Stylish people understand who they are and what looks and feels good about them, wearing colors and patterns that show their personality and accentuate their physical attributes. They wear their style with courage and belief, because it is a reflection of who they are, and they know that it works. 

Like a princess with flowing robes and long dresses or your pal who always wears the best-looking jeans, a fashionable individual is someone who has their individual fashion sense. In your eyes, they may be stylish and what they do can become habits of a stylish woman for you to follow. 

Fashionable can mean wearable and elegant ways of styling, or it can represent looking like you stepped off a magazine’s pages with the latest fashion trends. The meaning of style is that it is possible to reinvent yourself. People can see your alleviated self-confidence as a shift in your character, and embracing the change. And they will acknowledged you as more trendy and confident. 

Habits of A Stylish Woman

Deep down every girl wants a transformation like that of Cinderella. But without a fairy godmother and the magic wand, that might not happen.

Unlike common opinion, glamorous women aren’t necessarily superhuman, they’re always well-prepared. It’s not that stuff just doesn’t happen to them if you don’t see them stumbling around with week-old ink stains on their dress shirts or limping in uncomfortable heels. That’s because they know how to handle this stuff.

So here are a few tips to always keep you prepared and help you build and improve your style every day. 

Prepare your outfit, the night before

The put-together ladies that you see out and about wanted to look like that. And it all begins by taking the outfit out the night before saving you the next morning from rushing around in a hurry.

Find the right undergarments

Stylish Woman
Stylish Woman

Fashionable women know that good lingerie is the backbone of a great look. Prep for the appropriate bra, panties, and shapewear for the fabric and silhouette of your look provide the help you need, one of which is to ensure that you don’t accidentally give your office a peep show when you forget your slip or avoid a nip slip on date night.

Take time to get ready

It goes hand in hand with planning your dress. Take the morning to plan your wardrobe and fix your hair instead of waking up with three snooze alerts later. Not only does it save you from a button unfastened or mismatched shoes from running out of the door, but it will also give you a few precious seconds to add a belt or a special piece of jewelry to finish the look off. 

Dress according to the occasion 

Dress according to the Occasion: Those who have the dress code memo are often the well-dressed women in the room. They look polished and suitable in a space full of more traditional looks, not the ones tugging at their miniskirt. 

If you ever have a dress or a flashy skirt on the fence to choose from, remember to think where you’re going and who you’re heading to see. For that plunging neckline, there’s a time and a place, but it might not be at your boss’s dinner party.

How to Be A Stylish Girl?

It may well be one of your New Year’s resolutions to render 2020 the most fashionable year yet, while we all have faced some unforeseen challenges to our year’s goals, there is no excuse why you should not take this opportunity to get your fashion in check.

We are all capable of making less than fair choices when it comes to our wardrobes, from hanging on to old clothes that never get worn to impulse buying items that will not have more than one date. But, it doesn’t need to be like that.

Don’t buy something for just one occasion

Going to that exciting place means that we naturally feel that we need something special, and thus something different. Though, as much as we like the piece we purchase, it seldom gets worn more than once.  

Try to have a few dressier items in your closet. Have more versatile items rather than just buying something unique for such events. You’ll be able to wear it again and again if you opt for something easier and more classic. Smartly accessorize it, it will never feel like the same look.

Don’t buy or keep something that doesn’t suit you

We’ve always purchased something on an impulse because it’s a huge trend or because we saw somebody else wearing it and thought that looked great, but we’ve never really taken it out of the closet because it doesn’t suit us. It has no place in your life if a piece of clothing does not make you feel comfortable and relaxed.

Invest in what you already own

Too many of us are guilty of throwing clothing or accessorizing items away, but just because it is a little scratched doesn’t mean it needs to be dumped. By knowing where to get items repaired in your local area, from a great seamstress to shoe and handbag repair firms, You can style clothes that are already in your with your new ones and it could be an absolute hit. 

 Invest in the parts that you already have in your wardrobe. Instead of re-buying the same thing countless times again, it is worth saving a little bit of extra money to get things fixed.

Have a beauty regime

For fashionable females, skin, hair, and nails are just as essential as their outfit. They do not just get ready and step out the door when they leave the house in the morning. This is an essential part of the beauty regimes of women with style. 

Ultra-chic ladies, no matter how dramatic or plain it may be, ensure their makeup is flawless. To suit their appearance, they even alter their hairstyle. You’re not going to find chipped polish on these ladies and imperfect nails. Even if they are not into weekly manicures, they make sure they look presentable with their hands and toes. 

The trend these days is to use cruelty-free, eco-friendly beauty, and grooming products, so opt for those so that you can look your best while helping the planet survive. 

Follow style gurus or fashion influencer 

It’s quick to slip into the black hole of Insta-hell in pursuit of online style inspiration. You remember you’ve spent two full days scrolling through feeds when you finally look up from your computer, and you’re still in your nightgown, with no idea what to wear (we’ve all been there). 

Don’t lose hope, focus on what you think will suit you, and what will make you feel comfortable. We believe that you cannot be stylish if you aren’t comfortable. Influencers who genuinely care about their fans and viewers give advice or share affordable options, tips, and tricks to make you look chic and sexy.

Look for people who not only inspire to dress and look stylish but who also have positive and welcoming values. The tips mentioned above are things that stylish women do every day. It takes effort to be a woman with style. But this shouldn’t let you down, know that these simple steps are a complete guide on “how to be a stylish girl” and not just a few tips. 

Last but not least, always keep it effortless and stay true to yourself!!!!

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