‘GINGER’ For A Healthy Body, Skin & Hair

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ginger benefits
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A super herb/spice that is GINGER. From the nani/dadi nuskhe till today, ginger is a wonder ingredient in the food, beverages, and medicines as well. Not just at homes but many beauty experts, dieticians and even doctors agree for ginger to be a wonderful root of the plant rhizome. Due to its strong and spicy aroma, ginger holds an important place as spice, delicacy and even medicine. Ginger is great for health, hair, and skin, all in one. Here we are going to tell you about the some amazing ginger benefits, a staple commodity of Indian households:

Ginger Benefits For Your Body

ginger benefits

Health benefits of ginger

Ginger is great for the healthy functioning of our bodies. There are several ginger benefits for health. Let us know how:

  • Digestion: Digestion is a common problem in many of us. That feeling of uncomfortableness after the meal or unable to eat or acidity. Ginger is the solution to all these issues. All the issues related to the abdomen or digestive system, ginger is there for the rescue. Having a cup of ginger water after a meal helps to empty the stomach faster. This is known as gastric emptying. The more efficient your digestive system is, the higher the energy levels are. You will always feel light and active. It increases your metabolism and helps in reducing weight too.
  • Higher energy levels: Ginger ensures that your body absorbs the required nutrients and minerals faster. Our energy levels are directly related to our metabolism. As mentioned above, ginger ensures efficient functioning of the digestive system and the energy level increases. 
  • Lowers blood pressure: Those people who have hypertension, ginger is a wonder ingredient for them. Ginger has a good amount of potassium and also expands the blood vessels, as a result, it regulates blood pressure in the body. Ginger consumption is highly recommended for people with high blood pressure problems. 
  • Reduces nausea: Ginger in any form is very helpful in treating nausea. If you have motion sickness, car-sickness, pregnancy or post-surgery sickness, having ginger in tea, water or capsule is very helpful.
  • Reduces inflammation: Ginger has magical properties of soothing the skin and muscles of the body. It is a great home remedy for people with exercise-induced muscle or joints pain. For best results, ginger should be consumed raw. For such pains, ginger oil can also be applied for relief. 
  • Period cramps: Period cramps are an issue with almost every girl. That hurting stomach is the worst part of periods every month. To get relief from those cramps, ginger tea can help you greatly. Ginger tea should be consumed to get relief from uterus cramps. 
  • Antibacterial properties: Since ancient times, ginger has been known for its amazing antibacterial properties. That is why it is used in ayurvedic medicines too. It can be used as an antiseptic that can combat many microbial diseases. Ginger is great for inflamed gums too.
  • Immunity booster: Ginger has a good amount of antioxidants. And so it serves your immunity really well. Ginger tea, ginger water or raw, ginger can be consumed in any way you wish to.
ginger benefits

Ginger benefits for skin

Ginger is not just great for the internal body but also amazing for the skin too. Ginger is being used in many skin products by top brands. People are switching to organic skincare products these days and ginger is one of the major ingredients in it. Here is how ginger benefits your skin:

  • Anti-aging properties: Since ginger is rich in an antioxidant compound, it is great for the skin. It prevents accelerated collagen degradation and stimulates blood circulation. It helps to keep the skin tight and prevents signs of aging. Along with consuming ginger every day, you can also make a paste with a teaspoon of ginger powder and honey and apply it on the face for added benefits. 
  • No blemishes and acne: Ginger has deep cleaning properties and cleans the skin thoroughly. Since ginger is a great antiseptic, it fights the acne-causing bacteria naturally. Ginger is your new best friend for acne-free skin. 
ginger benefits

Ginger benefits for hair

If you desire to have a beautiful texture for your hair then ginger can help you achieve that. Not just for a healthy body and skin but ginger is great for your hair. Here is how:

  • Hair growth: If you will buy any ayurvedic hair care product you will definitely have ginger as one of its ingredients. Ginger is known to improve hair quality, growth and treats scalp. You just have to apply ginger oil or ginger juice mixed with any oil on your scalp for one hour before washing them. You can also create a hair mask by mixing a teaspoon of ginger oil with jojoba oil. Ginger will solve almost all your hair problems. 
  • Strength: Ginger is an elixir for dry and brittle hair. It provides a good amount of vitamins, zinc, and phosphorus to the hair. Applying ginger oil or ginger juice on your hair will leave it all smooth, silky and shiny. 
  • Dandruff: Dandruff has known to be one of the common hair problems. Ginger is a remedy to rescue your scalp from dandruff. Dandruff is the result of the dry and flaky scalp, applying ginger oil will act as an antiseptic to treat dandruff problems. Using this remedy thrice a week will help you with your dandruff problems. 

Now you know the importance of ginger is to make you all healthy and beautiful. Ginger is truly an elixir since old times. It is always better to take the organic way instead of switching to chemicals. So adopt ginger and witness wonders. 

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