Cut your hair really short following the trends of the cute short hair era?  Missing your long hair which you would just flip around so proudly? No one’s more impatient than a woman wanting her hair to grow long. Many women face problems trying to get their hair to grow longer after it reaches a certain length. Well, we’re here to tell you what you’re doing wrong and just how to regrow your beautiful long locks or even grow them to be longer than before.

The one most important thing in the process of growing your hair is having healthy hair. Because remember, healthy hair will grow faster and better. If you want your hair to be really long and spectacular, you need to be careful with everything that’s related to the health of your hair. Keep healthy hair a goal, and you will be blessed with the hair you desire.

Hacks for Hair Growth

Without further ado, here are 13 hacks for long hair are as below:

1. Trim it

Yes, that’s right & best hack for long hair. We’re really telling you to get frequent trims in order to achieve those long hair you dream of. The reason being split ends prove to be a major setback if you’re looking for considerable hair growth. If you don’t cut off your split ends it will eventually make your hair look thinner and unhealthy. Plus, split ends may not even grow after a certain time. Fact: The human hair actually grows only half an inch to one inch every month.

So, go to your salon and tell them you want only one-eighth of an inch cut. This will reduce split ends and eventually make your hair grow from half-inch to at least a whole inch every month.

2. Shampoo less

Regular shampooing removes the natural oils needed for the growth of your hair and since shampoo contains large amounts of sulphate, it can also cause your hair to be rough and dry. Therefore, shampoo your hair only when you really need to cleanse your hair is the easiest hack for long hair. 2-3 times a week is enough. 

3. Hair Conditioning

Invest in good conditioners, hair masks, deep conditioning masks. Conditioners are essential for the growth and health of your hair because when you use shampoo, it opens hair cuticles in order to cleanse it but the conditioner seals it back. This locks the natural oils in and the pollutants out. This makes your hair grow silky, smooth and long as you desire.

4. Massage 

Massage your scalp everyday for about 2-5 minutes. This will affect the growth and thickness of your hair exponentially. Scalp massage increases thickness of hair follicles, thus increasing hair thickness. It also dilates blood vessels beneath your scalp which is essential for proper blood circulation hence hair growth.

5. Proper oiling

As much as we hate to say it – girls, oil your hair. It will work wonders for you and considered as the best hack for long hair. Oiling provides your hair with all the nourishment it needs. It lubricates the outer cuticle and strengthens the inner core by providing moisture. Oil also is responsible for proper or enhanced circulation of blood in your scalp. This will strengthen your hair, prevent any breakage, hair loss and increase hair growth.

6. Eating the right food

Eating right is always a rule if you want the results to be long and thick hair. There’s a lot of protein you can directly take in and it will help you get better results. Some of these foods include: 

  1. Eggs: These are a protein rich food and will work wonders for shiny, strong, long hair
  2. Berries: These are rich in essential vitamins with antioxidant properties which may promote hair growth
  3. Fish: Fish are rich in Omega-3 fatty acids whose consumption can lead to thick and long hair
  4. Avocados: These contain Vitamin E with antioxidant properties and a lot of fatty acids to help escalate hair growth
  5. Nuts: Nuts are undoubtedly the most essential sources of Vitamin E, B, zinc and other fatty oils for healthy hair.
  6. Beans: are rich in protein, zinc, biotin, iron all these contributing to the kind of hair you wish for
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7. Silk PillowCase

Pamper yourself ladies! Invest in a good silk pillowcase for yourself. Owing to its smooth surface, silk helps reduce friction in your hair thus reducing split ends, frizz, and other damage.

8. Microfibre Towel

Getting yourself those lush, fluffy towels might look tempting but here’s an advice- don’t. Instead get a microfibre towel, or a soft t-shirt. It will prevent any breakage, helps with moisture retention and prevents dry, brittle hair.

9. No heat

Sure, every other day you get the urge to play with your hair, be it getting those sleek straight hair looks or the heavy curls. But you need to say goodbye to these hair devices if you want your hair to really grow. Heat causes a lot of damage to your hair, most of which is not easily repaired. All this heating will bring you back to cutting your hair, we don’t want that.

10. Goodbye, Bleach

All the ladies who always want to go crazy with their hair color, please don’t. Bleaching your hair, highlighting, can prove to have a very serious damaging effect on your hair’s protein structure. Steering away from this for a while may be beneficial.

Hacks To Grow Your Hair
Hacks To Grow Your Hair

11. Hairstyle

Avoid hairstyles that require you to tie your hair into a tight pony. All the stress is very harmful for your hair, blood circulation and hair growth. Try to let your hair fall down as frequently as you can. 

12. Brush

Brushing your hair regularly is very important to ensure there are no tangles formed in the hair. Although, go easy with the brush. Don’t tease your hair roughly when trying to brush it. Always soft from the tips and work up to the roots. Effective brushing plays a major role in hair growth.

13. Hair Growth Supplements

Hair growth supplements are available in the market for direct consumption of Vitamin B, E and biotins. You can also invest in a decent hair growth supplement to add up to your diet and hence benefit your hair growth.

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