The hair and skin is the mirror of our health. We may face hair loss due to many reasons and it can be because of some underlying health condition. From abnormal hormones to the thyroid, hair loss happens due to many health conditions. The thyroid is one of the common health problems in women and has many symptoms including hair loss. Hair loss due to thyroid is a common problem faced by its patients. Thyroid and hair loss are interlinked. The hair becomes thinner and puts you at a greater risk of alopecia areata. It can affect the scalp making that can extend to baldness not just on your hair but also your eyebrows and other parts of the body. Read on to find out about thyroid and hair loss! 

What Is Thyroid And How Does It Affect The Body? 

The thyroid is a butterfly-shaped gland which is situated in front of your neck. The thyroid gland produces hormones which control your metabolism. It can regulate the speed of metabolism. There can be a lot of symptoms when it comes to thyroid disease. Many symptoms of this disease develop on the skin, nails and hair. If caught early, treatment can help prevent complications. 

Some of the common symptoms include

  • Weight Gain Or Weight Loss: Extreme or unexplained change in weight is the most common symptom of thyroid disorder.
  • Swelling in the neck: If you see any swelling on your neck, it can be a symptom of thyroid disorder.
  • Hair loss: Hair loss is a common symptom of thyroid disease and can be a sign of many other health conditions.
  • Change in heart rate: People with thyroid may notice their heart rate to be slower than usual. It can also trigger high blood pressure too.
Hair Loss Due Thyroid
Hair Loss Due To Thyroid
  • Changes in Energy: Energy levels can be affected when a person is suffering from thyroid. They tend to feel tired and depressed.
  • Body Temperature: thyroid can disrupt the capability of regulating body temperature.
  • Other symptoms include dry skin, brittle nails, numbness, constipation and abnormality in menstruation.

These are some of the most common symptoms that determine that you are suffering from thyroid disease. If you encounter these symptoms, it isn’t obvious that you are suffering from this. However, be aware of all the symptoms and get yourself checked to be sure.

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What Is The Connection Between Thyroid And Hair Loss? 

Hair loss due to thyroid disease is common and generally, when this disease is severe or drastic, it can cause hair loss. Hair loss and thyroid are very much connected. The hair becomes sparse and thin. Hair loss due to thyroid disease can be regrown after a successful thyroid disease treatment. Some types of thyroid disease can be diagnosed early or some may take some time- months or even years. 

Thyroid related hair loss or changes have some characteristic symptoms which include: 

  • Diffuse hair loss or thinning around the scalp.
  • Hair loss which occurs in some particular area of the scalp which results in baldness or bald patches.
  • Loss of hair from the body including your eyebrows.
  • Changes in your hair texture. The hair becomes dry and fine. The thinning of hair is the most common sign of hair loss due to thyroid disease.

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Hair loss due to thyroid disease may cause hair loss and several other related conditions can induce hair loss. Overall hair thinning is very common in people with thyroid disease. Bald patches are associated with alopecia areata and appear in the intersection with thyroid disease. Impaired thyroid function can halt hair growth. Related causes of hair loss during thyroid disease includes:

Hair Loss Due To Thyroid
Hair Loss Due To Thyroid
  • Alopecia Areata: it is an autoimmune condition which develops with thyroid disease. Alopecia areata attacks the hair follicles which halts the hair growth.
  • Medications: thyroid medications are equally responsible for hair loss as the thyroid itself.  So, it’s important to notice that thyroid treatment can also be a reason for your hair loss.
  • Lupus auto-immune disease: lupus is another common autoimmune disease that can cause hair loss.


Hair loss due to thyroid disease is diagnosed with tests by your doctor. When you are diagnosed with thyroid disease, your doctor suspects what’s causing the hair loss, whether it is an autoimmune disease or thyroid disease. The diagnosis involves tests which help oversee the symptoms.

Hair Loss Due To Thyroid
Hair Loss Due To Thyroid

The doctor may conclude this by checking if there are any hormonal imbalances, nutritional deficiencies or medication side effects. The doctor may diagnose you with these tests and rule out the possible cause of your hair loss. 


Treatment for hair loss due to thyroid disease is done with medications. The doctor may suggest balancing the thyroid hormones that can help you with hair loss. However, this process is slow and you need to be patient when it comes to the regrowth of your hair as it can take months or sometimes even a year for the hair to grow back. The medications involved in the treatment of hair loss due to thyroid disease involves Rogaine which is applied to the scalp and Propecia which is taken to treat baldness. 

How Can I Treat Hair Loss Due To Thyroid Conditions Naturally? 

The thyroid conditions should be treated under medical advice. However, you can yourself make some lifestyle and diet changes to help you reverse this condition and hence making your hair regrow: 

Treat Hair Loss Due To Thyroid
Treat Hair Loss Due To Thyroid 
  • Boost the iron levels as iron deficiency is interlinked with hair loss. If your iron stores can reverse this condition.
  • Treat the deficiencies to treat hair loss due to thyroid disease as a deficiency in Vitamins and minerals can make your hair loss worse.
  • Eat a balanced and nutritional diet.
  • Eat more anti-inflammatory foods.
  • You can also try essential oils to treat hair loss due to thyroid disease.
  • Treat your hair gently. Good scalp health can reduce the effect of hair loss.
  • Limit the iodine intake as iodine intake can imbalance the hormones. Read your labels carefully when you go grocery shopping.
  • Try herbs. Some herbs like palmetto and black cohosh can help treat hair loss due to thyroid disease.

This was all about hair loss and thyroid imbalances. If you discover the symptoms, consider talking to your doctor. Your doctor may help you diagnose and treat the condition. 

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