Are you worried about your hair graying in your early or mid-30’s? Don’t be! It’s more common than you think! And yes, it is normal. Especially in this age when everyone is busy earning, making a life, dealing with work-related stress, and the pressure to fit in, grey hair has become more common than usual. 

Although you can always dye the grey strands of your hair, in recent times, many people have started embracing grey hair, and the hair industry has also popularized it. People get their hair dyed grey as a part of ongoing hair trends. 

Always do what you’re comfortable with. If grey hair doesn’t make you feel confident and like yourself, you can always dye it to your original hair color, but if you take our word, maybe you should try embracing your natural hair and learn to style it and look your best. You can’t stop greying your hair, so you might as well own it with confidence. Read everything you should know about maintaining, styling, and dying hair color. 

What causes grey hair? 

The average age of grey hair development is 30, so there’s nothing much to worry about. Stress also causes greying of hair. As you age, your body produces lesser melanin. Melanin is a pigment cell, and this cell decides the color of your skin and also hair. Melanin is produced in hair follicles, and lesser production of melanin in your hair follicle leads to greying of hair. 

Stress can be another factor, although in your 30’s grey hair is mostly because of lesser production of melanin, you can’t completely rule out the possibility of stress leading to grey hair. Stress releases the chemical norepinephrine, and this chemical affects the melanocyte stems. These stems are present in the hair follicles, and their sole purpose is to maintain hair pigmentation. 

Stress causes the melanocyte cells to convert into pigment cells and move out of the hair follicles. As no stem cells are left to produce pigmentation, the hair starts turning grey. But if grey hair starts showing up in your 20’s, seeing a doctor is strongly recommended, it may not be a severe issue, but it’s always good to be on the safer side. 

Are grey hair dyes in trend now? 

Have you ever asked yourself if letting your hair stay its normal grey color puts you out of place? You’re wrong to ask yourself that as grey hair dye has become one of the top-notch hair dyes in recent times. All shades of grey and silver have been popularized and in trend.

You don’t have to be old to have grey hair anymore as the trend of silver hair is taking over, and people voluntarily ask for grey hair color. If the grey hair strands keep increasing, you can choose to get your hair professionally done to be an official silver head, or just get some grey hair dye home and color your hair to your liking by yourself. 

The front streaks are the most popular way of coloring your hair, so if your hair is greying in the front area, you can choose to color it entirely grey with some grey hair dye and rock the new trend. Grey hair color has become one of the trendiest hair colors, and it is here to stay, so embrace your grey hair and have fun by experimenting with grey hair color if you want to! 

How to style and maintain grey hair? 

You can go for numerous haircuts and grey hairstyles that make the grey pop and look better. Read on to choose from the perfect hairdos that are in trend. 

Layer it up 

A layered grey hairstyle makes your hair looks flowy and elegant, and it showcases the grey shades. This hairstyle looks good, especially when your hair is gradually greying and not completely grey yet. You can add highlights of silver for it to look more attractive and even out the gradual greying of hair. 

Front streaks are the way to go 

Color the front section of your hair silver while letting the rest of your hair gradually turn grey. This is one of the most popular hair trends right now. 

White and grey ombre 

If you have grey hair fading into white, this is the best way of coloring for you. Add little streaks of grey and let the hair fade out to white beautifully. 

Bob with layers 

If you’re not comfortable having long grey hair, chop it off and get a bob instead. Bob with layers will give your grey hair more volume and reflect light making it look shiny and healthy. 

Blonde and grey  

Again one of the most popular trends, this combines grey hair color and blonde to give you a perfect mix of silver and gold in your hair, making it look glamorous. 

You can also go with an overgrown pixie cut or pixie cut for shorter hair. These cuts look good on women of all ages and are worth a try if you’re trying to adjust and feel comfortable in your grey hair. 

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Still, prefer your original hair color over grey hair? Dye your hair

Not everyone can love and accept grey hair right after their hair starts fading, and it’s completely normal. If you don’t like the idea of grey hair and like your original hair color better, go dye it back to your natural hair color! Always remember to do what makes you feel good. 

Change is difficult to adjust to, but it’s inevitable. It might take some time for you to adjust to the fact that your hair is gradually greying out or embrace yourself, and it’s alright. Take your time and experiment with your grey hair before deciding to dye your hair back to its original color. Carry your hair in confidence grey or black, and own your hairstyle with confidence! 

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