Wedding day is the day when a girl chooses to look her best with the best dress and best makeup and best shoes. She puts so much effort just to make her wedding day the best day of her life. The bridal look is said to be the most beautiful look of a girl’s life. With everything at its perfect place, the dress, the accessories, the makeup, how can we forget the perfect wedding shoes? Being the right footwear that is perfectly matching with your outfit, is beautiful and comfortable at the same time.

Though finding the right footwear that is beautiful yet comfortable is a tough task, we are here to help you out. You don’t want your feet too sore on your big day and at the same, they have got to be very pretty. 

Tips to Buy Footwear for Wedding

Here are some tips to consider before you buy your footwear for D-day:

1. Try them on for some time

Never wear the brand new shoes just grabbed out from the box. Once you have bought your shoes for your wedding wear them for a whole day, one week before the wedding. You have to befriend them well in advance. You have to wear them for long hours on your wedding day, walk in them, dance and will also have to remain standing for long hours. So you have to make sure they are perfect by wearing them in advance. You will also have an ample amount of time to fix any of the issues with the shoes and get eased up in the pair.

2. Choose the pretty one

Even if your dress is floor-length, you have to buy the perfect shoes that go well with the dress and are the most beautiful ones you have ever worn in your entire life. Your wedding footwear has to be very fashionable and beautiful. You may also want to get them clicked by your wedding photographer.

3. Buy well in advance

Your shoes must be delivered to you at least before your wedding so you can fix the faults and have time to adjust to them. Last-minute shoe shopping will only create panic and you don’t want that. Buy your wedding footwear well in advance.

4. Match them up

Don’t worry if your footwear doesn’t go exactly with your dress. You can always have them dyed. There are so many outlets that will dye your shoes in whichever color you want. For doing so you need a sufficient amount of time so start preparing.

5. Pick your shoes according to the venue

If you are having an open lawn wedding then you need wedge heels. If it is an indoor venue then you can have pencil heels or flats. If it is a beach wedding then you don’t want to trip in your heels so opt for flats. Pick your pair wisely by your venue. Know if you are going to walk through the aisle on carpet, floor, sand, or grass.

Footwear for Wedding
Footwear for Wedding

6. Shoes according to weather

You don’t want your feet to freeze in winters. You will not be able to enjoy your wedding with chilled feet. You must pick your footwear by the weather at the time of your wedding. A summer wedding can have open stilettos while during winters, you will need a little covered footwear. Do match your footwear with the weather too.

7. Statement shoes

If you are a creative person, you can do some creativity with your shoes too. There are so many ways to get your wedding footwear customized. There are name tags that you can have or some hashtags. It is going to spice up your footwear and your wedding pictures too.

Footwear for Wedding
Footwear for Wedding

8. Pamper your feet

Your footwears are just not going to do the drill if your feet are not well-pedicured. Get a good pedicure in advance so there are no cracks or dryness on your feet. Make sure your toenails are well in shape so they don’t hurt you. That will not just be the preparation for your wedding but also your honeymoon.

9. Practice walking

You walk all the time but it is important to practice walking in your wedding footwear so you don’t flick when you are walking down the aisle.

10. Buy the best

Never buy your wedding shoes from any random retailer. It’s better to get them made on order instead of going for what’s been selling. Get them from the best designers and of proper measurement and design.

A wedding day is the most special day and you have to look and feel the best from head to toe. Footwear is an essential buy for the wedding day and you don’t want to spoil your D-day in bad shoes. So choose the best one.

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