tea Toddy and Its 9 Variations

The combination of tea and alcohol? Sounds interesting, right? The Hot Tea Toddy cocktail is a blend of both tea and liquor and works...
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Skull Crushers: The Tricep Exercise You Should Incorporate In Your Fitness Routine

When you need to build strong arm muscles, you need to push yourself beyond the limits and when it comes to building arm muscles,...
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Complete Guide To Prepare Your Butt For Anal Bleaching

The skin around the anus and vagina can be darker than the surrounding area and it’s completely normal! Genetics, friction and hormones have a...
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What You Should Know About Calcium Deficiency?!

Children are advised to be provided with adequate amounts of calcium through milk, by pediatricians. The reason for this is, calcium is vital for...
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Are You An Overachiever? You Might Have High Functioning Anxiety!

People termed as ‘overachievers’ are looked up to by everyone. Overachievers are those who seem to be at the peak of success in whatever...
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Female Ejaculation: Is It A Myth Or Real?

There has been a lot of blur around women having sex, masturbating, or ejaculating. Ejaculation has been associated with masculinity since time immemorial because...
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