Gulfam Khan Hussain: ‘Women Are Objectified Because Of Prevalent Sexism’

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The journey to be a good actor is all about talent, struggle, hard work, a relentless effort for excellence, and a pinch of good luck, be it man or woman. With countless competition in this field, the journey to becoming an actor successfully often becomes hard for some, while some make a name for themselves in the acting industry eventually with zero or some help. 

The Voice of Woman recently got in touch with the talented Indian Television actress, Gulfam Khan, who is in the acting industry for quite a few years now.

Gulfam Khan Hussain has appeared in several Indian TV serials and Hindi movies, and currently, she plays the character Nazneen Chachi in Aladdin Naam Toh Suna Hoga

In this interview with Gulfam Khan, we got to know some interesting details about her first acting opportunity, about her initial days of struggle in the acting industry, and a lot more about this Mumbai based actress. 

Keep on reading to know about her inspiring journey into the acting industry! 

Do you remember how you got your first break- what did you learn from the initial days of struggle?

I got my first break when I was performing a play, Abhinetri, a monologue written by Pandit Harishankar Parsai after which I was approached by a person from the audience, who turned out to be the assistant of Director Sriram Raghavan approached me and told me to go for an audition for a role in a film that they were making. So, I went for the audition, and just like that, I got the part. 

The name of the film was Ek Haseena Thi, and I had a small role in it, but I had fun playing my part. It was a wonderful experience as well, working with Sriram Raghavan.

The struggle that I had to face was finding the right roles for me.  I had no trouble in surviving per se being from Mumbai itself, belonging to a well to do family. I did have to work hard on my own, as it takes several trials to get the right roles. Right now i am working with Slash Productions & they are managing my roles these days exclusively.

Which career path would you have gone with, other than acting?

The alternate career path that I would have gone with is a painter, as I love to paint. Nothing seems to matter to me when I dive into my love for painting amidst using my colors, canvases, and my brushes.

What is Gulfam Khan Hussain fitness mantra?

I don’t have a fitness mantra as such, but I try to stay active as much as possible. Actually, I turn hyperactive sometimes as my husband says because I never sit idle, and I barely take some time to breathe. I keep myself busy most of the time. I also like to go on walks outdoors.

What is the secret behind your flawless skin?

I don’t apply a lot of things on my skin, but a lot of credit does go to the genes that I have inherited in this regard. I don’t go for any bleaching treatment or facial sessions, and I ignore the application of sunscreens as well even if it is necessary to prevent skin pigmentations.

But I do drink a lot of water. Moreover, I eat the right food in the right quantity, and I never starve myself because the way we take our diet has a direct impact on our skin and hair.

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What are the hurdles you have faced as a woman in the entertainment industry?

Generally speaking, in our society, women have time constraints and more, especially in the growing stage. But this wasn’t the case for me in my house and, in fact, I always could stay out for a longer duration than my brother. 

Upon entering the industry, I realized there are some hurdles that a woman faces in the industry, especially when it comes to the roles. Mostly, men get meaty roles, and women get side roles.

The positive thing is the norms are now starting to change, which is good in this respect. But again, I notice very few women-centric films or few roles given to women with strong characters that make a difference like the roles Meryl Streep and many other women actors play in Hollywood.

As a woman- how difficult is it to manage your home and career?

It is not that difficult to manage my home and career mainly because I have a very supportive husband and mother who are very proud of my work. It is also worth mentioning that when it comes to my work I am lucky so far to have wonderful colleagues. I somehow manage everything that I do, be it my work, my home, my hobbies, and even socializing. 

As a gorgeous woman and celebrity, you can often be objectified. How do you deal with such attention?

Yes, but not only because of being a gorgeous woman or pretty looking or being voracious, but we are objectified in general terms as well because of the prevalent sexism

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When it comes to dealing with such attention, if I feel that the approach of someone, in particular, is not good, then I ask the person to step back irrespective of the baseless explanation that the person tries to give. 

We often hear celebrities follow a strict diet. Is it true, and how do you manage it?

NO! I do not follow a strict diet. I do try to keep myself in check because I am a Foodie, and I have a sweet tooth. I just love sweets!

Who is your celebrity crush in Bollywood and Hollywood?

No one in Bollywood for sure. In Hollywood, George Clooney has been my celebrity crush like forever.

If you were given a chance to be a superhero, what type of power would you like to have and what would you have done with it?

If I were given a chance to be a superhero, I would definitely love to become Doctor Strange because I would love to travel through time. I have a love for history and everything related to it.

How are you taking care of your skin amidst lockdown?

I don’t like to use commercial products for my skin. The only thing that I do religiously is, drink water.

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What message would you like to share with the youngsters aspiring to be an actor through the VOW?

Work hard, work really hard. Things will definitely happen if you are worthy and meant to happen for you. I would also like to advise the young aspirants to set a time frame for the achievement and keep an alternative career option as an emergency. 

I am not exactly discouraging you all in this regard, you can, of course, pursue acting if you are passionate about it. The truth is taking acting as a profession may not be everybody’s ikigai, and since it is about earning some serious money to live your life, follow and pursue things that you are actually very good at for success. 

In between all these, what you can do is you can still keep trying in this aspect as a side project like performing for instance in plays and so on. Keep hold of your passion and never let it go under any circumstances.

Any special message that you would like to share with the readers of the VOW?

I would like to say that life is too short and the world is a small place in comparison to the universe. There is no need for animosity, no need for evil deeds, and definitely no need for any hatred. Try to be good, love another being, and stay away from negativity as much as possible. Live your life to the fullest, spread love and peace. 

Take care and be safe!

Signing off, Gulfam Khan Hussain

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