If you are a girl born in the 90s or even late eighties then you are someone who has been through the phase of wearing lip-gloss. It wasn’t a personal thing but it was a trend, just like what lipstick is today, lip-gloss was back then. If you are someone nodding your head to this then you are also someone who had these thoughts while girl wearing lip gloss. 

Up until now, we used to think, “ I’m the only one thinking this” but no sister we all are equally guilty. 

Thoughts Every Girl has When Girl Wearing Lip Gloss

 The trend of wearing lip-gloss is soon coming back and most of us have already hopped, on the wagon, so if you ever think of any of these then you are so cool. Let’s share these funny thoughts every girl has when they are wearing lipstick

1. I Look so Sexy

This has to be on everyone’s mind because a lip-gloss adds a whole new level of sexy. If you are wearing a normal lipstick you cannot easily switch through your day, for example, party after office. But when you have applied some lip-gloss over your lips or means you are heading to someplace fancy. You can’t deny this. 

2. It Tastes Good

While wearing lip gloss as a teenager one of the determining factors for it was how good does it take. Don’t think we are lip gloss but we did like it now and then and it mattered a lot. If it tastes like something we like then we will use it the most. 

lip gloss
lip gloss thoughts

The taste was also related to the color it came in and that affected our decision too. 

3. My Hair is Sticking to it

This was one of the biggest demerits of wearing lip gloss. Due to its sticky texture, every time there is a wind, our hair gets stuck on it. It irritated all of us a lot. 

4. I Should Wear this More Often

No matter how much we enjoy wearing lip gloss and how good we look in it, we end up using our everyday lipstick more than lip gloss. If you are someone who uses it regularly or often then we appreciate your confidence but for us the unlucky few it is still a dream.

5. I Should Click a Picture

If you have lip gloss on and you don’t click a picture then it is such a waste. You need to share it with the world that despite everything you chose to apply lip-gloss today and you look so good in it. Let them know, what’s the fun in hiding about it? 

6. I’d Probably have to Reapply When We Reach there

One of the drawbacks of wearing lip gloss is that you have to constantly touch it up. We have no clue where it runs away. Maybe we do know it gets into our mouth that’s where it goes. If you are planning to wear lip gloss for the first time then here is a piece of advice: always carry it with you because you need to reapply it all the time. 

7. It Enhances my Natural Lip Color

If you want to show off your juicy lips than what else is a better way than by using a lip gloss over them. It lets your real lip color shine by adding just a little tint of color to it. 

8. I Think I Ate Some

This is gross we know but what can we do? Wearing lip gloss means you have to get used to swallowing it. Unlike lipstick, a lip gloss does not have the sticking capacity it’s just like a gel on your mouth that is bound to get into your mouth when you eat, drink, talk, breathe. 

9. Is Something Stuck on my Lips

When you have lip gloss on and you are talking to someone, you notice them constantly looking at your lips and the first thought that comes to your mind is something being stuck in your lip gloss. A lip gloss is capable of doing that, no joke. If you are in such a situation, just pretend to check your phone and there in your reflection, you would be able to check if there is something on it or not. 

10. I Look Fabulous

Apart from all these funny thoughts related to your wearing lip gloss you still can’t stop thinking that you look fabulous. There is something about them that raises our confidence and makes us believe that we are looking just perfect. 

11. People won’t be Able to See it

This was our biggest secret, we wore lip gloss and still hoped that people would think it is just my natural lips. This was obviously because they are transparent which was our reason for thinking like this. Also, if you are not in the mood to apply makeup or lipstick then apply some of it. This way you’d still look put together without even trying.

12. My Lips are so Plump

There are also these magical lip glosses which make our lips look plumper more than we need from life. It is also a have to use if you instantly want plumper lips, just add some lip gloss above your lipstick and it will do the trick for you. Apart from this you can use them as it is on your lips and you will realize that they look bigger than they actually are. It is a good hack if you have small lips but don’t go overboard as there are some side effects of it too. 

lip gloss
lip gloss

If you remember that tiny lip gloss that came in different colors and had a flower in between them then you’d be able to relate with these too as they were the first almost make-up item that we had. Apart from this, there are so many thoughts that go through our minds while wearing lip gloss as that’s the kind of hold it has at us. So if you want to, then go ahead and get yourself one, it is never late to channelize our inner divas out. 

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