On one hand, the world is moving towards better technology and modern living, people are going back to their roots and learning from their ancestors. Have you ever thought about how were our grandparents so fit even in their old age when we are tired all the time? This is because they had certain practices that made sure they are healthy for the long run. There are toxins and unhealthy lifestyle choices all around us and we crave something to help us get rid of them. So, we should go back in time and learn a thing or two from our ancestors. 

Gundusha or oil pulling is an ancient Vedic practice that people are diligently following in these times. So, if you too are curious to know what is all the buzz about it, then continue reading to learn what is Gundusha and what are the different benefits of the Gundusha technique?

What is Gundusha? 

As you have already read that it is an ancient practice that has a lot of health benefits. Do you think oil pulling and Gundusha are the same? They are very similar and the results are the almost same but they only differ in the technique that is followed 

Oil pulling is the practice of taking a teaspoon of oil in your mouth and swishing it around in your mouth and then spitting it out. On the other hand, Gundusha which was practiced by our forefathers involved filling the mouth with oil and keeping it there without swishing or gargling. This is a technique that has helped a lot of people and they just can’t stop practicing it first thing in the morning. 

When And How To Practice Gundusha?

This practice of taking oil in your mouth is supposed to be done first thing in the morning when you wake up and when you haven’t eaten or drunk anything. If you miss out on doing it in the morning then you can do it at night after taking your dinner. 

The basic Gundusha technique involves filling your mouth with oil and then holding it in there for some time. If that is too much for you then you can take a small amount, about a teaspoon, and put it in your mouth. Move the oil back and forth in your mouth and also between your teeth.

 After this, spit it out. Remember to not spit it right into the sink as it may block your drains or pipes. To get rid of any remaining toxins. Take some saltwater, swish it in your mouth just like you did with the oil. This will make sure there is no speck of bacteria, germs, or fungus left in your mouth. Follow this up by brushing your teeth normally as you do. 

Which Oil Is The Best For Gundusha? 

You can use different varieties of oil like coconut oil, olive oil, and sesame oil to name a few. Remember to only use cold-pressed and unrefined oils for this practice. 


Traditionally, people hailed sesame oil for its nutritional value and practice the Gundusha technique using this. Now people use the oil of their choice. Coconut oil is a popular choice, it has lauric acid and it has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties. For extra benefits, you can add a single drop of any of your favorite organic essential oil. Other than these are also oils available in the market that are only made for this practice, you can even check those out. So, there is no best oil for this practice, if you want you can try different oils and see what works for you the best and then continue using it. 

What Is The Science Behind Gundusha?

People are always skeptical before switching to such practices and try to look at the science behind them. Don’t fret, this ancient ayurvedic practice can be explained scientifically too. When you put oil in your mouth first thing in the morning, it mixes with the saliva that has been in your mouth overnight. This way the enzymes that are present in the saliva mix with the oil and attract all the toxins, germs, and bacteria that have are present in your mouth and your bloodstream. 

If you observe the oil that you spit out in a glass, you will find white specks that are these toxins from your body. So, you don’t have to worry about it not working for you. Along with that are no or least side effects of this technique- so what’s stopping you?

Things to Remember

With all things good comes a fair share of don’ts too. As this is an old practice there are things that you should follow to make it work like magic for you: 

  • Don’t practice Gundusha post-drinking anything even if it’s just water. There won’t be any benefits after that.
  • Don’t keep the oil in your mouth for more than 3 minutes as that will make all the toxins go back into your body.
  • Don’t spit the oil directly into the drains to prevent it from blocking instead spit the oil into a glass and then through it outside later.
  • Don’t gulp the oil or rather avoid it as then you will push the toxins back into your system and you do not want that to happen.

Benefits of Gundusha

There are a lot of benefits of Gundusha and if you do it right and make it your habit then you won’t have to ever worry about any of these 

1. Great for your Oral Hygiene

That’s the biggest pro for Gundusha as it is great for your teeth and gums. It gives you the perfect smile and the best breath. 

2. Prevents certain disease

Since Gundusha helps to attract the toxins out of your system it protects your body from certain diseases like heart problems, respiratory issues, and some lung problems too. 

3. Partly helps with weight loss

If you practice this regularly and in the right way then this will help you manage your weight too. 

4. Makes your skin glow

With all the toxins out of your system, this practice makes sure that you glow internally and it costs you nothing. 

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